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351.    Harding, T.Swann FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DIGESTION, A Trip Through the Alimentary Canal and What Happened There: Little Blue Book #1330.  Item number: 1362.    US$12.00
352.    McCabe, Joseph FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE CLASSICS: Little Blue Book No. 109.  Item number: 1522.    US$12.00
353.    Disher, M. Willson, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Illustrations Fairs, Circuses and Music Halls (Britain in Pictures No. 46.  Item number: 5526.    US$20.00
354.    Young, Timothy, Illustrated by: B&W Drawings FAIRYLAND AFTER THE CARNIVAL: Four American Poems.  Item number: 2800.    US$10.00
355.    Nash, J. V. Famous Infant Prodigies: Little Blue Book No. 1533.  Item number: 4534.    US$10.00
356.    Putnam, P.A. And E.J. Warwick, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM BEEF HERD, The: Farmer's Bulletin No. 2126.  Item number: 2559.    US$5.00
357.    Davenport, Eugene, Illustrated by: B&W Drawings FARM CRAFT LESSONS: Training the Boy for National Service.  Item number: 1502.    US$25.00
358.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: APRIL 1931.  Item number: 2226.    US$15.00
359.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: August 1931.  Item number: 2230.    US$20.00
360.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: February 1931.  Item number: 2240.    US$20.00
361.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: January 1931.  Item number: 2229.    US$25.00
362.    Radford, R.D. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FARM MECHANICS: May 1931.  Item number: 2231.    US$15.00
363.    Warren, George M., Illustrated by: B&W Diagrams FARM PLUMBING: U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin No. 1426.  Item number: 1569.    US$8.00
364.    George C. Watson., Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Farm Poultry. George C. Watson. NY: Macmillan Co., 1901. First edition. 12mo, blue cloth with gilt spine titles and black stamped top board, The Rural Farm Series Edited by L.H. Bailey. Pp + 341 + [10 pp ads]. B&W illust.  Item number: 5605.    US$65.00
365.    US Department of Agriculture, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Farmer's Bulletin No. 1448: Farmstead Water Supply.  Item number: 2673.    US$10.00
366.    Allen, E.W. Farmer's Bulletin No. 22: THE FEEDING OF FARM ANIMALS (Revised Edition).  Item number: 547.    US$10.00
367.    Office of Experiment Stations Farmer's Bulletin No. 56: . EXPERIMENT STATION WORK -- I: May, 1897.  Item number: 549.    US$10.00
368.    Farmer's Cooperative Creamery Company FARMER'S CO-OPERATOR, The: August 1928.  Item number: 2756.    US$10.00
369.    (F? Or G?) J. Weber, Photographer Fashionable Young Woman with Nice Jewlery: Cabinet Card Photograph.  Item number: 3605.    US$8.00
370.    Wilhelm, Kate FAULT LINES.  Item number: 1836.    US$35.00
371.    Faust, Oliver C., Illustrated by: Sepia Toned Photographs Faust School of Tuning.  Item number: 5304.    US$35.00
372.    Muller, Joseph-Emile, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Illustrations FAUVISM.  Item number: 2313.    US$10.00
373.    Utah-Idaho Grain Exchange FEDERAL WHEAT GRADES, Regulatory Announcement No. 22: Effective July 1 and Aug. 1, 1917.  Item number: 444.    US$12.00
374.    Williams, Robert H., Illustrated by: B&W Photos FEPC and the Minority MacHine.  Item number: 3859.    US$35.00
375.    Leonard, Warren H. and Whitney, Robert S., Illustrated by: Tables and Charts FIELD CROPS IN COLORADO.  Item number: 1644.    US$15.00
376.    Jones, Everett L., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Field Work in Concrete Construction.  Item number: 4110.    US$10.00
377.    Callvert, R. G. (Introduction), Illustrated by: E.S. Tige Reynolds Fifty Cartoons By Tige Reynolds.  Item number: 5363.    US$75.00
378.    Ivins, Lester S.; and Winship, A.E, Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Portraits FIFTY FAMOUS FARMERS.  Item number: 2883.    US$25.00
379.    Cullimore, Don [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Fifty Years of O.W.A.A.: a Historical Summary of the Outdoor Writer's Association of America.  Item number: 5016.    US$20.00
380.    N.C. Westerfield., Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Fifty Years With Poultry..  Item number: 5602.    US$50.00
381.    Sandra Kirshenbaum, Editor, Illustrated by: Various Illustrators Fine Print: a Review for the Arts of the Book: Vols. 6-15 complete, plus More.  Item number: 5446.    US$425.00
382.    Author Not Indicated, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations FINISHING BEEF CATTLE : Farmers Bulletin No. 2196.  Item number: 2560.    US$5.00
383.    Rasbash, D.J., Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Fires Involving Dusts: Technical Booklet No. 5.  Item number: 5080.    US$15.00
384.    Chiapelli, Fredi (editor, with Michael J. B. Allen and Robert L. Benson) , Illustrated by: B&W and Color Illlustrations First Images of America: The Impact of the New World on the Old 2 volumes in Slipcase.  Item number: 4788.    US$275.00
385.    Mandelbaum, Paul (editor), Illustrated by: B&W Photos First Words : Earliest Writing from Favorite Contemporary Authors.  Item number: 3229.    US$15.00
386.    Gluck, Louise. Firstborn..  Item number: 4074.    US$125.00
387.    Gluck, Louise Firstborn: Poems.  Item number: 4112.    US$125.00
388.    Kuronuma, Katsuzo and Yoshitaka, Abe, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations and Color Plates FISHES OF KUWAIT.  Item number: 2710.    US$45.00
389.    Fishing Ephemera: Three Fishing Licences Plus Cardboard Holder.  Item number: 113.    US$25.00
390.    , Illustrated by: B&W Photos FITTING, SHOWING, AND JUDGING HOGS: Farmer's Bulletin 1455.  Item number: 1549.    US$12.00
391.    American Hampshire Sheep Association, Illustrated by: B&W Photos FLOCK RECORD: HAMPSHIRE SHEEP, 1941 (Vol. XXXIX).  Item number: 1300.    US$30.00
392.    Nishikawa, Issotei, Illustrated by: B&W Photos with Colored Frontis FLORAL ART OF JAPAN: Japanese Tourist Library #11.  Item number: 1195.    US$15.00
393.    Burroughs, Laura Lee, Illustrated by: Color Photo Illustrations FLOWER ARRANGING: A FASCINATING HOBBY Vol. 2.  Item number: 2508.    US$15.00
394.    Amick, Charles L. , Illustrated by: B&W Diagrams, Photos, and Drawings Fluorescent Lighting Manual.  Item number: 4877.    US$15.00
395.    Alaska Flyfishers, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Plates Fly Patterns of Alaska.  Item number: 5014.    US$15.00
396.    H.J. Noll, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Fly Tying Materials.  Item number: 4982.    US$25.00
397.    Pearson, David [Editor]: , Illustrated by: B&W and Color Plates For the Love of Bindings: Studies in Bookbinding History Presented to Miriam Foot..  Item number: 5034.    US$65.00
398.    Nehi Bottling Company, Illustrated by: B&W and Red-Toned Illustrations For Those Who Drink Nehi: Nehi premium booklet..  Item number: 4176.    US$10.00
399.    Markun, Leo FORTUNE TELLING FROM DREAMS: Little Blue Book No. 1722.  Item number: 4535.    US$10.00
400.    Markun, Leo FORTUNE TELLING FROM DREAMS: Little Blue Book No. 1722.  Item number: 2065.    US$10.00

1325 items found
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