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251.    American Art Association Masterpieces of Engraving and Etching, Collection of Henry Graves, Jr..  Item number: 42762.    US$19.00
252.    American Art Association Important Eighteenth Century French Art: Collection Belonging to the Late Mrs. William Salomon, Sold by Direction of the Executor of the Estate.  Item number: 44198.    US$19.00
253.    American Art Association, Anderson Galleries masterpieces of engraving and etching: durer, rembrandt, whistler, haden, pennell, bone, cameron, zorn, mcBey, besnard, brockhurst, blampied, heintzelman. collection of louis e. stern, atlantic city, N.j., and New york. .  Item number: 45420.    US$11.40
254.    American Art Association, Anderson Galleries Engraving and Etching: Schongauer, Durer, Rembrandt, Nanteuil, Green, Meryon, Whistler, Pennell, Zorn, Bone, Cameron, McBey and Other Famous Artist. Property of the Estate of the Late Cortlandt F. Bishop, Sold by Order o.  Item number: 47037.    US$9.50
255.    American Autograph Shop Life in Letters: American Autograph Journal (Complete Run of 9 Issues: Vol. 5, No. 4, January 1941 through Vol. 7, No. 1, October 1941).  Item number: 46865.    US$80.75
256.    American Bible Society The New Testament in Eleven Volumes.  Item number: 42882.    US$14.25
257.    American Bible Society The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Fromer Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.  Item number: 40152.    US$28.50
258.    American Craft Museum Rorstrand: Swedish Art Nouveau Porcelain, from the Robert Schreiber Collection.  Item number: 43111.    US$19.00
259.    American Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Association All about Fishing Lures.  Item number: 42867.    US$7.60
260.    American Institute Of Graphic Arts Printing Design and Production from Seven Countries: Singapore to Istanbul, Malaya, Burma, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Iran , Turkey.  Item number: 43543.    US$8.55
261.    American Institute Of Graphic Arts The Fifty Books of the Year 1964: Exhibition of 1964.  Item number: 46839.    US$5.70
262.    American Institute Of Graphic Arts The Fifty Books of the Year 1964: Catalogue of the 27th Annual Exhibition Inaugurated Simultaneously During the Month of April 1949, in Five American Cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D. C..  Item number: 46840.    US$6.65
263.    American International Galleries The Carl Jensen Collection (Limited Edition Catalogue, 1979).  Item number: 44864.    US$9.50
264.    American Iron and Steel Institute Steel Serves the Farmer.  Item number: 43340.    US$14.25
265.    American Jewish Tercentenary Community Manual, 1654-1954.  Item number: 46265.    US$52.25
266.    American Kennel Club Dogny: America's Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs.  Item number: 29683.    US$4.75
267.    American Latvian Association In The United States Latvia.  Item number: 47115.    US$17.10
268.    American Latvian Association In The United States Letonia.  Item number: 47754.    US$23.75
269.    American Management Association THE EXECUTIVE COLLECTION (7 Vols. , 1956 - 1965).  Item number: 18732.    US$332.50
270.    American Management Association Only a president.  Item number: 39928.    US$4.75
271.    American Medical Association New and Nonofficial Remedies, 1932: Containing Descriptions of the Articles Which Stand Accepted by the Council of Pharmacy....  Item number: 36159.    US$12.35
272.    American Medical Association Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry (2 Issues: August & December 1928, Volume 20, Numbers 2 & 6).  Item number: 44511.    US$28.50
273.    American Sight-Seeing Car and Coach Co. Tourist Reference Card for Sighteeing Tours of New York, Washington & Philadelphia (Ca 1910).  Item number: 42787.    US$9.50
274.    American Sunday School Union Memoirs of Sergeant Dale and His Daughter, and the Orphan Mary.  Item number: 45724.    US$19.00
275.    American Sunday School Union True Courage.  Item number: 46693.    US$9.50
276.    American Sunday-School Union The Fretful Girl.  Item number: 45180.    US$9.50
277.    American Thread Co DOLLS and DOLLS (Book No. 84).  Item number: 28298.    US$3.80
278.    American Thread Co TREASURE CHEST of CROCHET (Book No. 45).  Item number: 28299.    US$3.80
279.    American Tract Society Dew-Drops.  Item number: 47174.    US$16.15
280.    Ameruoso, Chris (Photos) and Pamela Anderson (Forword) Pets and Their Stars: an Intimate Look At Animals and the Celebrities That Love Them.  Item number: 40909.    US$6.65
281.    Ames, Elizabeth S. , Illustrated by Phil Fisher Morning Dew: the Story of a Seminole Girl.  Item number: 21500.    US$3.80
282.    Amiry, Suad Sharon and My Mother-In-Law: Ramallah Diaries.  Item number: 35593.    US$8.55
283.    Amodeo, John V Voices of Hell's Kitchen.  Item number: 38936.    US$15.20
284.    Amory, Cleveland, Illustrated by Lisa Adams The Best Cat Ever.  Item number: 1396.    US$4.75
285.    Amos, James The Memorial: a Novel of the Vietnam War.  Item number: 30837.    US$7.60
286.    Amos, Sharon (Photography by Catherine Gratwicke, Styling by Lesley Dilcock) Jane Packer: Flowers, Design, Philosophy.  Item number: 37602.    US$6.65
287.    Amstutz, Walter and Walter Herdeg (Eds. ) Graphis: International Journal of Graphic Art and Applied Art (No. 9/10 1945 July/august/september, Volume 1).  Item number: 46843.    US$26.60
288.    Amter, Joseph A Vietnam Verdict: a Citizen's History.  Item number: 35499.    US$6.65
289.    Anati, Emmanuel (translated From The French by Linda Asher) Camonica Valley: a Depiction of Village Life in the Alps from Neolithic Times to the Birth of Christ, As Revealed By......  Item number: 28511.    US$7.60
290.    Ancelet, Barry Jean (Text) , Photographs by Elemore Morgan, Foreword by Ralph Rinzler Cajun and Creole Music Makers (Musiciens Cadiens Et Creoles).  Item number: 28636.    US$7.60
291.    Anctil, Pierre A Franco-American Bibliography: New England.  Item number: 35675.    US$38.00
292.    Anderes, Bernhard Erlauschte Stille: Walter Kagi Zeichnungen Vom Oberen Zurichsee Aus Rapperswil.  Item number: 46078.    US$9.50
293.    Anders, Curt Fighting Airmen.  Item number: 6009.    US$6.65
294.    Andersen, Kurt Turn of the Century.  Item number: 33479.    US$4.75
295.    Anderson, Cynthia Peabody Pioneer Voices, from Plymouth to Breckenridge: the Peabody Family over Eleven Generations.  Item number: 36527.    US$9.50
296.    Anderson, Cynthia Peabody Pioneer Voices, from Plymouth to Breckenridge: the Peabody Family over Eleven Generations.  Item number: 36341.    US$6.65
297.    Anderson, Cynthia Peabody Pioneer Voices, from Plymouth to Breckenridge: the Peabody Family over Eleven Generations.  Item number: 36367.    US$6.65
298.    Anderson, Davic (Ed. ) Before the Dome: Baseball in Minnesota when the Grass Was Real.  Item number: 13310.    US$8.55
299.    Anderson, Dillon 1956 autograph of Dillon Anderson, Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.  Item number: 45465.    US$38.00
300.    Anderson, Donald (Ed. ) , Foreword by George C. Herring Aftermath: an Anthology of Post-Vietnam Fiction.  Item number: 30651.    US$16.15

Over 9000 Items found
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