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151.    Beard, D.F.; Dunham, W.E., Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Beekeeping in Washington: Extension Bulletin No 289.  Item number: 5042.    US$10.00
152.    Beattie, J. H., Illustrated by: B&W Photos THE FARM GARDEN: U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin No. 1673.  Item number: 1566.    US$12.00
153.    Beattie, W. R., Illustrated by: B&W Photos MUSKMELONS: U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin No. 1468.  Item number: 1565.    US$9.50
154.    Beaty, Harold H. , Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Electrical Wiring for Farm Buildings: Ext. Circ. 257.  Item number: 5252.    US$10.00
155.    Beausoleil, Beau. Red Light With Blue Sky..  Item number: 4122.    US$25.00
156.    Beausoleil, Beau., Illustrated by: Sheila King Witness..  Item number: 4123.    US$10.00
157.    Belknap, George N. OREGON IMPRINTS 1845-1870.  Item number: 3735.    US$35.00
158.    Bennett, John, Illustrated by: B&W Graphs and Charts Social Research in North American Moisture-Deficient Regions.  Item number: 5240.    US$15.00
159.    Benson, C.O. CORRECTION OF UNDERWEIGHT AND OVERWEIGHT BY EXERCISE: Little Blue Book #1479.  Item number: 1369.    US$10.00
160.    Benson, C.O. CONSTIPATION AND ITS CORRECTION BY EXERCISE: Little Blue Book #1435.  Item number: 1367.    US$10.00
161.    Bernard, A.E. (Compiler) [Nevada] State and Federal Mining Laws 1947 Edition, with 1951 Supplement laid in.  Item number: 5081.    US$15.00
162.    Berrigan, Daniel Selected & New Poems.  Item number: 3346.    US$20.00
163.    Berrigan, Ted The Sonnets.  Item number: 4013.    US$35.00
164.    Berry, Don TO BUILD A SHIP.  Item number: 2568.    US$65.00
165.    Bettley, James (editor), Illustrated by: B&W and Color Plates The Art of the Book : From Medieval Manuscript to Graphic Novel.  Item number: 2608.    US$45.00
166.    Beye, Holly XVI Poems: A Sampler.  Item number: 2873.    US$20.00
167.    Bigelow, W.D.; Gore, H.C.; and Howard, B.J. Studies on Apples.  Item number: 4873.    US$45.00
168.    Birkby, Carel , Illustrated by: Barbara Tyrrell, Color Illustrations Native Life in South Africa.  Item number: 5419.    US$25.00
169.    Bittick, Mrs. L. Cary [Editor-in-Chief}, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY MAGAZINE, The: Vol: XXXIV No. 5, May 1971.  Item number: 2467.    US$10.00
170.    Black, W. H. And McComas, E. W., Illustrated by: B&W Photos BEEF PRODUCTION ON THE FARM: U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin No. 1592.  Item number: 1556.    US$9.50
171.    Blagden, Charles. M.D. :Physician to the Army, F.R.S. On the Heat of the Water in the Gulf-Stream.  Item number: 3952.    US$45.00
172.    Blumenthal, Joseph, Illustrated by: B&W Reproductions and One Folding Plate ` ART OF THE PRINTED BOOK 1455-1955. Masterpieces of Typography Through Five Centuries from the Collections of the Pierpont Morgan Library New York..  Item number: 3313.    US$30.00
173.    Bly, robert, Editor; James Wright, Migues Hernandez, Gary Snyder. Louis Simpson The Sixties: Number 9, Spring 1967.  Item number: 4643.    US$15.00
174.    Bly, Robert. Sleepers Joining Hands.  Item number: 4929.    US$35.00
175.    Bonnefoy, Yves. Selected Poems..  Item number: 4447.    US$20.00
176.    Bonney, Walter T., Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Drawings Prelude to Kitty Hawk [Reprinted from Pegasus].  Item number: 3355.    US$25.00
177.    Bonus, Daniel ASSOCIATION TESTS USED IN PSYCHO-ANALYSIS: Little Blue Book No. 784.  Item number: 2171.    US$15.00
178.    Bonus, Daniel H. HOW TO PSYCHO-ANALYZE YOURSELF: a Confidential Analysis of Your personality: Little Blue Book No. 651.  Item number: 1520.    US$9.00
179.    Booker, Anton S. FREUD ON SLEEP AND SEXUAL DREAMS: Little Blue Book No. 804.  Item number: 2172.    US$15.00
180.    Bordeaux, G. Jake. The Name I Carved Into Bleeding Stone Blue Cloud Quarterly: Vol XXIV, No. 1.  Item number: 4256.    US$15.00
181.    Borgese, Elizabeth M., Illustrated by: B&W and Color Photographs Seafarm : The Story of Aquaculture.  Item number: 3273.    US$20.00
182.    Boston Cooking School AMERICAN COOKERY: Formerly the Boston Cooking-School Magazine.  Item number: 383.    US$15.00
183.    Boston Cooking School AMERICAN COOKERY: formerly The Boston Cooking-School Magazine.  Item number: 384.    US$12.50
184.    Bowen, Thomas (cartographer) A New and Accurate Map of Africa Drawn from the Best Authorities by Thos. Bowen.  Item number: 4769.    US$275.00
185.    Boyle, Kay Nothing Ever Breaks Except the Heart.  Item number: 3479.    US$35.00
186.    Bradley, Miss Alice Sunkist Recipes: Oranges - Lemons..  Item number: 4417.    US$10.00
187.    Bradley, Van Allen THE BOOK COLLECTOR'S HANDBOOK OF VALUES.  Item number: 542.    US$15.00
188.    Brandes, Georg ON READING: An Essay: Little Blue Book No. 86.  Item number: 2173.    US$10.00
189.    Breckenridge, Willam E., A. M., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations THE MANNHEIM SLIDE RULE: A Self Teaching Manual with Talbes of Settings, Equivalents,and Gauge Points.  Item number: 3083.    US$15.00
190.    Brieger, Lothar, Illustrated by: Theodor Hosemann: hand-colored Plates Theodor Hosemann. Ein Altmeister Berliner Malerei. Mit einem Katalog der graphischen Werke des Künstlers von Karl Hobrecker.  Item number: 5196.    US$45.00
191.    Brigham, Arthur A. , Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Progressive Poultry Culture.  Item number: 5316.    US$25.00
192.    BRITISH ROPES Canadian Factory Ltd, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations BRITISH ROPES Canadian Factory Ltd. Catalogue No. 1.  Item number: 3699.    US$35.00
193.    Bromfield, Louis; McMillen, Wheeler; Corsier, Willard F. And Others, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations B.F. GOODRICH FARMER'S HANDBOOK AND ALMANAC.  Item number: 1953.    US$10.00
194.    Bronowski, Jacob; Ariotti, Piero (editor); Bronowski, Rita (editor) A Sense of the Future : Essays in Natural Philosophy.  Item number: 1813.    US$10.00
195.    Broughton, James. An Almanac for Amorists..  Item number: 4390.    US$95.00
196.    Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co. , Illustrated by: B&W Half-tone Photos and Drawings Brown & Sharpe Small Tools Catalog No. 31.  Item number: 5551.    US$25.00
197.    Brown, John Henry YERBA BUENA 1846: A Description of the Town with an Account of Its Early Inhabitants...and a Lithograph in Colors from Rev. Walter Colton's Deck and Port. (fine Printing - Booklet).  Item number: 282.    US$45.00
198.    Browning, Robert, Illustrated by: Frontis Portrait By Rosetti Bells and Pomegranates (second series).  Item number: 4651.    US$45.00
199.    Bruchac, Joseph Indian Mountain and Other Poems.  Item number: 4273.    US$75.00
200.    Bruchac, Joseph The Buffalo in the Syracuse Zoo and Other Poems.  Item number: 3667.    US$75.00

1050 items found
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