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451.    Heynen, James [Jim] THE FUNERAL PARLOR.  Item number: 3552.    US$40.00
452.    Heynen, Jim MAEDRA POEMS.  Item number: 3475.    US$45.00
453.    Hilder, Rowland, Illustrated by: B&W and Color Illustrations STARTING RIGHT WITH WATERCOLOR.  Item number: 2512.    US$15.00
454.    Hilgard, E. W. And Osterhout, W. J. V., Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Drawings AGRICULTURE FOR SCHOOLS OF THE PACIFIC SLOPE.  Item number: 1640.    US$8.00
455.    Hill, Hubbell and Co., Illustrated by: Photogravure Illustrations Bitulumin: a Permanent Aluminum Finish.  Item number: 4046.    US$20.00
456.    Holme, Charles The Art of the Book: A Review of Some Recent European and American Work in Typography, Page Decoration & Binding..  Item number: 4973.    US$35.00
457.    Homme, Joseph and Cheryl , Illustrated by: Color Illustrations Storybook Culture: The Art of Popular Children's Books.  Item number: 5368.    US$25.00
458.    Hopkins, John A., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Charts, Graphs ELEMENTS OF FARM MANAGEMENT.  Item number: 1641.    US$10.00
459.    Horring, R., Illustrated by: B&W Photos BIRDS.  Item number: 234.    US$35.00
460.    Horring, R., Illustrated by: Folding Map BIRDS COLLECTED ON THE FIFTH THULE EXPEDITION.  Item number: 235.    US$45.00
461.    Hough, Emerson , Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Yellowstone National Park for Your Vacation.  Item number: 5101.    US$20.00
462.    House of Representatives of Massachusetts Address of the House of Representatives to the People of Massachusetts (Declaration of the War of 1812).  Item number: 3929.    US$50.00
463.    Howard, George E., Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Standard Varieties of Chickens. U.S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin no. 51. 1899.  Item number: 5353.    US$15.00
464.    Howard, L. O. , Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations The Gipsy Moth in America: A Sumary Account of the Introduction and Spread of Portheteria Dispar in Massachusetts and of the Efforts Made By the State to Repress and Exterminate It..  Item number: 4888.    US$25.00
465.    Howay, F.W. and Elliott, T.C. VOYAGES OF THE 'JENNY' TO OREGON, 1792-94.  Item number: 1388.    US$15.00
466.    Howay, Frederic W. [editor] Voyages of the Columbia to the Northwest Coast 1787-1790 and 1790-1793.  Item number: 3925.    US$250.00
467.    Howe, Harrison E. [Editor], Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Industrial and Engineering Chemistry: Vol 27, No. 8, August 1935.  Item number: 5490.    US$25.00
468.    Howell, Byrd; Amberson, Rosanne; Atwater, Ruth and Others, Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations The Family Dollar: A Journal of Consumer Economics, April 1942.  Item number: 4899.    US$15.00
469.    Howison, Lieut. Neil M. OREGON, A REPORT.  Item number: 704.    US$25.00
470.    Hudgings, William F. AN INTRODUCTION TO EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY: Little Blue Book No. 408.  Item number: 3621.    US$15.00
471.    Hudgings, William F. AN INTRODUCTION TO EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY: Little Blue Book No. 408.  Item number: 2123.    US$12.00
472.    Huff, Sanford W., Editor THE ANNALS OF IOWA: January 1876.  Item number: 713.    US$20.00
473.    Hughes, Langston (editor) An African Treasury: Stories Poems Articles and Essays By Black Africans.  Item number: 3939.    US$50.00
474.    Hughes, Ted, Illustrated by: Baskin, Leonard (illustrator) Selected Poems, 1957-1967.  Item number: 3551.    US$45.00
475.    Hughes, Ted, Illustrated by: Leonard Baskin (cover) CROW [From the Life and Songs of the Crow].  Item number: 3509.    US$15.00
476.    Hugo, Richard Sea Lanes Out.  Item number: 4930.    US$50.00
477.    Hull-House Hull-House Year Book Forty-Fifth Year, Plus Ephemera.  Item number: 4270.    US$45.00
478.    Humanities Research Center, U of Texas, Illustrated by: B&W Facsimiles and Cattle Brand Designs TEXANA.  Item number: 2193.    US$20.00
479.    Humphrey's Homeopathic Medicine Company Humphrey's Manual On the Care and Treatment of Ailments Which May be Treated at Home.  Item number: 4933.    US$20.00
480.    Hundley, Patrick D. [Editor] (Inteviews with Norman H. Russell, Lane Henson, and Jim Barnes) The Magic of Names: Three American Poets.  Item number: 4264.    US$45.00
481.    Hunziker, Otto F., Illustrated by: B&W Photogravures, Tables, Charts THE BUTTER INDUSTRY: Prepared for Factory, School, and Laboratory.  Item number: 1645.    US$30.00
482.    Hunziker, Otto F., Illustrated by: B&W Photogravures, Tables, Charts THE BUTTER INDUSTRY: Prepared for Factory, School, and Laboratory.  Item number: 1646.    US$35.00
483.    Hurd, Louis m. , Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Practical Poultry-Farming.  Item number: 5317.    US$20.00
484.    Huxley, Thomas A LIBERAL EDUCATION: Appeal Pocket Series [Little Blue Book] No. 7.  Item number: 1353.    US$25.00
485.    Huxley, Walter and Hess, Franz C., Editors; with Text By Chi Chen Wang Reproductions of Chinese Rubbings Taken from Inscriptions cut in Stone, Wood, and also from Bronzes, Monuments and other Bas-reliefs.  Item number: 5206.    US$65.00
486.    Imperial Type Metal Company Type Metal Alloys.  Item number: 5300.    US$25.00
487.    Inada, Lawson Fusao, Illustrated by: Robert Kosta (Sumi-e) Just Intonations.  Item number: 4051.    US$25.00
488.    Inada, Lawson Fusao, Illustrated by: Robert Kosta (Sumi-e) Just Intonations.  Item number: 4020.    US$35.00
489.    Includes Guillaume Appolinaire, Otto Fick, Ken Macrorie, , Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations New Series: Vol. 1 No. 3 Old Series: Vol. 249, Autumn 1964.  Item number: 4432.    US$15.00
490.    Inland Steel Company , Illustrated by: B&W and Color Half-Tones and Charts Inland Steel Company.  Item number: 4364.    US$15.00
491.    Intourist Inc. , Illustrated by: Color Printed Illustrations Intourist Map of the Soviet Union, 1939..  Item number: 5697.    US$65.00
492.    Ivins, Lester S.; and Winship, A.E, Illustrated by: B&W Photos and Portraits FIFTY FAMOUS FARMERS.  Item number: 2883.    US$25.00
493.    Izu, Kenro; Hosoe, Eikoh; Umesao, Tadao; Jessup, Helen Ibbitson , Illustrated by: Kenro Izu Kenro Izu: Light Over Ancient Angkor.  Item number: 4626.    US$125.00
494.    J. N. Boyd, Illustrated by: J. N. Boyd, Photographer Real Photo Cabinet Card, Two Little Girls Smelling Lilacs.  Item number: 3805.    US$15.00
495.    J.I. Case Co., Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations CASE No. 40 Planter (Check Row and Drill) With Repair Parts List.  Item number: 5494.    US$30.00
496.    Jack Matthews, Eli Siegel, Ray Puechner, Charles Wright, and others. , Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations New Series: Vol. III No. Three Old Series: Vol. 251 May, 1966.  Item number: 4439.    US$15.00
497.    Jackson, Homer W. And Curtis, Grant M., Compilers, Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Profitable Culling And Selective Flock Breeding; Complete Details Regarding The Latest Approved Methods For Culling, Or The Selection Of Layers, Simple And Practical Instructions For Securing Permanent Improvement In Egg.  Item number: 5565.    US$20.00
498.    Jackson, William, Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Maps LIVESTOCK FARMING: A Self-Teaching Course, EM Manual 815.  Item number: 1243.    US$15.00
499.    Jacobs, Michael Books Unbound: 20 Innovative Bookmaking Projects..  Item number: 5183.    US$15.00
500.    Jaffery, Sheldon The Arkham House Companion: Fifty years of Arkham House.  Item number: 3840.    US$75.00

1087 items found
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