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251.    Amos, James The Memorial: A Novel of the Vietnam War.  Item number: 30837.    US$4.75
252.    Amos, Sharon (Photography by Catherine Gratwicke, Styling by Lesley Dilcock) Jane Packer: Flowers, Design, Philosophy.  Item number: 37602.    US$6.65
253.    Amstutz, Walter and Walter Herdeg (Eds. ) Graphis: International Journal of Graphic Art and Applied Art (No. 9/10 1945 July/August/September, Volume 1).  Item number: 46843.    US$26.60
254.    Amter, Joseph A Vietnam Verdict: a Citizen's History.  Item number: 35499.    US$6.65
255.    Anati, Emmanuel (translated From The French by Linda Asher) Camonica Valley: a Depiction of Village Life in the Alps from Neolithic Times to the Birth of Christ, As Revealed By......  Item number: 28511.    US$7.60
256.    Ancelet, Barry Jean (Text) , Photographs by Elemore Morgan, Foreword by Ralph Rinzler Cajun and Creole Music Makers (Musiciens Cadiens Et Creoles).  Item number: 28636.    US$7.60
257.    Anctil, Pierre A Franco-American Bibliography: New England.  Item number: 35675.    US$19.00
258.    Anderes, Bernhard Erlauschte Stille: Walter Kagi Zeichnungen Vom Oberen Zurichsee Aus Rapperswil.  Item number: 46078.    US$4.75
259.    Anders, Curt Fighting Airmen.  Item number: 6009.    US$6.65
260.    Andersen, Hans Christian (footnotes and postscript by Erik Dal, translated by Brian Alderson) Christine's Picture Book: Hans Christian Andersen and Grandfather Drewsen.  Item number: 49373.    US$17.10
261.    Andersen, Hans Christian (Illustrated by Catherine Raben Davidsen) Grantraeet, The Fir Tree, Der Tannenbaum.  Item number: 48037.    US$28.50
262.    Andersen, Kurt Turn of the Century.  Item number: 33479.    US$4.75
263.    Anderson, Cynthia Peabody Pioneer Voices, from Plymouth to Breckenridge: the Peabody Family over Eleven Generations.  Item number: 36527.    US$4.75
264.    Anderson, Cynthia Peabody Pioneer Voices, from Plymouth to Breckenridge: the Peabody Family over Eleven Generations.  Item number: 36341.    US$6.65
265.    Anderson, Cynthia Peabody Pioneer Voices, from Plymouth to Breckenridge: the Peabody Family over Eleven Generations.  Item number: 36367.    US$6.65
266.    Anderson, Davic (Ed. ) Before the Dome: Baseball in Minnesota when the Grass Was Real.  Item number: 13310.    US$8.55
267.    Anderson, David S. and David R. Bridge (Intro. by Dr. Richard Leakey) Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation, and Man.  Item number: 49112.    US$19.95
268.    Anderson, Donald (Ed. ) , Foreword by George C. Herring Aftermath: An Anthology of Post-Vietnam Fiction.  Item number: 30651.    US$5.70
269.    Anderson, Donald (Ed. ) , Foreword by George C. Herring Aftermath: An Anthology of Post-Vietnam Fiction.  Item number: 30588.    US$6.65
270.    Anderson, Frederick I Quad Cities: Joined by a River.  Item number: 40292.    US$4.75
271.    Anderson, Henry H. & Robert C. MacArthur The Centennial History of the United States Sailing Association: Formed in 1897, Reformed in 1925, Transformed in 1975 Into USYRU, Renamed in 1991 As US Sailing.  Item number: 49253.    US$6.65
272.    Anderson, Janet Herman Travel Journeys: a Trip around the World.  Item number: 14541.    US$4.75
273.    Anderson, Janice Ronald Reagan.  Item number: 4842.    US$5.70
274.    Anderson, Jeanne, Marilyne Elliott Meyer and Michael B. Whitfield (Eds. ) Spindrift: Stories of Teton Basin.  Item number: 44595.    US$5.70
275.    Anderson, John Lorenzo Night of the Silent Drums.  Item number: 49864.    US$37.05
276.    Anderson, Lauri Mosquito Conversations: More Stories from the Upper Peninsula.  Item number: 34975.    US$6.65
277.    Anderson, Leroy Blue Tango: Piano Solo [Sheet Music].  Item number: 18870.    US$3.80
278.    Anderson, Mildred Beyond all This: Thirty Years with the Mountain Peasants of Haiti.  Item number: 41911.    US$7.60
279.    Anderson, Robert Guide to Mammals.  Item number: 9872.    US$2.85
280.    Anderson, Robert Guide to Florida Sea and Shore Birds.  Item number: 27814.    US$2.85
281.    Anderson, Robert E The History of Squantum on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Association.  Item number: 49944.    US$33.25
282.    Anderson, Virginia B Maritime Mystic.  Item number: 5080.    US$3.80
283.    Anderson, Will The Lost New England Nine: the Best of New England's Forgotten Ballplayers.  Item number: 41054.    US$8.55
284.    Anderson, Wing Prophetic Years, 1947-1953.  Item number: 19369.    US$4.75
285.    Anderton, Stephen P Washington's Appeal: the Foundations of Construction Democracy.  Item number: 44647.    US$19.00
286.    Andre Emmerich Gallery Al Held: Watercolors.  Item number: 44863.    US$7.60
287.    Andre Emmerich Gallery Beverly Pepper: New Work 1981-1982.  Item number: 46706.    US$7.60
288.    Andre Emmerich Gallery Alexander Liberman: New Paintings.  Item number: 42071.    US$6.65
289.    Andre Emmerich Gallery Gods and Men in Pre-Columbian Art: A Special Exhibition, October 6 through November 25, 1967.  Item number: 50181.    US$7.60
290.    Andre Emmerich Gallery David Hockney: Some Very New Paintings, January 7 to February 13, 1993.  Item number: 47439.    US$4.75
291.    Andreu, Mossen Avinyo Moderna Visio Del Lullisme: Segons La Ideologia Dels Neo-Lul Listes Hodierns.  Item number: 46728.    US$26.60
292.    Andrews, Edward Deming The People Called Shakers: a Search for the Perfect Community.  Item number: 33098.    US$6.65
293.    Andrews, Ralph W Historic Fires of the West.  Item number: 22523.    US$7.60
294.    Andrews, Ralph W. and Harry A. Kirwin This Was Seafaring: A Sea Chest of Salty Memories.  Item number: 36564.    US$7.13
295.    Andrews, Raymond (Illustrated by Benny Andrews) THE LAST RADIO BABY (58 Page Excerpted Uncorrected Proof).  Item number: 32126.    US$15.20
296.    Andrews, Roy Chapman On the Trail of Ancient Man: A Narrative of the Field Work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions.  Item number: 48804.    US$23.75
297.    Anet, Claude (Illustrated by George Tcherkessof) L'Amour En Russie.  Item number: 43185.    US$19.00
298.    Angel, Adriana and Fiona MacIntosh The Tiger's Milk: Women of Nicaragua.  Item number: 12220.    US$5.70
299.    Angel, Marie An Animated Alphabet.  Item number: 37616.    US$17.10
300.    Angier, Bradford Survival with Style: in Trouble or in to Keep Body and Soul Together in the Wilderness.  Item number: 17431.    US$7.60

Over 9000 Items found
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