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451.    George H. Morrill Company, Illustrated by: Illustrated with Color Plates Morrill Inks..  Item number: 5276.    US$85.00
452.    George, David Lloyd BRITISH WAR AIMS: Statement by the Right Honourable David Lloyd George..  Item number: 2264.    US$20.00
453.    Gerge F. Creutzburg, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Gerge F. Creutzburg Equipment and supplies For The Dairyman and the Breeder of Livestock, 1948 Fall and Winter Catalog no. 22.  Item number: 4047.    US$20.00
454.    Gernsback, Hugo (editor), Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations RADIO NEWS: May 1928 Vol. 9 No. 11.  Item number: 4163.    US$25.00
455.    Gernsback, Hugo (editor), Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations RADIO NEWS: December 1930, Volt XII No. 6. Special Servicemen's' Number.  Item number: 4164.    US$25.00
456.    Gernsback, Hugo (Editor):, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Radio Craft for the Service Man - Dealer - Radiotrician. April 1931, Vol 2 No. 10..  Item number: 4161.    US$25.00
457.    Gibbons, Kaye Ellen Foster.  Item number: 4744.    US$200.00
458.    Gibbs, Lorene Campbell POPULAR CHINESE COOK BOOK: Little Blue Book No. 1548.  Item number: 2245.    US$10.00
459.    Giesecke, Frederick E., Illustrated by: B&W Photos, Tables, Diagrams, Drawings TECHNICAL DRAWING.  Item number: 1259.    US$20.00
460.    Gilfillan, Archer B., Illustrated by: Kurt Weise SHEEP.  Item number: 2651.    US$20.00
461.    Gilkey, Helen Margaret A Revision of the Tuberales of California.  Item number: 5599.    US$45.00
462.    Gilman, Charlotte Perkins YELLOW WALLPAPER, The.  Item number: 3079.    US$6.00
463.    Gilmore, Melvin Randolph; Morris, Earl H.; Beckwith, Martha Warren, Illustrated by: B&W Plates and Color Foldout The Hawai'ian Romance of Laieikawai, Hopi Pottery, Missouri Indian Ethnobotany, all in: Thirty-third Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology,1911-1912..  Item number: 4166.    US$85.00
464.    Gilpin, William , Illustrated by: Folding Maps Mission of the North American People, Geographical, Social, and Political. Illustrated By Six Charts Delineating the Physical Architecture and Thermal Laws of All Continents..  Item number: 5049.    US$550.00
465.    Gingrich, Arnold (Editor), Lord Dunsany, Michael Wilson, Parke Cummings, and Others, Illustrated by: Kaethe Kollwitz, Ge Coronet (magazine), Vol. 6 No. 2, June 1939.  Item number: 3864.    US$20.00
466.    Gioseffi, Dariela EGGS IN THE LAKE.  Item number: 3660.    US$10.00
467.    Gluck, Louise Firstborn: Poems.  Item number: 4112.    US$125.00
468.    Gluck, Louise. Firstborn..  Item number: 4074.    US$125.00
469.    Glundy, Inglis, Editor, Illustrated by: Music words and Scores Canow Kernow: Songs and Dances from Cornwall.  Item number: 5546.    US$15.00
470.    Goldberg, Isaac How to Acquire Good Taste: (What is Culture?): Little Blue Book No. 1358.  Item number: 4530.    US$10.00
471.    Gonzalez, Ray; Andrews, Nancy (editor) Twilights and Chants.  Item number: 3421.    US$25.00
472.    Gosse, Philip Henry , Illustrated by: B&W Woodcuts Evenings at the Microscope (Library of Universal Literature, Part I Vol 15).  Item number: 4715.    US$25.00
473.    Goulds Manufacturing Company, Illustrated by: B&W Half-tones Goulds Pumps: Industrial, agricultural, Municipal, Residential.  Item number: 4138.    US$75.00
474.    Grace Atherton Dennen, Editor The Lyric West.  Item number: 947.    US$10.00
475.    Grace Atherton Dennen, Editor The Lyric West.  Item number: 948.    US$10.00
476.    Graham, Steven. The Gentle Art of Tramping..  Item number: 5514.    US$75.00
477.    Grahn, Judy. She Who: A Graphic Book of Poems with 54 Images of Women.  Item number: 4925.    US$45.00
478.    Grange, Wallace R., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations IMPROVING THE FARM ENVIRONMENT FOR WILD LIFE: FARMER'S BULLETIN 1719.  Item number: 2571.    US$7.50
479.    Graves, Robert POEMS 1970-72.  Item number: 3347.    US$25.00
480.    Greenfield, Jane & Hille, Jenny., Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Headbands: How to Work Them..  Item number: 5026.    US$25.00
481.    Greer, Joseph H., M.D. SIMPLE FACTS ABOUT VENEREAL DISEASES: Little Blue Book No. 726.  Item number: 1357.    US$15.00
482.    Gross, David C. (editor), Illustrated by: Shaga Weil Love Poems from the Hebrew.  Item number: 3450.    US$15.00
483.    Grosvenor, Gilbert M. (Editor) [Map] United States of America.  Item number: 5703.    US$15.00
484.    Grotten, F.J. , Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations Royal Breezes: April 1921, Volume Two Number Six.  Item number: 4936.    US$15.00
485.    Grumbacher, Illustrated by: B&W Illlustrations Grumbacher Catalog.  Item number: 5464.    US$25.00
486.    Grundy, Virginia Rudder A BOOK OF RIDDLE RIMES: Little Blue Book No. 347.  Item number: 1349.    US$15.00
487.    Gubser, Mary BACK TO THE DAMN SOIL.  Item number: 2780.    US$10.00
488.    Gulf Oil , Illustrated by: Art Moderne Cover Pittsburgh Ifo-Map with Sight-Seeing Tour.  Item number: 5421.    US$20.00
489.    Gunn, John W. LIFE OF THOMAS PAINE: Little Blue Book No. 522.  Item number: 1338.    US$10.00
490.    Gunn, S.W.A. , Illustrated by: B&W Photo Illustrations A Complete Guide to the Totem Poles in Stanley ParkVancouver, B. C.: Totem Poles of British Columbia, Series I.  Item number: 4895.    US$10.00
491.    Gunser, Elsie H., Illustrated by: B&W Drawings and Photographs BOBBIN LACE.  Item number: 3670.    US$10.00
492.    Guthe, Carl E., Illustrated by: B&W Photos Pueblo Pottery Making.  Item number: 5243.    US$150.00
493.    H. H. Stallard PRODUCTION FOR USE: Technocracy's Way . End Poverty in America.  Item number: 3011.    US$25.00
494.    H.C.K. [Helen Cross Knight], Illustrated by: Wood Engravings The Rocket.  Item number: 5060.    US$35.00
495.    H.J. Noll, Illustrated by: B&W Illustrations Fly Tying Materials.  Item number: 4982.    US$25.00
496.    Haines, John Meditation on a Skull Carved in Crystal..  Item number: 4926.    US$65.00
497.    Haldeman-Julius Editor Amusing and Popular Riddles: LIttle Blue Book No. 1175.  Item number: 5236.    US$8.00
498.    Haldeman-Julius Editor Amusing and Popular Riddles: LIttle Blue Book No. 1175.  Item number: 5237.    US$8.00
499.    Haldeman-Julius Editor Amusing and Popular Riddles: LIttle Blue Book No. 1175.  Item number: 5238.    US$8.00
500.    Haldeman-Julius, Editor WHAT GREAT MEN HAVE SAID ABOUT WOMEN; WHAT GREAT WOMEN HAVE SAID ABOUT MEN - Little Blue Books #77 and #304.  Item number: 1330.    US$20.00

1325 items found
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