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451.    Talbot., Clare Ryan, Illustrated by: Bookplate Illustrations Historic California in Bookplates,.  Item number: 3304.    US$55.00
452.    Union Pacific Railroad Co. Spokane International Railroad Company: Rules and Instructions Governing Operation of Air brakes, Communicating Signal System, Electric headlights, Heating, Air Conditioning, Water Systems, and Lighting.  Item number: 3312.    US$20.00
453.    Blumenthal, Joseph, Illustrated by: B&W Reproductions and One Folding Plate ` ART OF THE PRINTED BOOK 1455-1955. Masterpieces of Typography Through Five Centuries from the Collections of the Pierpont Morgan Library New York..  Item number: 3313.    US$30.00
454.    Rarey, J. S. THE MODERN ART OF TAMING WILD HORSES.  Item number: 3323.    US$65.00
455.    Orr, Gregory Burning the Empty Nests.  Item number: 3324.    US$50.00
456.    Engles, John The Homer Mitchell Place.  Item number: 3326.    US$25.00
457.    Slavitt, David R. Vital Signs : New and Selected Poems.  Item number: 3327.    US$25.00
458.    Flammonde, Paris The Grey Man.  Item number: 3328.    US$25.00
459.    Reeve, F. D. The Blue Cat.  Item number: 3330.    US$20.00
460.    Elliott, George P. From the Berkeley Hills.  Item number: 3331.    US$10.00
461.    Schevill, James TENSIONS.  Item number: 3332.    US$25.00
462.    Ford, Gena THIS TIME, THAT SPACE.  Item number: 3334.    US$35.00
463.    Rodgers, Carolyn M. How I Got Ovah.  Item number: 3336.    US$55.00
464.    Laing, Alexander Brant Point : Poems.  Item number: 3337.    US$15.00
465.    Lawner, Lynne TRIANGLE DREAM.  Item number: 3338.    US$15.00
466.    Lardas, Konstantinos And in Him, Too; in Us (The Generation New Poet Series, George A. White, Editor).  Item number: 3341.    US$20.00
467.    Barnes, Jim The American Book of the Dead.  Item number: 3342.    US$50.00
468.    O'Gorman, Ned The Harvester's Vase.  Item number: 3344.    US$15.00
469.    Marcus Valerius Martialis, Translated By Philip Murray Poems After Martial.  Item number: 3345.    US$15.00
470.    Berrigan, Daniel Selected & New Poems.  Item number: 3346.    US$20.00
471.    Graves, Robert POEMS 1970-72.  Item number: 3347.    US$25.00
472.    Nemerov, Howard GUIDE TO THE RUINS.  Item number: 3348.    US$30.00
473.    Simpson, Louis Adventures of the Letter I.  Item number: 3349.    US$10.00
474.    Simpson, Louis Adventures of the Letter I.  Item number: 3350.    US$15.00
475.    Walcott, Derek Sea Grapes.  Item number: 3351.    US$40.00
476.    Ellsworth, Mike [Mng. Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Photos Plainspeak Magazine Vol 1 No. 2 Spring 1979.  Item number: 3352.    US$25.00
477.    Bonney, Walter T., Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Drawings Prelude to Kitty Hawk [Reprinted from Pegasus].  Item number: 3355.    US$25.00
478.    Stafford, William; Stillman, Judith; Lardas, Konstantinos, Others: John Witte, Editor, Illustrated by: B&W Reproductions NORTHWEST REVIEW: Vol 26 No. 3.  Item number: 3357.    US$25.00
479.    Stafford, William, with Gary Snyder, Kenneth O. Hanson, Carolyn Kizer, Richard Hugo, and Many Others, Illustrated by: La Northwest Review, Vol XIV, No. 3, Spring 1975, A Collection of Writings by Northwest Poets..  Item number: 3359.    US$35.00
480.    Pack, Greta, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations JEWELRY & ENAMELING.  Item number: 3363.    US$10.00
481.    Siegel, Robert In a Pig's Eye, with Typewritten Letter and Poem.  Item number: 3369.    US$35.00
482.    Mike White This Water.  Item number: 3387.    US$10.00
483.    Zweig, Paul The Dark Side of the Earth.  Item number: 3389.    US$15.00
484.    Cypser, Cora E. The Creation of Kindness.  Item number: 3400.    US$10.00
485.    Chaffee, W. J., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Practical Arc Welding: a Text Book.  Item number: 3402.    US$25.00
486.    Edson, Russell, Illustrated by: Russell Edson THE VERY THING THAT HAPPENS.  Item number: 3404.    US$75.00
487.    Clarke, Gerald Montoya.  Item number: 3407.    US$15.00
488.    Kuzma, Greg Song for Someone Going Away and Other Poems.  Item number: 3408.    US$15.00
489.    Kuzma, Greg Song for Someone Going Away and Other Poems.  Item number: 3409.    US$15.00
490.    Kuzma, Greg Song for Someone Going Away and Other Poems.  Item number: 3410.    US$15.00
491.    Edson, Russell, Illustrated by: Cover Illustration By Russell Edson The Childhood of an Equestrian.  Item number: 3412.    US$35.00
492.    Garcia, Luis, Illustrated by: Louis Garcia MR. MENU: POEMS AND DRAWINGS.  Item number: 3413.    US$30.00
493.    Chin, Marilyn Dwarf Bamboo.  Item number: 3414.    US$25.00
494.    Ray, David The Tramp's Cup.  Item number: 3416.    US$15.00
495.    Eaton, Charles Edward COUNTERMOVES.  Item number: 3418.    US$20.00
496.    Gonzalez, Ray; Andrews, Nancy (editor) Twilights and Chants.  Item number: 3421.    US$25.00
497.    Strand, Mark DARKER.  Item number: 3422.    US$10.00
498.    Stallworthy, Jon Root and Branch.  Item number: 3423.    US$15.00
499.    Saner, Reg So This Is the Map.  Item number: 3424.    US$10.00
500.    Anderson, Erland PIEDRAS: Poems from Oregon and California, 1974-1977.  Item number: 3429.    US$10.00

1325 items found
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