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151.    Minnesota Humanities Commission Staff (editor) Braided Lives : An Anthology of Multicultural American Writing.  Item number: 3459.    US$10.00
152.    Laing, Alexander Brant Point : Poems.  Item number: 3337.    US$15.00
153.    Samuel B. Guard (Editor] and Others, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations BREEDER'S GAZETTE: January 1940.  Item number: 5059.    US$15.00
154.    US Senate BREWING AND LIQUOR INTERESTS and GERMAN AND BOLSHEVIK PROPAGANDA: Report and Hearings of the Subcommittee on the Judiciary US Senate (66th Congress Document 62) Volume 3 (only) [The Overton Report].  Item number: 3010.    US$45.00
155.    Moll, Ernest G. BRISEIS.  Item number: 4369.    US$15.00
156.    BRITISH ROPES Canadian Factory Ltd, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations BRITISH ROPES Canadian Factory Ltd. Catalogue No. 1.  Item number: 3699.    US$35.00
157.    Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co. , Illustrated by: B&W Half-tone Photos and Drawings Brown & Sharpe Small Tools Catalog No. 31.  Item number: 5551.    US$25.00
158.    Lam, Louis, Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Brunel White Presents Woud You Believe It?.  Item number: 5200.    US$25.00
159.    Author Not Indicated, Illustrated by: Half-tone Illustration Brushes Catalog No. 20, O'Neil Oil and Paint Co..  Item number: 4956.    US$35.00
160.    Shackleford, William Yancey BUFFALO BILL CODY: Scout and Showman.  Item number: 2010.    US$25.00
161.    Various Authors, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations and Photos BUILDING AGE and THE BUILDER'S JOURNAL; Vol. XLVI, No. 4: April 1924.  Item number: 2827.    US$25.00
162.    De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard BUILDING THE EARTH.  Item number: 1815.    US$15.00
163.    Murphy, Daniel J.; Dunlap, Joseph R.; Stronks, James B.; Charvat, William Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox And Tilden Foundations. Oct. 1960, Vol. 64, No. 10.  Item number: 5066.    US$10.00
164.    Author Not Indicated , Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Bundles for Britain: Garden Club of Virginia.  Item number: 5355.    US$55.00
165.    Orr, Gregory Burning the Empty Nests.  Item number: 3324.    US$50.00
166.    Ferte, Thomas [editor]; Sharon Dubiago, Patricia Goedicke, Ursula K. Le Guin, Marge Peircy, Carolyn Kizer, Others Calapooya Collage 10: Summer 1986.  Item number: 4039.    US$10.00
167.    Ferte, Thomas [editor]; Patricia Goedicke, William Stafford, Barbara Drake, David Wagoner, Jane Glazer, Floyd Skloot, an Calapooya Collage 11: Summer 1987.  Item number: 4040.    US$40.00
168.    Wickson, Edward J., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations California Fruits and How To Grow Them: A Manual of Methods which have Yielded Greatest Success, with the Lists of Varieties.  Item number: 4510.    US$50.00
169.    Author Not Indicated, Illustrated by: B&W Photos CANCER RESEARCH LABORATORIES [later, Franklin Institute]: Graduate School of Medicine, Medico-Chirurgical College.  Item number: 2644.    US$15.00
170.    Glundy, Inglis, Editor, Illustrated by: Music words and Scores Canow Kernow: Songs and Dances from Cornwall.  Item number: 5546.    US$15.00
171.    Reed & Associates CAPTAIN MARVEL PICTURE PUZZLE #1.  Item number: 3631.    US$30.00
172.    Parton, James , Illustrated by: B&W Engravings Cariacature and Other Comic Art in all Times and Many Lands.  Item number: 5169.    US$65.00
173.    J.I. Case Co., Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations CASE No. 40 Planter (Check Row and Drill) With Repair Parts List.  Item number: 5494.    US$30.00
174.    Tool Catalog CATALOG NO. 57, THE GENERAL TOOL COMPANY.  Item number: 626.    US$25.00
175.    American Pomological Society Catalogue of Fruits Recommended for Cultivation in the Various Sections of the United States by the American Pomological Society, Bulletin No. 6..  Item number: 4875.    US$20.00
176.    Multhauf, Robert P., Illustrated by: B&W Photgraphic Plates CATALOGUE OF INSTRUMENTS AND MODELS in the Possession of the American Philosophical Society.  Item number: 1904.    US$35.00
177.    Nolan, Edward W., Illustrated by: B&W Historical Photos Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Lane County Museum Library.  Item number: 5673.    US$15.00
178.    Miehle Printing Press & MFG. Co. Catalogue of Parts: The Vertical Press..  Item number: 5644.    US$25.00
179.    No Author Stated, Illustrated by: Half-tone Photos CATALOGUE OF REFRIGERATOR HARDWARE, VOL. C.  Item number: 1457.    US$25.00
180.    No Author Stated, Illustrated by: Half-tone Photos CATALOGUE OF REFRIGERATOR HARDWARE, VOL. C.  Item number: 1458.    US$20.00
181.    Sotheby & Co., Illustrated by: B&W Plates CATALOGUE OF THE CELEBRATED COLLECTION, the Property of C.E. Kenney, Esq.: The Sixth Portion, SCIENCE AND SURVEYING M-R.  Item number: 1901.    US$30.00
182.    Joly, Henri L., Editor, Illustrated by: B&W Photographic Plates Catalogue of the H. Seymour Trower Collection of Japanese Art.  Item number: 4857.    US$65.00
183.    Palmquist, Peter , Illustrated by: B&W Historical Photos Catharine Weed Barnes Ward: Pioneer Advocate for Women in Photography.  Item number: 4751.    US$40.00
184.    Palmquist, Peter , Illustrated by: B&W Historical Photos Catharine Weed Barnes Ward: Pioneer Advocate for Women in Photography.  Item number: 4749.    US$35.00
185.    Thompson, Susan Otis (editor), Illustrated by: B&W Facsimiles and Folding Plate Caxton: An American Contribution to the Quincemtenary Celebration.  Item number: 4484.    US$25.00
186.    Sutter, Barton. Foreward by W.D. Snodgrass. Cedarhome: Poems by Barton Sutter..  Item number: 4450.    US$10.00
187.    Robert Frost, Jack London, Illustrated by: Luis Mora, Ernest Fuhr, Florence Howell Barkley and Others Century Magazine, November 1921, VOL 103 No. 1..  Item number: 4864.    US$25.00
188.    Romtvedt, David. Certainty.  Item number: 4124.    US$12.00
189.    Martinson, Sue Ann, Illustrated by: Susan Lee/Susanah Libana. Changing Woman..  Item number: 4272.    US$15.00
190.    American Lung Association, Illustrated by: Various Illustrators, Charity (Cinderella, poster) Stamps 1980-1998.  Item number: 4948.    US$25.00
191.    Edgerton, L.J. Cherry Growing in New York, Cornell Extension Bulletin 787.  Item number: 4876.    US$6.00
192.    Pouyat China (company), Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Choice Selections from the Baron's Cook Book.  Item number: 3861.    US$45.00
193.    Piercy, Marge Circles on the Water : Selected Poems of Marge Piercy.  Item number: 3554.    US$10.00
194.    Author Not Applicable City Ice Delivery Company (San Francisco) Ice Box Advertising Hanger and Window Card.  Item number: 4732.    US$25.00
195.    No Author Indicated, Illustrated by: B&W Photos CITY OF PALO ALTO CALIFORNIA: Twelfth Annual Report.  Item number: 1503.    US$15.00
196.    Searchfield, Emlie, and Sibella B. Edgcome, Illustrated by: Gordon Browne CLAIMED AT LAST; and ROY'S REWARD.  Item number: 2192.    US$35.00
197.    Munson, T. V. Classification and Generic Synopsis or the Wild Grapes of North America: USDA Division of Pomology Bulltetin No. 3.  Item number: 4890.    US$20.00
198.    Author Not Applicable Cleeve House, Auction Program for Estate Sale.  Item number: 4427.    US$25.00
199.    Mineral Policy Center, Illustrated by: B&W Photos CLEMENTINE, the Journal of Responsible Mineral Development Lixiviant Issue, Winter 1990.  Item number: 2990.    US$5.00
200.    Mineral Policy Center, Illustrated by: B&W Photos CLEMENTINE, the Journal of Responsible Mineral Development: Geographos Issue, Autumn 1993.  Item number: 2996.    US$5.00

1090 items found
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