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151.    V.R. Anderson, R.J. Essery, D. Jenkinson, Illustrated by: B&W Historical Photos with Colored Frontis PORTRAIT OF THE LMS.  Item number: 1867.    US$10.00
152.    Fox, Philip, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations ADLER PLENTARIUM AND ASTRONOMICAL MUSEUM.  Item number: 1870.    US$30.00
153.    Holloway, Thomas, Illustrated by: B&W Diagrams LEVELLING and Its General Application.  Item number: 1880.    US$40.00
154.    No Author Indicated, Illustrated by: Wood Engravings THEODORE CARLETON: OR Perseverance Against Fortune; Plus Titles on Dog, Birds, Animals, Indians, and Coverings for the Head and Feet..  Item number: 1883.    US$45.00
155.    No Author Stated, Helen Hurtig Editor, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Illustrations Journal of the International Netsuke Collectors Society: Vol 6, No. 2, September 1978.  Item number: 1900.    US$30.00
156.    Sotheby & Co., Illustrated by: B&W Plates CATALOGUE OF THE CELEBRATED COLLECTION, the Property of C.E. Kenney, Esq.: The Sixth Portion, SCIENCE AND SURVEYING M-R.  Item number: 1901.    US$30.00
157.    Multhauf, Robert P., Illustrated by: B&W Photgraphic Plates CATALOGUE OF INSTRUMENTS AND MODELS in the Possession of the American Philosophical Society.  Item number: 1904.    US$35.00
158.    Cohen, I. Bernard [forward By Samuel Eliot Morrison], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations SOME EARLY TOOLS OF AMERICAN SCIENCE: An Account of the Early Scientific Instruments and Mineralogical and Biological Collections in Harvard University.  Item number: 1906.    US$40.00
159.    McDermott, R. B. COUNRY PRINTER: Copy I Didn't Turn In.  Item number: 1916.    US$25.00
160.    Curtis, Atherton, Illustrated by: Auguste Raffet AUGUSTE RAFFET.  Item number: 1919.    US$25.00
161.    No Author Stated, Illustrated by: B&W Photos CORK Its Origins and Uses.  Item number: 1950.    US$30.00
162.    No Author Indicated, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations WINCHESTER AMMUNITION HANDBOOK.  Item number: 1952.    US$15.00
163.    Bromfield, Louis; McMillen, Wheeler; Corsier, Willard F. And Others, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations B.F. GOODRICH FARMER'S HANDBOOK AND ALMANAC.  Item number: 1953.    US$10.00
164.    Phillips, Bob [editor], Illustrated by: Frank Elliott LOCAL EARTH.  Item number: 1975.    US$65.00
165.    Phillips, Bob [editor], Illustrated by: Frank Elliott LOCAL EARTH.  Item number: 1976.    US$65.00
166.    Coxe, George Harmon, Illustrated by: Willard Downs [cover art] DANGEROUS LEGACY [DELL 586].  Item number: 1977.    US$7.50
167.    Ketchum, Hank, Illustrated by: Hank Ketchum MORE DENNIS THE MENACE [Avon Paperback No. 600].  Item number: 1978.    US$15.00
168.    Charles F. Carpentier (compiler) Secretary of State OFFICIAL LIST OF COUNTIES AND INCORPORATED MUNICIPALITIES OF ILLINOIS, 1957.  Item number: 1989.    US$10.00
169.    Bailey Manufacturing Company, Illustrated by: Wood Engravings Trade Catalog: FINE ROAD WAGONS,.  Item number: 1990.    US$35.00
170.    No Author Indicated, Illustrated by: Ads WHERE-T0-BUY IN CHICAGO: BUYERS DIRECTORY Fall 1928.  Item number: 1991.    US$25.00
171.    Kileline, William F., Editor, Illustrated by: B&W Photos MOTORLAND: February 1954.  Item number: 1992.    US$10.00
172.    Draper, Wm. R. THE LAND BOOMER.  Item number: 2008.    US$25.00
173.    Draper, Wm. R. ON THE TRAIL OF PRETTY BOY FLOYD: a Reporter's Thrilling Report of an Outlaw's Story.  Item number: 2009.    US$65.00
174.    Shackleford, William Yancey BUFFALO BILL CODY: Scout and Showman.  Item number: 2010.    US$25.00
175.    Haldeman-Julius, Marcet JUDGE BEN B. LINDSEY ON COMPANIONATE MARRIAGE: Little Blue Book No. 1250.  Item number: 2014.    US$8.00
176.    London, Jack AN ODYSSEY OF THE NORTH: a Heroic Tale : Little Blue Book No. 1022.  Item number: 2016.    US$20.00
177.    London, Jack STORIES OF ADVENTURE: Little Blue Book No. 1168.  Item number: 2019.    US$15.00
178.    London, Jack STORIES OF ADVENTURE: Little Blue Book No. 1168.  Item number: 2020.    US$15.00
179.    London, Jack SON OF THE WOLF, The: Little Blue Book No. 152.  Item number: 2022.    US$10.00
180.    London, Jack TALES OF THE BIG SNOWS [The White Silence]: Little Blue Book No. 1024.  Item number: 2023.    US$15.00
181.    Tichenor, H.M. LIFE OF JACK LONDON: Little Blue Book No. 183.  Item number: 2024.    US$15.00
182.    Tichenor, H.M. THE THEORY OF REINCARNATION EXPLAINED: Little Blue Book No. 124.  Item number: 2025.    US$15.00
183.    Lawrence, D.H. ONE LOVER AMONG MANY: Little Blue Book No. 1610.  Item number: 2031.    US$20.00
184.    Corley, W.D., Illustrated by: B&W Photos THE CORLEY MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY TO CRIPPLE CREEK.  Item number: 2035.    US$35.00
185.    Whitney, Milton, Illustrated by: Not Illustrated SOIL FERTILITY: Farmer's Bulletin No. 257.  Item number: 2043.    US$15.00
186.    Spillman, W.J., Illustrated by: No Illustrations RENOVATION OF WORN-OUT SOILS: Farmer's Bulletin No. 245.  Item number: 2044.    US$8.00
187.    Condon, Edward CURIOSITIES OF MATHEMATICS: Little Blue Book No. 876.  Item number: 2049.    US$25.00
188.    Shipley, Maynard ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE ATOMIC THEORY, The: Little Blue Book No. 608.  Item number: 2050.    US$20.00
189.    Schuyler, Geroge S. RACIAL INTERMARRIAGE IN THE UNITED STATES: One of the Most Interesting Phenomena in Our National Life; Little Blue Book No. 1387.  Item number: 2053.    US$75.00
190.    Ellis, Richard [Editor] THE SCHOLARLY PRINTER: Spring 1966.  Item number: 2058.    US$35.00
191.    Markun, Leo THE WHITE SLAVE TRAFFIC: Little Blue Book No. 1709.  Item number: 2062.    US$45.00
192.    Milburn, George HANDBOOK FOR AMATEUR MAGICIANS, A: Little Blue Book No. 1010.  Item number: 2064.    US$15.00
193.    Markun, Leo FORTUNE TELLING FROM DREAMS: Little Blue Book No. 1722.  Item number: 2065.    US$10.00
194.    Williams, C.G. And L.L. Rummell, Z.P. Metcalf, Illustrated by: B&W Photos THE RURAL EFFICIENCY GUIDE: VOL 3; AGRICULTURE BOOK.  Item number: 2068.    US$25.00
195.    Merimee, Prosper THE PROSTITUTE AND HER LOVER (Arsene Guillot): Little Blue Book No. 1644.  Item number: 2090.    US$15.00
196.    Wilson, Raymond Everett THE AMAZING LOVES OF KING CAROL OF RUMANIA: Little Blue Book No. 1587.  Item number: 2093.    US$15.00
197.    Darrow, Clarence (a debate Against Lothrop Stoddard) IS THE U. S. IMMIGRATION LAW BENEFICIAL? A Debate: Little Blue Book No. 1423.  Item number: 2094.    US$25.00
198.    Finger, Charles J. THE ESSENCE OF CONFUCIANISM: Little Blue Book No. 471.  Item number: 2099.    US$10.00
199.    Finger, Charles J. HINTS ON WRITING ONE-ACT PLAYS: Little Blue Book No. 496.  Item number: 2100.    US$10.00
200.    Finger, Charles J. A BOOK OF STRANGE MURDERS: Little Blue Book No. 819.  Item number: 2101.    US$20.00

1325 items found
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