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451.    Rock City Gardens, Illustrated by: Curt Teich Colortone Photos ROCK CITY GARDENS ATOP LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN Near Chatanooga, Tenn..  Item number: 3615.    US$15.00
452.    De Laval Company De Laval Handy Reference Year Book: 1942.  Item number: 3629.    US$45.00
453.    Reed & Associates CAPTAIN MARVEL PICTURE PUZZLE #1.  Item number: 3631.    US$30.00
454.    Lipman, Jean and Alice Winchester, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations And Color Plates The Flowering of American Folk Art (1776-1876).  Item number: 3638.    US$25.00
455.    Gioseffi, Dariela EGGS IN THE LAKE.  Item number: 3660.    US$10.00
456.    Bruchac, Joseph The Buffalo in the Syracuse Zoo and Other Poems.  Item number: 3667.    US$75.00
457.    Gunser, Elsie H., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings and Photographs BOBBIN LACE.  Item number: 3670.    US$10.00
458.    Dank, N. R. (Editor), Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Negroes in The Arts: 18th and 19th Centuries.  Item number: 3671.    US$20.00
459.    Postcard: Famous McKinley Stump.  Item number: 3678.    US$5.00
460.    Author Unknown Photograph: Woman with Fur Scarf and Muff, Calendar.  Item number: 3679.    US$15.00
461.    McPherson, Sandra ELEGIES FOR THE HOT SEASON.  Item number: 3689.    US$25.00
462.    Author Not Indicated , Illustrated by: Wood Engravings SEA BREEZES:.  Item number: 3697.    US$65.00
463.    BRITISH ROPES Canadian Factory Ltd, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations BRITISH ROPES Canadian Factory Ltd. Catalogue No. 1.  Item number: 3699.    US$35.00
464.    Photographer Not Indicated Real Photo Portrait of Mebourne McDowell, Silent Movie Actor.  Item number: 3703.    US$15.00
465.    Belknap, George N. OREGON IMPRINTS 1845-1870.  Item number: 3735.    US$35.00
466.    Minns, Susan, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations and One Color Plate BOOK OF THE SILKWORM: A Plea for the Cultivation of Silk and the Silkworm in the United States.  Item number: 3738.    US$30.00
467.    Stafford, William TRAVELING THROUGH THE DARK.  Item number: 3751.    US$30.00
468.    Montgomery Ward Company, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations GREAT JUBILEE SALE - 1906 Special Catalog.  Item number: 3777.    US$45.00
469.    Barrows, Albert L. An Unusual Extension of the Distribution of the shipworm in San Francisco Bay, California.  Item number: 3780.    US$15.00
470.    Seattle Public Library Board, Illustrated by: B&W Photos Nineteenth Annual report of the Seattle Public Library.  Item number: 3781.    US$15.00
471.    , Illustrated by: B&W Photograph RPPC Ketchikan Alaska Real Photo Post Card Circa 1909.  Item number: 3795.    US$25.00
472.    American Hardwood manufacturers' Association, Illustrated by: B&W Half-tones Technical Information About Red Gum.  Item number: 3800.    US$20.00
473.    J. N. Boyd, Illustrated by: J. N. Boyd, Photographer Real Photo Cabinet Card, Two Little Girls Smelling Lilacs.  Item number: 3805.    US$15.00
474.    Williams, C.K. Poems 1963 - 1983.  Item number: 3816.    US$30.00
475.    Jane Glazer, Illustrated by: Cover Illlustration By Richard Morhouse Some Trick of Light.  Item number: 3818.    US$15.00
476.    Sweeney, Matthew Blue Shoes.  Item number: 3819.    US$35.00
477.    Reeves, Gareth Real Stories.  Item number: 3820.    US$35.00
478.    Daniel, John Looking After: a Son's Memoir.  Item number: 3825.    US$20.00
479.    Baker, Lois, Illustrated by: Hank Pander (cover art) Partial Clearing.  Item number: 3828.    US$15.00
480.    Boston Cooking School AMERICAN COOKERY: Formerly the Boston Cooking-School Magazine.  Item number: 383.    US$15.00
481.    Authors Various Travel (Magazine) Vol 57 July - Dec. 1931.  Item number: 3839.    US$45.00
482.    Boston Cooking School AMERICAN COOKERY: formerly The Boston Cooking-School Magazine.  Item number: 384.    US$12.50
483.    Jaffery, Sheldon The Arkham House Companion: Fifty years of Arkham House.  Item number: 3840.    US$75.00
484.    Singer Sewing Manufacturing Co., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Instructions for Singer Sewing Machine No. 66.  Item number: 3842.    US$25.00
485.    Rossiter, Henry P. (Introduction), Illustrated by: Color and B&W Illustrations Selections from the M. & M. Karolik Collection of American Water Colors and Drawings 1800-1875.  Item number: 3848.    US$15.00
486.    Surtees, Robert and French, Gerald JOHN JORROCKS AND OTHER CHARACTERS from the Works of Surtees.  Item number: 385.    US$20.00
487.    Kyounghee Yoon Lee (Editor), Illustrated by: B&W and Color Photographs Korean Culture Vol 7 No. 3, September 1986.  Item number: 3857.    US$10.00
488.    Williams, Robert H., Illustrated by: B&W Photos FEPC and the Minority MacHine.  Item number: 3859.    US$35.00
489.    Pouyat China (company), Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Choice Selections from the Baron's Cook Book.  Item number: 3861.    US$45.00
490.    Gingrich, Arnold (Editor), Lord Dunsany, Michael Wilson, Parke Cummings, and Others, Illustrated by: Kaethe Kollwitz, Ge Coronet (magazine), Vol. 6 No. 2, June 1939.  Item number: 3864.    US$20.00
491.    Richardson Silk Company, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Richardson's Crochet Yokes.  Item number: 3869.    US$15.00
492.    Matthew, Jim (editor), Illustrated by: Cover By Roger LaManna Collector's Copy: Satchmo.  Item number: 3879.    US$30.00
493.    Associated Booking Corportaion (Joe Glaser), Illustrated by: B&W Photos Louis Armstrong and His All Stars.  Item number: 3880.    US$45.00
494.    Portland's Rose Festival (Official Sourvenir Program) 1925.  Item number: 3883.    US$35.00
495.    Link, Paul, Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Diagrams, charts, Drawings All American Wool Production.  Item number: 3884.    US$75.00
496.    Packard, Elizabeth Parsons Ware Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity;.  Item number: 3894.    US$175.00
497.    Laude, G. A., Illustrated by: B&W Photos & Drawings Kansas Shorthorns: The History of the Breed in the State from 1857 to 1920.  Item number: 3904.    US$35.00
498.    Pacific Bell Telephone and Telegraphy Company San Francisco Classified business Telephone Directory: circa 1915.  Item number: 3908.    US$225.00
499.    Wright, Rosco E. (Rew) [Editor] and Hartman, Norman E., Illustrated by: Various Illustrators Viewpoints, 4 Issues from No. 1; Plus Bonus Amoeba.  Item number: 3909.    US$75.00
500.    Ray, David The Tramp's Cup.  Item number: 3913.    US$20.00

1050 items found
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