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201.    Barbara Hodgson In the Arms of Morpheus: the Tragic History of Morphine, Laudanum and Patent Medicines.  Item number: 12481.    US$11.95
202.    Barber, Noel The Other Side of Paradise.  Item number: 11326.    US$6.95
203.    Barbour, Ralph Henry Left Half Harmon.  Item number: 10913.    US$6.95
204.    Barboza, Steven I Feel like Dancing.  Item number: 7610.    US$14.95
205.    Bargery, G. P A Hausa-English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary.  Item number: 10616.    US$149.95
206.    Baricco, Alessandro Silk.  Item number: 11591.    US$6.95
207.    Barnard, J. Lawrence Gently Down the Stream.  Item number: 897.    US$34.95
208.    Barnes, Jr. , Clare John F. Kennedy Scrimshaw Collector.  Item number: 3470.    US$14.95
209.    Barnes, Peter W. and Cheryl Shaw Barnes Nat, Nat, the Nantucket Cat Goes to the Beach.  Item number: 12230.    US$9.95
210.    Barnes, Rory and James Birrell Water from the Moon.  Item number: 11289.    US$5.95
211.    Barr, Pat The Memsahibs: in Praise of the Women of Victorian India.  Item number: 11610.    US$8.95
212.    Barr, Steven T Bitter Coffee.  Item number: 9132.    US$13.95
213.    Barreca, Regina Sweet Revenge The Wicked Delights of Getting Even.  Item number: 9362.    US$9.95
214.    Barreiro, Ricardo Moving Fortress.  Item number: 12053.    US$49.95
215.    Barrett, Douglas and Basil Gray Indian Painting.  Item number: 12466.    US$9.95
216.    Barrie, J. M Representative Plays.  Item number: 1336.    US$19.95
217.    Barrie, J. M. When Wendy Grew Up: an Afterthought.  Item number: 12421.    US$19.95
218.    Barrington, E The Laughing Queen.  Item number: 5546.    US$5.95
219.    Barry, Dave Dave Barry Does Japan.  Item number: 11901.    US$6.95
220.    Bartholomew, Mel Square Foot Gardening.  Item number: 12456.    US$10.95
221.    Bartlett, Dorothy W., Illustrator: Illustrated by Carolyn Bucha Bartlett's Ocean View Farm Cookbook.  Item number: 12509.    US$14.95
222.    Bartlett, Dorothy W., Illustrator: Illustrated by Carolyn Bucha Bartlett's Ocean View Farm Cookbook.  Item number: 12917.    US$4.95
223.    Basham, A. L The Wonder That Was India.  Item number: 10733.    US$19.95
224.    Batsford, Harry and Charles Fry The Cathedrals of England.  Item number: 526.    US$9.95
225.    Baxter, Charles Saul and Patsy.  Item number: 10024.    US$24.95
226.    Baxter, George Owen The Long, Long Trail.  Item number: 10911.    US$14.95
227.    Baylis, Maggie Practicing Plant Parenthood.  Item number: 1043.    US$4.95
228.    Beale, Charles E. (editor) Gately's World's Progress: a General History of the Earth's Construction And of the Advancement of Mankind in the Various Lines of Scientific and Industrial Action Which Have Led to the Present Stage of Civilization.  Item number: 12446.    US$350.00
229.    Beam, Alex Gracefully Insane: the Rise and Fall of America's Premier Mental Hospital.  Item number: 11423.    US$5.95
230.    Beamish, Peter and Edward Mitchell Short Pulse Length Audio Frequency Sounds Recorded in the Presence of a Minke Whale (Balaenoptera Acutorostrata).  Item number: 7965.    US$9.95
231.    Beard, D. C. The Outdoor Handy Book.  Item number: 12293.    US$19.95
232.    Beattie, William Switzerland: Illustrated in a Series of Views Taken Expressly for This Work, Two Volumes.  Item number: 10283.    US$1,500.00
233.    Beaty, Jerome and William H. Matchett Poetry from Statement to Meaning.  Item number: 4730.    US$10.95
234.    Beauchamp, Wilbur L. and Gertrude Crampton Guidebook for Look and Learn.  Item number: 997.    US$14.95
235.    Beauvallet, Leon Rachel and the New World: a Trip to the United States and Cuba.  Item number: 10536.    US$29.95
236.    Beck, Warren Man in Motion.  Item number: 4869.    US$19.95
237.    Becka, Elizabeth Trace Evidence.  Item number: 9542.    US$8.95
238.    Bedford, Sybille A Legacy.  Item number: 12828.    US$24.95
239.    Beecher, Walter J. and Grace B. Faxon (editors) The Junior Instructor for the Parent and Child in Two Volumes.  Item number: 12225.    US$39.95
240.    Begbie, Joan Walking in Dorset.  Item number: 9240.    US$14.95
241.    Behns, Edna Facial Beauty Culture A Text-Book for Professionals and a Student's Guide.  Item number: 12903.    US$49.95
242.    Beilenson, Edna Simple Oriental Cookery.  Item number: 11534.    US$4.95
243.    Beilenson, Peter (editor) Japanese Haiku.  Item number: 12217.    US$12.95
244.    Beischel, Cynthia Kuhn From Eulogy to Joy.  Item number: 5876.    US$5.95
245.    Belden, Jessie Van Zile, Illustrator: Illustrated by Amy M. Sacker Antonia.  Item number: 12816.    US$79.95
246.    Bell, Esther Hope Lovell, Illustrator: Illustrated by John B. Bell, Jr. The Vineyard Journal.  Item number: 9321.    US$9.95
247.    Bell, Quentin Virginia Woolf: a Biography, Volume Two, Mrs Woolf, 1912-1941.  Item number: 10281.    US$14.95
248.    Bellinger, Alfred R Anthology of Verse from the Yale Literary Magazine 1836-1936.  Item number: 5653.    US$5.95
249.    Bellow, Saul The Actual.  Item number: 3495.    US$14.95
250.    Benchley, Nathaniel The Hunter's Moon.  Item number: 5557.    US$44.95

3029 items found
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