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201.    Gardi, Rene African Crafts and Craftsmen.  Item number: 10668.    US$29.95
202.    Parker, Robert B Potshot.  Item number: 1067.    US$7.95
203.    Mansfield, Katherine (Pseudonym Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp Murry) The Urewera Notebook.  Item number: 10671.    US$79.95
204.    Lm (Lesley Moore Pseudonym Ida Constance Baker) Katherine Mansfield the Memories of LM.  Item number: 10672.    US$14.95
205.    Murry, John Middleton The Autobiography of John Middleton Murry: between Two Worlds.  Item number: 10675.    US$49.95
206.    Murry, John Middleton (editor) The Letters of Katherine Mansfield Volume II.  Item number: 10676.    US$5.95
207.    Lang, A Ballades & Rhymes-From Ballades in Blue China and Rhymes & a La Mode.  Item number: 10677.    US$29.95
208.    Woodberry, George Edward (editor) European Years: the Letters of an Idle Man.  Item number: 10681.    US$14.95
209.    Scott, Evelyn Precipitations.  Item number: 10684.    US$39.95
210.    Arnold, Matthew Poems by Matthew Arnold 3 Volumes.  Item number: 10686.    US$49.95
211.    Joseph, Robert The Art of the Wine Label.  Item number: 10687.    US$10.95
212.    Lustbader, Eric Van Zero.  Item number: 10690.    US$5.95
213.    Crichton, Michael Rising Sun.  Item number: 10691.    US$4.95
214.    Elegant, Robert S White Sun, Red Star.  Item number: 10692.    US$5.95
215.    Menant, Nicole India.  Item number: 10693.    US$9.95
216.    Dalby, Liiza and Peter Grilli, David Huges, Christine Guth Kanda, Stephen Longstret, Jon Spayde, Oliver Statler and Terr All-Japan: the Catalogue of Everything Japanese.  Item number: 10694.    US$19.95
217.    Hong Kong Museum Of Art George Chinnery: His Pupils and Influence.  Item number: 10697.    US$44.95
218.    Huang, Ken The World of Food Illustration: all about Sizzling Touch.  Item number: 10698.    US$59.95
219.    Lo, Ruth Earnshaw and Katharine S. Kinderman In the Eye of the Typhoon An American Woman in China During the Cultural Revolution.  Item number: 10699.    US$6.95
220.    Watt, Alan Diamond Dogs.  Item number: 1070.    US$19.95
221.    Lee, Lilian Farewell to My Concubine.  Item number: 10702.    US$7.95
222.    Pieczenik, Steve Blood Heat.  Item number: 10705.    US$5.95
223.    Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Out of India: Selected Stories.  Item number: 10707.    US$19.95
224.    Lemon, Peter C Beyond the Medal.  Item number: 1071.    US$21.95
225.    Banerjee, Amita An Introduction to Classical Dances of India.  Item number: 10710.    US$9.95
226.    Caffrey, Kate Out in the Midday Sun: Singapore 1941-1945.  Item number: 10711.    US$9.95
227.    Collins, Robert J Murder At the Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club.  Item number: 10713.    US$9.95
228.    Howe, K. R Where the Waves Fall A New South Sea Islands History from First Settlement to Colonial Rule..  Item number: 10714.    US$19.95
229.    Salisbury, Harrison E The Long March.  Item number: 10715.    US$19.95
230.    Blik, Tyler and Erik Baker Trademarks of the 20s and 30s.  Item number: 10716.    US$14.95
231.    Mendenhall, John British Trademarks of the 1920s and 1930s.  Item number: 10719.    US$7.95
232.    McInerney, Jay Bright Lights, Big City.  Item number: 10720.    US$14.95
233.    Crewe, Quentin The Last Maharaja: a Biography of Sawai Man Singh II, Maharaja of Jaipur.  Item number: 10729.    US$19.95
234.    Strauss, Darin Chang and Eng.  Item number: 1073.    US$19.95
235.    Van Zandt, Howard F Pioneer American Merchants in Japan.  Item number: 10732.    US$24.95
236.    Basham, A. L The Wonder That Was India.  Item number: 10733.    US$19.95
237.    Junior League Of Tuscaloosa, Illustrator: Illustrated by Mrs. Eric Lee Wilson Winning Seasons: a Collection of Favorite Recipes.  Item number: 10736.    US$12.95
238.    Enbutsu, Sumiko and Ishida Ryosuke Old Tokyo: Walks in the City of the Shogun.  Item number: 10739.    US$39.95
239.    Coast, John Dancing out of Bali.  Item number: 10743.    US$11.95
240.    Turnbull, Stephen R The Book of the Samurai: the Warrior Class of Japan.  Item number: 10745.    US$19.95
241.    Bloomfield, Frena Scandals and Disasters of Hong Kong.  Item number: 10746.    US$13.95
242.    Ishikawa, Tadashi, Illustrator: Illustrated by Bin Takahashi Imperial Villas of Kyoto.  Item number: 10749.    US$11.95
243.    Cooper, Michael Exploring Kamakura: a Guide for the Curious Traveler.  Item number: 10754.    US$24.95
244.    Brookes, John The New Small Garden Book.  Item number: 10759.    US$12.95
245.    Ayer, Fred C Gateways to Correct Spelling.  Item number: 1076.    US$6.95
246.    Gambee, Robert, Illustrator: Illustrated by Robert Gambee Nantucket Island.  Item number: 10762.    US$14.95
247.    Eldred, Robert C. Eldred's Japanese Art At Auction, Volume II, August 25, 1993.  Item number: 10773.    US$14.95
248.    Mattock, Katherine This is Hong Kong: the Story of Government House.  Item number: 10774.    US$19.95
249.    Savidge, Joyce This is Hong Kong: Temples.  Item number: 10775.    US$11.95
250.    Forbes, Allan and Paul F. Cadman France and New England, Volume II.  Item number: 10778.    US$24.95

3326 items found
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