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351.    Apollinaire, Guillaume (Illustrated by Andre Derain) L'Enchanteur Pourrissant.  Item number: 46280.    US$114.00
352.    Appel, Allan and Paul Violi (Eds. ) New York Times #1.  Item number: 46886.    US$19.00
353.    Applegate, Jesse A. and Lavinia Honeyman Porter Westward Journeys: Memoirs of Jesse A. Applegate and Lavinia Honeyman Porter Who Traveled the Overland Trail.  Item number: 24597.    US$7.60
354.    Aqua, Hal and Risa Towbin The Big Book of Jewish Borders, Headers, and Fillers.  Item number: 22764.    US$16.15
355.    Araba Temple A. A. O. N. M.s Araba Temple, Fort Myers, Florida, 1989.  Item number: 30494.    US$9.50
356.    Arabian Horse Times Star World.  Item number: 18096.    US$5.70
357.    Arader, W. Graham, Intro by Wendy Shadwell Native Grace: Prints of the New World, 1590-1876.  Item number: 41897.    US$13.30
358.    Arango, Juan Luis Mejia En El Recodo De Todo Camino (Coleccion Especial De BANCAFE).  Item number: 42901.    US$47.50
359.    Aranha, Paul C The Island Airman and His Bahama Islands Home.  Item number: 34928.    US$28.50
360.    ARC Musee D'Art Moderne de La Ville de Paris Wolfgang Laib.  Item number: 45937.    US$20.90
361.    Arcangeli, Francesco, Giulio Carlo Argan & Marco Valsececchi The New Generation in Italian Art.  Item number: 44254.    US$23.75
362.    Arceri, Gene Brooklyn's Scarlett: Susan Hayward, Fire in the Wind.  Item number: 48380.    US$20.90
363.    Archer M. Huntington Gallery New in the Seventies.  Item number: 44132.    US$14.25
364.    Archer, Foster-Irma Wild Fields.  Item number: 28686.    US$12.35
365.    Archer, Stella and Peter Pearson THE ROYAL ST. GEORGE YACHT CLUB: A HISTORY.  Item number: 47514.    US$52.25
366.    Archer, William Six of One and Half-A-Dozen of the Other: a Letter to Mr. L. Simons of the Hague.  Item number: 27134.    US$3.80
367.    Archives Program Of Children's Hospital Children's Hospital Boston: The Archive Program of Children's Hospital Boston.  Item number: 47905.    US$19.00
368.    Arcografica editora BARILOCHE (In Spanish).  Item number: 31753.    US$13.30
369.    Ardayne, Julia Collins Prismatic Window.  Item number: 27632.    US$5.70
370.    Arendt, Erich and Katja Hayek-Arendt Islands of the Mediterranean from Sicily to Majorca.  Item number: 44938.    US$14.25
371.    Arestein, Jean Encyclopedia Pratique Du Dessin.  Item number: 42106.    US$28.50
372.    Argosy Gallery 101 Paintings, Historical-Genre-Primitive Offered for Sale by Argosy Gallery.  Item number: 44729.    US$9.50
373.    Argueta, Manlio (translated From The Spanish by Edward Waters Hood) Little Red Riding Hood in the Red Light District.  Item number: 29651.    US$5.70
374.    Argyris, Chris Personality and Organization: The Conflict between System and the Individual.  Item number: 48184.    US$18.05
375.    Ariane, Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren The Lively Little Rabbit.  Item number: 45672.    US$23.75
376.    Arias, Ron Five Against the Sea: a True Story of Courage and Survival.  Item number: 1744.    US$4.75
377.    Aries, Philippe, Edward Blishen, Phyllis Hostler, Dan Jacobson, Marghanita Laski, Colin MacInnes, Alastair Reed, Anthony The World of Children.  Item number: 24204.    US$13.30
378.    Aristophanes (English Version by Dudley Fitts) Ladies' Day.  Item number: 25915.    US$4.75
379.    Arizona Highway Department Arizona Highways (5 Issues: December 1947 - April 1948.  Item number: 46743.    US$33.25
380.    Arko, Jordi, Cecila Frisendahl, Thomas Kjellgren & Karl-Ake Nystrom Lithos 200.  Item number: 46463.    US$19.00
381.    Arkush, Michael (Foreward by Billy Casper) Fairways and Dreams: Twenty-Five of the World's Greatest Golfers and the Fathers Who Inspired Them.  Item number: 22236.    US$5.70
382.    Arlen, Michael J EXILES.  Item number: 5164.    US$4.75
383.    Arlidge, John (Ed. ) Pantheon.  Item number: 44914.    US$76.00
384.    Arlott, John and Arthur Daley Pageantry of Sport from the Age of Victoria with Selections from the Writings of William Hazlitt, Pierce Egan, Nimrod, Izaak Walton, Mark Twain, Henry Fielding, Charles Dickens and Many Others.  Item number: 43545.    US$14.25
385.    Armada Republica De Colombia Mision, El Mar.  Item number: 47711.    US$47.50
386.    Arman, David and Linda Historical Staffordshire: An Illustrated Checklist.  Item number: 43269.    US$28.50
387.    Armanino, Dominic C Popular Domino Games for One to Six Players with Official Rules.  Item number: 45146.    US$4.75
388.    Armbrecht, Ann Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home.  Item number: 45081.    US$19.00
389.    Armens, Sven In the Vernacular: a Secular Mass in C-Minor.  Item number: 8027.    US$33.25
390.    Armey, Dick The Freedom Revolution: The New Republican House Majority Leader Tells why Big Government Failed, why Freedom Works.....  Item number: 28688.    US$8.55
391.    Armi, C. Edson Masons and Sculptors in Romanesque Burgundy: The New Aesthetic of Cluny III (2 Volumes).  Item number: 46459.    US$26.60
392.    Armitage, Christopher M Sir Walter Ralegh, An Annotated Bibliography.  Item number: 2357.    US$7.60
393.    Armour, Richard, Illustrated by Campbell Grant It all Started with Marx: an Brief and Objective History of Russian Communism................  Item number: 840.    US$8.55
394.    Arms, Myron Riddle of the Ice: a Scientific Adventure Into the Arctic.  Item number: 22638.    US$4.75
395.    Arms, Myron Riddle of the Ice: A Scientific Adventure Into the Arctic.  Item number: 1519.    US$4.75
396.    Armstrong, Alan Off in Zora: a Modern-Day Tale of a Traveling Bookseller.  Item number: 33020.    US$3.80
397.    Armstrong, John H. & Thaddeus Stepek Six HO Railroads You Can Build.  Item number: 10338.    US$13.30
398.    Armstrong, John H. & Thaddeus Stepek Atlas Custom-Line Layouts for HO Scale Railroads.  Item number: 10328.    US$4.75
399.    Armstrong, Joseph The Mother Church: a History of the Building of the Original Edifice of the First Church of Christ, Science in Boston.....  Item number: 36168.    US$5.70
400.    Armstrong, Ray That's a Lot of Bulletin: the Lehigh World According to Ray Armstrong.  Item number: 7616.    US$7.60

Over 9000 Items found
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