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101.    W. A. Ross, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations PAINTING FARM BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT.  Item number: 1593.    US$15.00
102.    Miller, Ruth SELECTED POEMS: The Phoenix Living Poets.  Item number: 1596.    US$25.00
103.    Jalaine Halsall HALFWAY UP THE STAIRS.  Item number: 1598.    US$25.00
104.    Miller, Robert W. Western Horse Behavior & Training.  Item number: 1609.    US$10.00
105.    Alcott, Richard Herbert, Illustrated by: Cover By Max Efroym SPIDER BITE.  Item number: 1614.    US$30.00
106.    American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Diagrams, Fold-out PRINCIPLES OF ELECTRICITY APPLIED TO TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH WORK.  Item number: 1618.    US$15.00
107.    John H. Martin and Warren H. Leonard, Illustrated by: B&W Photo and Charts PRINCIPLES OF FIELD CROP PRODUCTION.  Item number: 1639.    US$12.00
108.    Hilgard, E. W. And Osterhout, W. J. V., Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Drawings AGRICULTURE FOR SCHOOLS OF THE PACIFIC SLOPE.  Item number: 1640.    US$8.00
109.    Hopkins, John A., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Charts, Graphs ELEMENTS OF FARM MANAGEMENT.  Item number: 1641.    US$10.00
110.    Thorne, D. W. And Peterson, H. B., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Charts IRRIGATED SOILS: Their Fertility and Management.  Item number: 1643.    US$15.00
111.    Leonard, Warren H. and Whitney, Robert S., Illustrated by: Tables and Charts FIELD CROPS IN COLORADO.  Item number: 1644.    US$15.00
112.    Hunziker, Otto F., Illustrated by: B&W Photogravures, Tables, Charts THE BUTTER INDUSTRY: Prepared for Factory, School, and Laboratory.  Item number: 1645.    US$30.00
113.    Hunziker, Otto F., Illustrated by: B&W Photogravures, Tables, Charts THE BUTTER INDUSTRY: Prepared for Factory, School, and Laboratory.  Item number: 1646.    US$35.00
114.    Donovan, Stacey; McCue, Donna YOUR FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS.  Item number: 1651.    US$15.00
115.    Starrett, Illustrated by: B&W Photos STARRETT PRECISION TOOLS, GAGES, AND SAWS, CATALOG NO. 28.  Item number: 1653.    US$10.00
116.    French, Thomas; Svensen, Carl MECHANICAL DRAWING: a Text with Problem Layouts.  Item number: 1655.    US$12.00
117.    Keystone Stereo View: Picking Cotton on a Mississippi Plantation.  Item number: 168.    US$25.00
118.    Andersen, Hans Christian ANDERSEN'S FAIRY TALES: Little Blue Book No. 156.  Item number: 1680.    US$8.00
119.    L.M. Birkhead PRESIDENT HOOVER AND QUAKERISM: Little Blue Book No. 1451.  Item number: 1683.    US$15.00
120.    Keystone Stereo View: Zeppelin Flying Over a German Town, Lower Valley of The Rhine.  Item number: 169.    US$30.00
121.    USDA, Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Maps, Tables, Charts YEARBOOK OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE: 1914.  Item number: 1699.    US$25.00
122.    Cole, C. B., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings, Diagrams, Tables, TOOL DESIGN.  Item number: 1704.    US$12.50
123.    Editorial Staff, Engineering News-Record, Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Diagrams NEW SHORT CUTS TO CONSTRUCTION PROFITS.  Item number: 1710.    US$15.00
124.    Bennett Cerf, Editor GREAT GERMAN SHORT NOVELS AND STORIES.  Item number: 1727.    US$10.00
125.    McDermott, John Francis, Editor THE SEX PROBLEM IN MODERN SOCIETY.  Item number: 1728.    US$25.00
126.    Keystone Stereo View: Eskimo Dog Team on Trail, Hopedale, Labrador.  Item number: 173.    US$15.00
127.    Hawkins, Gerald S., Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Diagrams BEYOND STONEHENGE.  Item number: 1737.    US$12.00
128.    Coulette, Henri The Family Goldschmitt.  Item number: 1738.    US$20.00
129.    Keystone Stereo View: Alligator Joe's Battle with a Wounded 'Gator, Palm Beach Florida USA.  Item number: 174.    US$15.00
130.    Vacuum Oil Company, Illustrated by: Outstanding Half-Tones DIESEL ENGINE LUBRICATION.  Item number: 1745.    US$25.00
131.    John F. Shupe, Associate Chief Cartographer INDIANS OF SOUTH AMERICA: National Geographic Map.  Item number: 1754.    US$8.00
132.    Harris, Lement, Illustrated by: B&W Photos FROM PEASANTRY TO POWER FARMING: The Story of Soviet Agriculture.  Item number: 1766.    US$10.00
133.    Lomax, Alfred L., Illustrated by: B&W Photos SAILS, PADDLEWHEELS, AND WHALEBACKS.  Item number: 1767.    US$10.00
134.    Lewis, W. Scott THE MOON: The Land of the Great Silence.  Item number: 1768.    US$15.00
135.    Palmer Phil and Mike, Illustrated by: B&W Drawings and Photos THE CABLE CARS OF SAN FRANCISCO.  Item number: 1769.    US$10.00
136.    Reed, Robert C., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations TRAIN WRECKS: A Pictorial History of Accidents on the Main Line.  Item number: 1772.    US$20.00
137.    White, T. H. England Have My Bones.  Item number: 1775.    US$15.00
138.    Kierkegaard; Auden, W. H., Presenter THE LIVING THOUGHTS OF KIERKEGAARD.  Item number: 1785.    US$10.00
139.    Corning, Howard McKinley THIS EARTH AND ANOTHER COUNTRY.  Item number: 1786.    US$10.00
140.    Coppens, Rev. Charles A BRIEF TEXT-BOOK OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY.  Item number: 1787.    US$15.00
141.    Keystone Stereo View: Placer Mining, Near the Yukon River, Alaska.  Item number: 179.    US$25.00
142.    Keystone Stereo View: Steam Shovel at Work, Showing How Track is Laid, Burt Mine, Mesabi Range Minnesota USA.  Item number: 181.    US$17.50
143.    Bronowski, Jacob; Ariotti, Piero (editor); Bronowski, Rita (editor) A Sense of the Future : Essays in Natural Philosophy.  Item number: 1813.    US$10.00
144.    Pierre Teilhard De Chardin THE FUTURE OF MAN.  Item number: 1814.    US$8.00
145.    De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard BUILDING THE EARTH.  Item number: 1815.    US$15.00
146.    Keystone Stereo View: Drying Fish on The Yukon River, Alaska.  Item number: 182.    US$30.00
147.    Benson, Robert, Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Map GREAT WINEMAKERS OF CALIFORNIA.  Item number: 1820.    US$15.00
148.    Wilhelm, Kate FAULT LINES.  Item number: 1836.    US$35.00
149.    Canada Dept. Of Mines and Technical Surveys: Dominion Observatories, Illustrated by: Star Maps DOMINION ASTROPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY, VICTORIA, B.C. STAR MAPS (Plus 'Phases of the Moon.').  Item number: 1847.    US$15.00
150.    Castile, Rand (Foreward), Illustrated by: James Medley, Photographer LATER JAPANESE LACQUERS.  Item number: 1848.    US$20.00

1325 items found
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