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151.    Markun, Leo THE WHITE SLAVE TRAFFIC: Little Blue Book No. 1709.  Item number: 2062.    US$45.00
152.    Markun, Leo FORTUNE TELLING FROM DREAMS: Little Blue Book No. 1722.  Item number: 2065.    US$10.00
153.    Williams, C.G. And L.L. Rummell, Z.P. Metcalf, Illustrated by: B&W Photos THE RURAL EFFICIENCY GUIDE: VOL 3; AGRICULTURE BOOK.  Item number: 2068.    US$25.00
154.    Merimee, Prosper THE PROSTITUTE AND HER LOVER (Arsene Guillot): Little Blue Book No. 1644.  Item number: 2090.    US$15.00
155.    Wilson, Raymond Everett THE AMAZING LOVES OF KING CAROL OF RUMANIA: Little Blue Book No. 1587.  Item number: 2093.    US$15.00
156.    Darrow, Clarence (a debate Against Lothrop Stoddard) IS THE U. S. IMMIGRATION LAW BENEFICIAL? A Debate: Little Blue Book No. 1423.  Item number: 2094.    US$25.00
157.    Finger, Charles J. THE ESSENCE OF CONFUCIANISM: Little Blue Book No. 471.  Item number: 2099.    US$10.00
158.    Finger, Charles J. HINTS ON WRITING ONE-ACT PLAYS: Little Blue Book No. 496.  Item number: 2100.    US$10.00
159.    Finger, Charles J. A BOOK OF STRANGE MURDERS: Little Blue Book No. 819.  Item number: 2101.    US$20.00
160.    Various Authors (songwriters) GEM DANCE FOLIO FOR 1925.  Item number: 2103.    US$25.00
161.    No Author BELLINGHAM TELPHONE DIRECTORY INCLUDING LUMMI ISLAND: April 1953.  Item number: 2106.    US$25.00
162.    No Author OSCAR AND FRIDAY'S COMIC CLOCK.  Item number: 2108.    US$25.00
163.    No Author: Photographs, Illustrated by: Sunderland (?) Photographer HARTFORD, WISCONSIN: 2 Cabinet Card Photos of Dennison, Liver and Coerper Building, John Pierpont Denison Home, Ephemera.  Item number: 2118.    US$125.00
164.    Hudgings, William F. AN INTRODUCTION TO EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY: Little Blue Book No. 408.  Item number: 2123.    US$12.00
165.    Colette and Andre Billy, Translated By Keene Wallis SOME POLITE SCANDALS OF PARISIAN LIFE: Little Blue Book No. 810.  Item number: 2126.    US$45.00
166.    Markun, Leo STRANGE MARRIAGE CUSTOMS: Little Blue Book No. 1436.  Item number: 2130.    US$15.00
167.    Schad, Robert O., And Herman Ralph Mead, Frederick Jackson Turner, and Others, Illustrated by: Frontis and Portrait Phot HUNTINGTON LIBRARY BULLETIN, THE: Number 1 May 1931.  Item number: 2134.    US$35.00
168.    Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co. LEAFLETS AND LETTER FROM THE TINIUS OLSEN TESTING MACHINE CO..  Item number: 214.    US$15.00
169.    Milburn, George, Illustrated by: B&W Drawings HOW TO TIE ALL KINDS OF KNOTS: Little Blue Book No. 501.  Item number: 2140.    US$20.00
170.    Markun, Leo WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GRAPHOLOGY: Little Blue Book No. 1442.  Item number: 2141.    US$15.00
171.    Portland Linotyping Company TYPE STYLING PLC (plus Prices List booklets).  Item number: 2145.    US$25.00
172.    Dadant & Sons Manufacturers, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations 1933 CATALOG: LEWIS BEEWARE AND DADANT'S FOUNDATION.  Item number: 2152.    US$15.00
173.    Colorado Honey producers' Association, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations THEBESTO BEE SUPPLIES: Trade Catalog Number 30.  Item number: 2153.    US$20.00
174.    Bureau of Information, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Photos UTAH - THE TOURISTS'S GUIDE.  Item number: 2161.    US$28.00
175.    Bonus, Daniel ASSOCIATION TESTS USED IN PSYCHO-ANALYSIS: Little Blue Book No. 784.  Item number: 2171.    US$15.00
176.    Booker, Anton S. FREUD ON SLEEP AND SEXUAL DREAMS: Little Blue Book No. 804.  Item number: 2172.    US$15.00
177.    Brandes, Georg ON READING: An Essay: Little Blue Book No. 86.  Item number: 2173.    US$10.00
178.    Darrow, Clarence S. VOLTAIRE: A LECTURE: Little Blue Book No. 829.  Item number: 2175.    US$20.00
179.    Author Not Stated PROVERBS OF JAPAN: Little Blue Book No. 115.  Item number: 2177.    US$10.00
180.    PROVERBS OF SPAIN: Little Blue Book No. 120.  Item number: 2180.    US$10.00
181.    Harris, Frank DAUGHTER OF EVE, A: Little Blue Book No. 746.  Item number: 2182.    US$15.00
182.    Tarkington, Booth THE GENTLEMAN FROM INDIANA.  Item number: 2190.    US$30.00
183.    Searchfield, Emlie, and Sibella B. Edgcome, Illustrated by: Gordon Browne CLAIMED AT LAST; and ROY'S REWARD.  Item number: 2192.    US$35.00
184.    Humanities Research Center, U of Texas, Illustrated by: B&W Facsimiles and Cattle Brand Designs TEXANA.  Item number: 2193.    US$20.00
185.    Rene-Yvon Lefebvre d'Argence, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Plates Treasures from The Shanghai Museum: 6,000 Years of Chinese Art.  Item number: 2209.    US$10.00
186.    National Grange DEGREE OF FLORA.  Item number: 2218.    US$10.00
187.    National Grange DEGREE OF FLORA: Certificate.  Item number: 2219.    US$10.00
188.    National Grange DEGREE OF CERES: Certificate.  Item number: 2220.    US$10.00
189.    National Grange DEGREE OF CERES: Certificate.  Item number: 2221.    US$10.00
190.    Lantz, David E., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations THE MUSKRAT AS FUR BEARER: With Notes on Its Use as Food : Farmer's Bulletin No. 869.  Item number: 2224.    US$5.00
191.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: APRIL 1931.  Item number: 2226.    US$15.00
192.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: January 1931.  Item number: 2229.    US$25.00
193.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: August 1931.  Item number: 2230.    US$20.00
194.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: May 1931.  Item number: 2231.    US$15.00
195.    Voorhees, Edward B. COMMERCIAL FERTILIZERS: COMPOSITION AND USE: U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin No. 44.  Item number: 2239.    US$8.00
196.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: February 1931.  Item number: 2240.    US$20.00
197.    Gibbs, Lorene Campbell POPULAR CHINESE COOK BOOK: Little Blue Book No. 1548.  Item number: 2245.    US$10.00
198.    Frederick, J. George A HANDBOOK OF COMMERCIAL LAW: Little Blue Book No. 1074.  Item number: 2247.    US$15.00
199.    Fortier, Samuel, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR BEGINNERS IN IRRIGATION: Farmer's Bulletin No. 864.  Item number: 2259.    US$7.50
200.    Wren, M.K. WAKE UP, DARLIN' COREY.  Item number: 226.    US$35.00

1050 items found
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