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201.    Johnson, Merle (editor) American First Editions.  Item number: 5519.    US$34.95
202.    Tappan, Eva March American Hero Stories 1492 - 1865.  Item number: 5475.    US$12.95
203.    May, Ernest R American Imperialism: a Speculative Essay.  Item number: 12334.    US$9.95
204.    Young, Thomas Daniel and Ronald Edward Fine American Literature a Critical Survey (Vols. 1 & 2).  Item number: 3681.    US$18.95
205.    Bird, Kai & Martin J. Sherwin American Prometheus The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer.  Item number: 12922.    US$495.00
206.    Miller, Gerrit S. Jr American Records of Whales of the Genus Pseudorca.  Item number: 7964.    US$9.95
207.    Carlisle, Henry C. , Jr American Satire in Prose and Verse.  Item number: 855.    US$8.95
208.    Story, Alfred T American Shrines in England.  Item number: 10952.    US$9.95
209.    Robinson, Elmo Arnold American Universalism.  Item number: 6149.    US$49.95
210.    Johnson, Clifton Among English Hedgerows.  Item number: 2786.    US$34.95
211.    Rowlands, Walter Among the Great Masters of Literature.  Item number: 4337.    US$9.95
212.    Thayer, Nancy An Act of Love.  Item number: 2952.    US$25.00
213.    Zhou Ye An Age Gone By.  Item number: 3615.    US$29.95
214.    Farrell, Tom An American in Nagaland.  Item number: 10047.    US$19.95
215.    Carroll, James An American Requiem God, My Father, and the War That Came between Us.  Item number: 11628.    US$9.95
216.    MacDonald, Edward E An Atoll Called Tarawa.  Item number: 2461.    US$24.95
217.    Worswick, Clark An Edwardian Observer.  Item number: 483.    US$7.95
218.    Williams, Betsy, Illustrator: Illustrated by Davis Donovan An Eighteenth Century New England Herbal Sampler.  Item number: 11716.    US$14.95
219.    Seth, Vikram An Equal Music.  Item number: 11547.    US$5.95
220.    Eaton, Henry W. An Errant Esquire A Romance of the Conquest of Wales.  Item number: 12815.    US$250.00
221.    Rowe, Mark P An Explanation of the Geology of Bermuda.  Item number: 12428.    US$24.95
222.    Claiborne, Craig, Illustrator: Illustrated by Alice Golden An Herb and Spice Cook Book.  Item number: 12401.    US$14.95
223.    Wheeler, Walter F An Illustrated Guide to Historic Plymouth.  Item number: 11796.    US$9.95
224.    Williamson, G. and W. J. A. Payne An Introduction to Animal Husbandry in the Tropics.  Item number: 10581.    US$14.95
225.    Liu, Wu-Chi An Introduction to Chinese Literature.  Item number: 12753.    US$9.95
226.    Banerjee, Amita An Introduction to Classical Dances of India.  Item number: 10710.    US$9.95
227.    Chambers, Howard V. An Occult Dictionary for the Millions.  Item number: 232.    US$6.95
228.    Price, Derek J. (editor) An Old Palmistry Being the Earliest Known Book of Palmistry in English.  Item number: 9801.    US$24.95
229.    Ranney, Victoria Post (editor) An Open Land: Photographs of the Midwest, 1852-1982.  Item number: 10825.    US$11.95
230.    Byrne, Donn An Untitled Story.  Item number: 12246.    US$7.95
231.    James, Peter and Nick Thorpe Ancient Inventions.  Item number: 12291.    US$17.95
232.    Porteus, Stanley D And Blow Not the Trumpet: a Prelude to Peril.  Item number: 10471.    US$15.95
233.    Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales.  Item number: 12448.    US$7.95
234.    Sumner, William Graham Andrew Jackson.  Item number: 12969.    US$16.95
235.    Twigger, Robert Angry White Pyjamas.  Item number: 11616.    US$4.95
236.    Clark, Austin H Animals of Land and Sea.  Item number: 6154.    US$7.95
237.    Overton, Gwendolen, Illustrator: Illustrated by Arthur L Keller Anne Carmel.  Item number: 11769.    US$5.95
238.    Northeast Auctions Annual Marine, China Trade & Historical Americana Auction Saturday-Sunday August 18-19, 2012 Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Item number: 13045.    US$19.95
239.    Smithsonian Institution Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, 1958.  Item number: 7753.    US$24.95
240.    Wilson, Theodore D Annual Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair.  Item number: 7816.    US$149.95
241.    Bellinger, Alfred R Anthology of Verse from the Yale Literary Magazine 1836-1936.  Item number: 5653.    US$5.95
242.    Shea, John G Antique Country Furniture of North America.  Item number: 7891.    US$19.95
243.    Lockwood, Sarah M Antiques.  Item number: 11906.    US$5.95
244.    Belden, Jessie Van Zile, Illustrator: Illustrated by Amy M. Sacker Antonia.  Item number: 12816.    US$79.95
245.    Westcott, Cynthia Anyone Can Grow Roses.  Item number: 11464.    US$14.95
246.    Fawcett, Raymond (editor) Ao Tea Roa New Zealand.  Item number: 10498.    US$14.95
247.    Hume, Audrey Noel Archaeology and the Colonial Gardner.  Item number: 12885.    US$5.95
248.    Hitchcock, Henry-Russell Architecture Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.  Item number: 12111.    US$59.95
249.    Hall, Daniel Weston Arctic Rovings or the Adventures of a New Bedford Boy on Sea and Land.  Item number: 7617.    US$39.95
250.    Thompson, Ken Are You a Natural Hatha Yogi?.  Item number: 10594.    US$24.95

3351 items found
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