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1.    Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Drawings Ranches and Ranch Life in America.  Item number: 1000.    US$40.00
2.    Heinz Mode, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Plates The Woman in Indian Art.  Item number: 1025.    US$40.00
3.    State Street Trust Company, Illustrated by: B&W Photos Log of the State Street Trust Company.  Item number: 1037.    US$45.00
4.    Melvin Maddocks, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Plates The Great Liners.  Item number: 1054.    US$10.00
5.    Kirk, Hamilton, Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Woodcuts Diseases of the Cat, and Its General Management.  Item number: 1075.    US$30.00
6.    Kitao, H., Editor, Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Charts SHOIN (Graphic Architecture Series, #36).  Item number: 1111.    US$25.00
7.    Kisida, Hideto, Illustrated by: B&W Photos with Colored Frontis JAPANESE ARCHITECTURE (Tourist Library #7).  Item number: 1113.    US$25.00
8.    Sunaga, Katsumi, Illustrated by: Sepia and White Photos with Colored Frontis JAPANESE MUSIC (Tourist Library 15)).  Item number: 1116.    US$25.00
9.    Fishing Ephemera: Three Fishing Licences Plus Cardboard Holder.  Item number: 113.    US$25.00
10.    Eiseley, Loren, Illustrated by: Kubinyi, Laszlo NOTES OF AN ALCHEMIST.  Item number: 1132.    US$35.00
11.    Eiseley, Loren, Illustrated by: B&W Photos DARWIN AND THE MYSTERIOUS MR. X: New Light on Evolutionists.  Item number: 1134.    US$25.00
12.    Taylor, Henry C.; Tolley, H.R. And Tapp, J.W., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Maps PRACTICAL FARM ECONOMICS.  Item number: 1146.    US$12.50
13.    Mumford, Herbert W., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Charts BEEF PRODUCTION.  Item number: 1149.    US$25.00
14.    Nishikawa, Issotei, Illustrated by: B&W Photos with Colored Frontis FLORAL ART OF JAPAN: Japanese Tourist Library #11.  Item number: 1195.    US$15.00
15.    Daggett, Stuart and Carter, John P., Illustrated by: Maps, Tables, Fold-out Map THE STRUCTURE OF TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD RATES.  Item number: 1198.    US$35.00
16.    Trillin, Calvin Barnett Frummer is an Unbloomed Flower (etc.).  Item number: 12.    US$42.50
17.    Zonne Electric Tool Co., Illustrated by: B&W Photos ZONNE ELECTRIC TOOL CO. CATALOG.  Item number: 1205.    US$15.00
18.    Steele, Joel Dorman NEW DESCRIPTIVE ASTRONOMY.  Item number: 1209.    US$30.00
19.    Steele, Joel Dorman NEW DESCRIPTIVE ASTRONOMY.  Item number: 1210.    US$10.00
20.    Hannay, Neilson Campbell, Editor A FITZGERALD FRIENDSHIP: Being Hitherto Unpublished Letters from Edward FitzGerald to William Bodham Donne.  Item number: 1213.    US$35.00
21.    Jackson, William, Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Maps LIVESTOCK FARMING: A Self-Teaching Course, EM Manual 815.  Item number: 1243.    US$15.00
22.    Stoddart, Laurence A., and Smith, Arthur D., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Maps, Tables RANGE MANAGEMENT (American Forestry Series).  Item number: 1262.    US$20.00
23.    Herrick, Glenn, Illustrated by: B&W Drawings and Photos INSECTS INJURIOUS TO THE HOUSEHOLD AND ANNOYING TO MAN [Rural Science Series, L.H. Bailey, Ed.].  Item number: 1278.    US$25.00
24.    Harvey, Wm. Clunie and Hill, Harry, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations INSECT PESTS.  Item number: 1279.    US$20.00
25.    Hansen, Kenneth O. SARONIKOS AND OTHER POEMS.  Item number: 1286.    US$20.00
26.    W.T. Rawleigh Co., Illustrated by: B&W and Color Illustrations RAWLEIGH'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY GOOD HEALTH GUIDE: ALMANAC - COOKBOOK - Cooking Booklet.  Item number: 1289.    US$25.00
27.    No Author THE REVISED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF NEW LONDON, MISSOURI, OF 1905.  Item number: 1290.    US$20.00
28.    American Hampshire Sheep Association, Illustrated by: B&W Photos FLOCK RECORD: HAMPSHIRE SHEEP, 1941 (Vol. XXXIX).  Item number: 1300.    US$30.00
29.    Bailey, L. H., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations The Principles of Agriculture [A Text-Book for Schools and Rural Societies].  Item number: 1301.    US$20.00
30.    Wilkinson, Frederick, Illustrated by: 38 B&W Illustrations The story of the Cotton Plant.  Item number: 1305.    US$15.00
32.    Haldeman-Julius, Editor WHAT GREAT MEN HAVE SAID ABOUT WOMEN; WHAT GREAT WOMEN HAVE SAID ABOUT MEN - Little Blue Books #77 and #304.  Item number: 1330.    US$20.00
33.    Enders, H.E., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings HOW TO CANE AND UPHOLSTER CHAIRS: Little Blue Book No. 1041.  Item number: 1336.    US$8.00
34.    Enders, H.E. HOW TO PAINT AND FINISH WOODWORK: Little Blue Book No. 1073.  Item number: 1337.    US$10.00
35.    Gunn, John W. LIFE OF THOMAS PAINE: Little Blue Book No. 522.  Item number: 1338.    US$10.00
36.    Finger, Charles Great Pirates: Little Blue Book No. 558.  Item number: 134.    US$20.00
37.    Hart, Brete MIGGLES, AND OTHER STORIES: Little Blue Book No. 363.  Item number: 1340.    US$15.00
38.    Carrington, Hereward ASTRONOMY FOR BEGINNERS: Little Blue Book No. 895.  Item number: 1342.    US$10.00
39.    Norden, Heinz WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT POISONS: Little Blue Book No. 1508.  Item number: 1345.    US$15.00
40.    Grundy, Virginia Rudder A BOOK OF RIDDLE RIMES: Little Blue Book No. 347.  Item number: 1349.    US$15.00
41.    Huxley, Thomas A LIBERAL EDUCATION: Appeal Pocket Series [Little Blue Book] No. 7.  Item number: 1353.    US$25.00
42.    Greer, Joseph H., M.D. SIMPLE FACTS ABOUT VENEREAL DISEASES: Little Blue Book No. 726.  Item number: 1357.    US$15.00
43.    deFord, Miriam Allen TYPEWRITING SELF TAUGHT: Little Blue Book No. 109.  Item number: 1358.    US$10.00
44.    Barrett, Lawrence A. EATING FOR HEALTH: Facts About Vitamins and Calories - Little Blue Book No. 1126.  Item number: 1359.    US$10.00
45.    Headen, Josephine HOME REMOVAL OF SPOTS AND STAINS: Little Blue Book No. 1466.  Item number: 1360.    US$8.00
46.    Harding, T.Swann FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DIGESTION, A Trip Through the Alimentary Canal and What Happened There: Little Blue Book #1330.  Item number: 1362.    US$12.00
47.    Benson, C.O. CONSTIPATION AND ITS CORRECTION BY EXERCISE: Little Blue Book #1435.  Item number: 1367.    US$10.00
48.    Jonas, E.B., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN GREENHOUSE Little Blue Book #1172.  Item number: 1368.    US$10.00
49.    Benson, C.O. CORRECTION OF UNDERWEIGHT AND OVERWEIGHT BY EXERCISE: Little Blue Book #1479.  Item number: 1369.    US$10.00
50.    Howay, F.W. and Elliott, T.C. VOYAGES OF THE 'JENNY' TO OREGON, 1792-94.  Item number: 1388.    US$15.00

1048 items found
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