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301.    Cowing and Company, Illustrated by: Wood Engravings Cowing & Co.'s Catalogue of Pumps, Fire Engines, Hydraulic Rams, and Other Machines and Apparatus Pertaining to Hydraulics (etc.).  Item number: 5105.    US$700.00
302.    Cowley, Alan H. Inorganic Syntheses (Vol. 31) (Inorganic Syntheses, Vol. 15).  Item number: 3163.    US$75.00
303.    Coxe, George Harmon, Illustrated by: Willard Downs [cover art] DANGEROUS LEGACY [DELL 586].  Item number: 1977.    US$7.50
304.    Craig, John A. JUDGING LIVE STOCK.  Item number: 351.    US$25.00
305.    Craig, John Cymerman [Bancroft Library} Four Hundred Years of English Diet & Cookery: A selection of Books Printed Between 1541 and 1939. Shown at the Bancroft Library..  Item number: 4338.    US$15.00
306.    Cresci, Giovan F., Illustrated by: Giovan Francesco Cresci Renaissance Alphabet : Il perfetto scrittore, parte seconda.  Item number: 3494.    US$30.00
307.    Crisp, Dr. J. Douglas [descriptions], Illustrated by: Color Plates HEART OF THE ROCKIES IN COLORADO.  Item number: 2639.    US$45.00
308.    Cross, Wilbur , Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations 75 Years of Foundation Engineering: Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers. A History of the Firm.  Item number: 4959.    US$20.00
309.    Cullen, Cheryl Dangel, Illustrated by: Color Illustrations The Best of Annual Report Design.  Item number: 5367.    US$25.00
310.    Cullimore, Don [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Fifty Years of O.W.A.A.: a Historical Summary of the Outdoor Writer's Association of America.  Item number: 5016.    US$20.00
311.    Culp, Edwin Scrapbook: Xth Olympics, crimes, disasters sports - news carrier's scrapbook of events primarily from 1932..  Item number: 5084.    US$225.00
312.    Culver Manufacturing Co. Culver Shoes: advertising brochure..  Item number: 4178.    US$10.00
313.    Cunningham, Clarice What Do You Know? A Book of Questions and Answers: Little Blue Book No. 1251.  Item number: 4532.    US$8.00
314.    Cunningham, Clarice (edtior); with Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott, Tolstoi (Tolstoy) and Others Senator Vest's Tribute to a Dog and Other Dog Stories (Famous Dog Stories, Cover title): Little Blue Book No. 220.  Item number: 4540.    US$20.00
315.    Cunningham, Clarice [editor]: Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Others SENATOR VEST'S TRIBUTE TO A DOG, and Other Dog Lore: Little Blue Book No. 220.  Item number: 4491.    US$15.00
316.    Cuomo, George GERONIMO AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.  Item number: 2767.    US$10.00
317.    Cuppage, Edith M., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations ISLAND TRAILS: HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS ON VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C..  Item number: 1391.    US$35.00
318.    Cuppage, Edith M., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations ISLAND TRAILS: HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS ON VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C..  Item number: 1392.    US$20.00
319.    Curtis, Atherton, Illustrated by: Auguste Raffet AUGUSTE RAFFET.  Item number: 1919.    US$25.00
320.    Cypser, Cora E. The Creation of Kindness.  Item number: 3400.    US$10.00
321.    Czapla, Cathy Abenaki Ghosts. Blue Cloud Quarterly: Vol 33, No. 4.  Item number: 4253.    US$20.00
322.    Dabney, William C. American Printing House for the Blind, Ind. (1858-1960), A Century of Service to the Blind.  Item number: 4644.    US$15.00
323.    Dadant & Sons Manufacturers, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations 1933 CATALOG: LEWIS BEEWARE AND DADANT'S FOUNDATION.  Item number: 2152.    US$15.00
324.    Daggett, Stuart and Carter, John P., Illustrated by: Maps, Tables, Fold-out Map THE STRUCTURE OF TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD RATES.  Item number: 1198.    US$35.00
325.    Dancing Bear, J.P., Illustrated by: Norman J. Olson What Language.  Item number: 4275.    US$10.00
326.    Daniel, John Looking After: a Son's Memoir.  Item number: 3825.    US$20.00
327.    Dank, N. R. (Editor), Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Negroes in The Arts: 18th and 19th Centuries.  Item number: 3671.    US$20.00
328.    Darrow, Clarence (a debate Against Lothrop Stoddard) IS THE U. S. IMMIGRATION LAW BENEFICIAL? A Debate: Little Blue Book No. 1423.  Item number: 2094.    US$25.00
329.    Darrow, Clarence S. VOLTAIRE: A LECTURE: Little Blue Book No. 829.  Item number: 2175.    US$20.00
330.    Davenport, Eugene, Illustrated by: B&W Drawings FARM CRAFT LESSONS: Training the Boy for National Service.  Item number: 1502.    US$25.00
331.    David Macbrayne Ltd., Illustrated by: B&W Photos Summer Tours in Scotland's Wonderland By the Royal Route.  Item number: 5356.    US$35.00
332.    David O. Rankin, Tad Richards, James D. Ritchie, George Starbuck, Charles Wright and Others, Illustrated by: B&W Illustr New Series: Vol. II No. 5/6 Old Series: Vol. 250 November 1965.  Item number: 4436.    US$15.00
333.    Davidson, Ed, and Orcutt, Eddy, Compilers THE COUNTRY OF JOYOUS ASPECT: A SHORT HISTORY OF SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (booklet).  Item number: 64.    US$15.00
334.    Davis, William Stearns The Beauty of the Purple: A Romance of Imperial Constantinople Twelve Centuries Ago.  Item number: 4561.    US$75.00
335.    Dawson, Buck, Illustrated by: B&W Photos STAND UP AND HOOK UP.  Item number: 2779.    US$45.00
336.    De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard BUILDING THE EARTH.  Item number: 1815.    US$15.00
337.    De Laval Company De Laval Handy Reference Year Book: 1942.  Item number: 3629.    US$45.00
338.    De Leon, T. C. (in Collaboration with Erwin Ledyard), Illustrated by: Charles Boutwood and Others John Holden, Unionist: A Romance of the Days of Destruction and Reconstruction.  Item number: 4552.    US$50.00
339.    De Long, Harriet Tracy, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations PACIFIC SCHOONER WAWONA.  Item number: 1515.    US$45.00
340.    de Tunzelmann, G.W., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Electricity in Modern Life.  Item number: 4550.    US$20.00
341.    De Ville, Paul American Half Dollar Methods: The Eclipse Self Instructor for Guitar.  Item number: 4045.    US$45.00
342.    Dean, Joseph [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations THE WATCHMAKER'S JOURNAL: 1957 Volume 11, Nos. 56-61 (Six Issues, Full year).  Item number: 2579.    US$35.00
343.    deFord, Miriam Allen TYPEWRITING SELF TAUGHT: Little Blue Book No. 109.  Item number: 1358.    US$10.00
344.    DeFrees, Madeline When Sky Lets Go (Braziller Series of Poetry).  Item number: 3468.    US$10.00
345.    Delacour, Jean , Illustrated by: J. C. Harrison, Colored Plates The Pheasants of The Wolrd.  Item number: 5382.    US$45.00
346.    Dent, Thomas, Illustrated by: B&W Photos Magnolia Street..  Item number: 4392.    US$45.00
347.    Department of External Affairs, Wellington Western Samoa 1947: Report to the Trusteeship Council By United Nations Mission to Western Samoa; PLUS Trusteeship Agreement for the Territory of Western Samoa.  Item number: 3987.    US$25.00
348.    DePreist, James. [William Stafford Afterword] This Precipice Garden..  Item number: 4131.    US$15.00
349.    Derleth, August: Manuscript (magazine): August 1934, VOL 1 No. 5..  Item number: 4863.    US$20.00
350.    Di Peso, Charles , Illustrated by: James l. Caywood (photography production) The Amerind Foundation.  Item number: 5371.    US$35.00

1325 items found
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