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251.    Amar, J. A. Lucii Annaei Flori Rerum Romanarum Eptome. Ex Edtione Principe Nonnullis in Locis.  Item number: 42208.    US$28.50
252.    Ambriere, Francis Istanbul Et Ses Environs.  Item number: 43624.    US$9.50
253.    Amel Gallery Maurice Grosmour.  Item number: 21133.    US$6.65
254.    Amende, Coral The Crossword Obsession: the History and Lore of the World's Most Popular Pastime.  Item number: 24768.    US$3.80
255.    American Antiquarian Society Wellsprings of a Nation: America before 1801 : a Bicentennial Exhibition from the Collections of the American Antiquarian Society At the Worcester Art Museum, April 19-June 5,.  Item number: 39508.    US$7.60
256.    American Art Association Masterpieces of Engraving and Etching, Collection of Henry Graves, Jr..  Item number: 42762.    US$19.00
257.    American Art Association Colonial and Early Federal Furniture, Silver and Porcelains of Distinguishes Provenance by and Attributed to Chapin, Cowell, Drummer, Frothingham, Goddard, Gostelowe, Et Al....acquired from the Notable Collections by Isr.  Item number: 42274.    US$9.50
258.    American Art Association Important Eighteenth Century French Art: Collection Belonging to the Late Mrs. William Salomon, Sold by Direction of the Executor of the Estate.  Item number: 44198.    US$19.00
259.    American Art Association, Anderson Galleries masterpieces of engraving and etching: durer, rembrandt, whistler, haden, pennell, bone, cameron, zorn, mcBey, besnard, brockhurst, blampied, heintzelman. collection of louis e. stern, atlantic city, N.j., and New york. .  Item number: 45420.    US$11.40
260.    American Art Association, Anderson Galleries Engraving and Etching: Schongauer, Durer, Rembrandt, Nanteuil, Green, Meryon, Whistler, Pennell, Zorn, Bone, Cameron, McBey and Other Famous Artist. Property of the Estate of the Late Cortlandt F. Bishop, Sold by Order o.  Item number: 47037.    US$9.50
261.    American Autograph Shop Life in Letters: American Autograph Journal (Complete Run of 9 Issues: Vol. 5, No. 4, January 1941 through Vol. 7, No. 1, October 1941).  Item number: 46865.    US$80.75
262.    American Bible Society The New Testament in Eleven Volumes.  Item number: 42882.    US$14.25
263.    American Bible Society The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Fromer Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.  Item number: 40152.    US$28.50
264.    American Craft Museum Rorstrand: Swedish Art Nouveau Porcelain, from the Robert Schreiber Collection.  Item number: 43111.    US$19.00
265.    American Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Association All about Fishing Lures.  Item number: 42867.    US$7.60
266.    American Institute Of Graphic Arts Printing Design and Production from Seven Countries: Singapore to Istanbul, Malaya, Burma, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Iran , Turkey.  Item number: 43543.    US$8.55
267.    American Institute Of Graphic Arts The Fifty Books of the Year 1964: Exhibition of 1964.  Item number: 46839.    US$5.70
268.    American Institute Of Graphic Arts The Fifty Books of the Year 1964: Catalogue of the 27th Annual Exhibition Inaugurated Simultaneously During the Month of April 1949, in Five American Cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D. C..  Item number: 46840.    US$6.65
269.    American International Galleries The Carl Jensen Collection (Limited Edition Catalogue, 1979).  Item number: 44864.    US$9.50
270.    American Iron and Steel Institute Steel Serves the Farmer.  Item number: 43340.    US$14.25
271.    American Jewish Tercentenary Community Manual, 1654-1954.  Item number: 46265.    US$52.25
272.    American Kennel Club Dogny: America's Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs.  Item number: 29683.    US$4.75
273.    American Latvian Association In The United States Latvia.  Item number: 47115.    US$17.10
274.    American Management Association Only a president.  Item number: 39928.    US$4.75
275.    American Management Association THE EXECUTIVE COLLECTION (7 Vols. , 1956 - 1965).  Item number: 18732.    US$332.50
276.    American Medical Association New and Nonofficial Remedies, 1932: Containing Descriptions of the Articles Which Stand Accepted by the Council of Pharmacy....  Item number: 36159.    US$12.35
277.    American Medical Association Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry (2 Issues: August & December 1928, Volume 20, Numbers 2 & 6).  Item number: 44511.    US$28.50
278.    American Museum Of Photography Edward Anthony, Pioneer.  Item number: 44958.    US$14.25
279.    American Sight-Seeing Car and Coach Co. Tourist Reference Card for Sighteeing Tours of New York, Washington & Philadelphia (Ca 1910).  Item number: 42787.    US$9.50
280.    American Sunday School Union True Courage.  Item number: 46693.    US$9.50
281.    American Sunday School Union Memoirs of Sergeant Dale and His Daughter, and the Orphan Mary.  Item number: 45724.    US$19.00
282.    American Sunday-School Union The Fretful Girl.  Item number: 45180.    US$9.50
283.    American Thread Co DOLLS and DOLLS (Book No. 84).  Item number: 28298.    US$3.80
284.    American Thread Co TREASURE CHEST of CROCHET (Book No. 45).  Item number: 28299.    US$3.80
285.    American Tract Society Dew-Drops.  Item number: 47174.    US$16.15
286.    Ameruoso, Chris (Photos) and Pamela Anderson (Forword) Pets and Their Stars: an Intimate Look At Animals and the Celebrities That Love Them.  Item number: 40909.    US$6.65
287.    Ames, Elizabeth S. , Illustrated by Phil Fisher Morning Dew: the Story of a Seminole Girl.  Item number: 21500.    US$3.80
288.    Ames, Lee J. Draw 50 Famous Faces.  Item number: 45473.    US$6.65
289.    Amiry, Suad Sharon and My Mother-In-Law: Ramallah Diaries.  Item number: 35593.    US$8.55
290.    Amodeo, John V Voices of Hell's Kitchen.  Item number: 38936.    US$15.20
291.    Amory, Cleveland, Illustrated by Lisa Adams The Best Cat Ever.  Item number: 1396.    US$4.75
292.    Amos, James The Memorial: a Novel of the Vietnam War.  Item number: 30837.    US$7.60
293.    Amos, Sharon (Photography by Catherine Gratwicke, Styling by Lesley Dilcock) Jane Packer: Flowers, Design, Philosophy.  Item number: 37602.    US$6.65
294.    Amstutz, Walter and Walter Herdeg (Eds. ) Graphis: International Journal of Graphic Art and Applied Art (No. 9/10 1945 July/august/september, Volume 1).  Item number: 46843.    US$26.60
295.    Amter, Joseph A Vietnam Verdict: a Citizen's History.  Item number: 35499.    US$6.65
296.    Anati, Emmanuel (translated From The French by Linda Asher) Camonica Valley: a Depiction of Village Life in the Alps from Neolithic Times to the Birth of Christ, As Revealed By......  Item number: 28511.    US$7.60
297.    Ancelet, Barry Jean (Text) , Photographs by Elemore Morgan, Foreword by Ralph Rinzler Cajun and Creole Music Makers (Musiciens Cadiens Et Creoles).  Item number: 28636.    US$7.60
298.    Anctil, Pierre A Franco-American Bibliography: New England.  Item number: 35675.    US$38.00
299.    Anderes, Bernhard Erlauschte Stille: Walter Kagi Zeichnungen Vom Oberen Zurichsee Aus Rapperswil.  Item number: 46078.    US$9.50
300.    Anders, Curt Fighting Airmen.  Item number: 6009.    US$6.65

Over 9000 Items found
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