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351.    Root, A. I. (Editor), Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Gleanings in Bee Culture: Vol LV Nos I-12, 1927.  Item number: 5035.    US$75.00
352.    Root, A. I. (Editor), Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations and Color Folding Map Gleanings in Bee Culture: Vol LVI Nos I-12, 1928.  Item number: 5036.    US$85.00
353.    Salisbury, Ralph. Going to the Water: Poems of a Cherokee Heritage..  Item number: 4931.    US$75.00
354.    Rose, Wendy Going to War with all My Relations (New and Selected poems).  Item number: 3979.    US$25.00
355.    Rose, Wendy Going to War with all My Relations (New and Selected poems).  Item number: 3935.    US$25.00
356.    Kaufman, Shirley Gold Country..  Item number: 4088.    US$10.00
357.    F. Hopkinson Smith, Illustrated by: Francis Hopkinson Smith GONDOLA DAYS.  Item number: 3448.    US$30.00
358.    Goulds Manufacturing Company, Illustrated by: B&W Half-tones Goulds Pumps: Industrial, agricultural, Municipal, Residential.  Item number: 4138.    US$75.00
359.    Thomas, Alan G, Illustrated by: Color and B&W Illustrations Great Books and Book Collectors..  Item number: 5030.    US$25.00
360.    Roland Bauhman and Robert O. Schad, Editors, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Great Books in Great Editions..  Item number: 4976.    US$15.00
361.    Montgomery Ward Company, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations GREAT JUBILEE SALE - 1906 Special Catalog.  Item number: 3777.    US$45.00
362.    The Great Ovette, Illustrated by: Thomas M. Libonati Great Ovette's Tricks and Illusionettes.  Item number: 5212.    US$15.00
363.    Finger, Charles Great Pirates: Little Blue Book No. 558.  Item number: 134.    US$20.00
364.    Grumbacher, Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Grumbacher Catalog.  Item number: 5464.    US$25.00
365.    Eau Claire Book & Stationery Company , Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Guide to 1926 1927 School Equipment (catalog).  Item number: 4719.    US$65.00
366.    American Secretary, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations and Maps Guide to Dresden, Environs and Saxon Switzerland (1914).  Item number: 5011.    US$35.00
367.    Nemerov, Howard GUIDE TO THE RUINS.  Item number: 3348.    US$30.00
368.    Shackleford, William Yancey GUN-FIGHTERS OF THE OLD WEST.  Item number: 2361.    US$25.00
369.    Jalaine Halsall HALFWAY UP THE STAIRS.  Item number: 1598.    US$25.00
370.    Milburn, George HANDBOOK FOR AMATEUR MAGICIANS, A: Little Blue Book No. 1010.  Item number: 2064.    US$15.00
371.    Douglas, Harriet C., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Handweaver's Instruction Manual.  Item number: 2872.    US$10.00
372.    Peterfreund, Stuart. Harder Than Rain.  Item number: 4125.    US$10.00
373.    Kellogg, Rev. Elijah HARDSCRABBLE of ELM ISLAND (ELM ISLAND STORIES).  Item number: 413.    US$25.00
374.    Author/Editor Not Stated Hardware World: - Plumbing and Heating: Official Organ of the Western Trade Vol VII NO. VIII, August 1912.  Item number: 5289.    US$65.00
375.    Harvey, George [Editor], Illustrated by: James Montgomery Flagg, Frank Tenney Johnson, Mark fenderson, A. B. Walker, Dan Harper's Weekly AUTOMOBILE NUMBER March 16, 1907; Vol LI, No. 2621.  Item number: 3954.    US$85.00
376.    No Author: Photographs, Illustrated by: Sunderland (?) Photographer HARTFORD, WISCONSIN: 2 Cabinet Card Photos of Dennison, Liver and Coerper Building, John Pierpont Denison Home, Ephemera.  Item number: 2118.    US$125.00
377.    Williams, Edwin E. [editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Harvard Library Bulletin, Vol. XIX, No. 1, Jan 1971..  Item number: 5027.    US$12.00
378.    Greenfield, Jane & Hille, Jenny., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Headbands: How to Work Them..  Item number: 5026.    US$25.00
379.    Stafford, William and Flint, Roland. Hearing Voices..  Item number: 4383.    US$20.00
380.    Crisp, Dr. J. Douglas [descriptions], Illustrated by: Color Plates HEART OF THE ROCKIES IN COLORADO.  Item number: 2639.    US$45.00
381.    Author Not Indicated HENRY GALLERY: FIVE DECADES Art Museum Catalog.  Item number: 898.    US$10.00
382.    Hamill, Sam Heroes of the Teton Mythos.  Item number: 4359.    US$15.00
383.    Finger, Charles J. HINTS ON WRITING ONE-ACT PLAYS: Little Blue Book No. 496.  Item number: 2100.    US$10.00
384.    RCA Victor Company HIS MASTER'S VOICE Recorded Music (Catalog).  Item number: 2920.    US$15.00
385.    Talbot., Clare Ryan, Illustrated by: Bookplate Illustrations Historic California in Bookplates,.  Item number: 3304.    US$55.00
386.    Freese, J. W., Illustrated by: B&W Photographs HISTORIC HOUSES & SPOTS IN CAMBRIDGE AND NEARY-BY TOWNS.  Item number: 3151.    US$35.00
387.    Mangnall, Richmal Historical and Miscellaneous Questions.  Item number: 4565.    US$35.00
388.    Los Angeles County Guild of Puppetry, Illustrated by: B&W Photos History of Puppetry.  Item number: 5598.    US$15.00
389.    George Cukor Hollywood related: Savings books of George Cukor (director).  Item number: 5647.    US$100.00
390.    Palmer, Prof. C.C., D.V.M., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations HOME COURSE IN ANIMAL BREEDING: Lessons 1-10 Plus Prospectus Volume.  Item number: 2518.    US$35.00
391.    Headen, Josephine HOME REMOVAL OF SPOTS AND STAINS: Little Blue Book No. 1466.  Item number: 1360.    US$8.00
392.    Koromy, Frances Hrubetz. Hoops of Steel..  Item number: 4469.    US$45.00
393.    Adcock, Fleur., Illustrated by: Monoprints in (individually) red, black, blue by Gretchen Albrecht Hotspur.  Item number: 4455.    US$15.00
394.    Merwin, W.S. Houses and Travelers: Prose by W.S. Merwin.  Item number: 4234.    US$45.00
395.    Rodgers, Carolyn M. How I Got Ovah.  Item number: 3336.    US$55.00
396.    Goldberg, Isaac How to Acquire Good Taste: (What is Culture?): Little Blue Book No. 1358.  Item number: 4530.    US$10.00
397.    Jonas, E.B., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN GREENHOUSE Little Blue Book #1172.  Item number: 1368.    US$10.00
398.    Enders, H.E., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings HOW TO CANE AND UPHOLSTER CHAIRS: Little Blue Book No. 1041.  Item number: 1336.    US$8.00
399.    Symons, William L. How to Choose and Protect a Trademark.  Item number: 5360.    US$25.00
400.    Spencer, Herbert How to Improve Yourself Intellectually: Little Blue Book No. 1614.  Item number: 4536.    US$10.00

1090 items found
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