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201.    Ballantine, Sallie \(editor\) The Herb Quarterly, No. 10, Summer 1981.  Item number: 11720.    US$9.95
202.    Ballero, Anna & Cinzia Mori Monteriggioni Storia - Cucina - Curiosita.  Item number: 3123.    US$19.95
203.    Balliett, Blue The Ghosts of Nantucket: 23 True Accounts.  Item number: 11603.    US$4.95
204.    Balliett, Blue Nantucket Hauntings.  Item number: 11601.    US$6.95
205.    Banerjee, Amita An Introduction to Classical Dances of India.  Item number: 10710.    US$14.95
206.    Barbara Hodgson In the Arms of Morpheus: The Tragic History of Morphine, Laudanum and Patent Medicines.  Item number: 12481.    US$11.95
207.    Barber, Noel The Other Side of Paradise.  Item number: 11326.    US$6.95
208.    Barbour, Ralph Henry Left Half Harmon.  Item number: 10913.    US$6.95
209.    Barboza, Steven I Feel Like Dancing.  Item number: 7610.    US$14.95
210.    Bargery, G. P A Hausa-English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary.  Item number: 10616.    US$149.95
211.    Baricco, Alessandro Silk.  Item number: 11591.    US$6.95
212.    Barnard, J. Lawrence Gently Down the Stream.  Item number: 897.    US$34.95
213.    Barnes, Jr., Clare John F. Kennedy Scrimshaw Collector.  Item number: 3470.    US$14.95
214.    Barnes, Peter W. and Cheryl Shaw Barnes Nat, Nat, The Nantucket Cat Goes to the Beach.  Item number: 12230.    US$9.95
215.    Barnes, Rory and James Birrell Water from the Moon.  Item number: 11289.    US$5.95
216.    Barr, Pat The Memsahibs: In Praise of the Women of Victorian India.  Item number: 11610.    US$8.95
217.    Barr, Steven T Bitter Coffee.  Item number: 9132.    US$13.95
218.    Barreca, Regina Sweet Revenge: The Wicked Delights of Getting Even.  Item number: 9362.    US$9.95
219.    Barreiro, Ricardo Moving Fortress.  Item number: 12053.    US$49.95
220.    Barrett, Douglas and Basil Gray Indian Painting.  Item number: 12466.    US$9.95
221.    Barrie, J. M Representative Plays.  Item number: 1336.    US$19.95
222.    Barrie, J. M. When Wendy Grew Up: An Afterthought.  Item number: 12421.    US$19.95
223.    Barrington, E The Laughing Queen.  Item number: 5546.    US$5.95
224.    Barry, Dave Dave Barry Does Japan.  Item number: 11901.    US$6.95
225.    Bartholomew, Mel Square Foot Gardening.  Item number: 12456.    US$10.95
226.    Bartlett, Dorothy W. Bartlett's Ocean View Farm Cookbook.  Item number: 12509.    US$14.95
227.    Basham, A. L The Wonder That Was India.  Item number: 10733.    US$19.95
228.    Batsford, Harry and Charles Fry The Cathedrals of England.  Item number: 526.    US$9.95
229.    Baxter, Charles Saul and Patsy.  Item number: 10024.    US$24.95
230.    Baxter, George Owen The Long, Long Trail.  Item number: 10911.    US$14.95
231.    Baylis, Maggie Practicing Plant Parenthood.  Item number: 1043.    US$4.95
232.    Beale, Charles E. (editor) Gately's World's Progress: A General History of the Earth's Construction : And of the Advancement of Mankind in the Various Lines of Scientific and Industrial Action which have Led to the Present Stage of Civilization.  Item number: 12446.    US$350.00
233.    Beam, Alex Gracefully Insane: The Rise and Fall of America's Premier Mental Hospital.  Item number: 11423.    US$5.95
235.    Beard, D. C. The Outdoor Handy Book.  Item number: 12293.    US$19.95
236.    Beattie, William Switzerland: Illustrated in a Series of Views Taken Expressly for this Work, Two Volumes.  Item number: 10283.    US$1,500.00
237.    Beaty, Jerome and William H. Matchett Poetry From Statement to Meaning.  Item number: 4730.    US$10.95
238.    Beauchamp, Wilbur L. and Gertrude Crampton Guidebook for Look and Learn.  Item number: 997.    US$14.95
239.    Beauvallet, Leon Rachel and the New World: A Trip to the United States and Cuba.  Item number: 10536.    US$29.95
240.    Beck, Warren Man in Motion.  Item number: 4869.    US$19.95
241.    Becka, Elizabeth Trace Evidence.  Item number: 9542.    US$8.95
242.    Beecher, Walter J. and Grace B. Faxon (editors) The Junior Instructor for the Parent and Child in Two Volumes.  Item number: 12225.    US$39.95
243.    Begbie, Joan Walking in Dorset.  Item number: 9240.    US$14.95
244.    Beilenson, Edna Simple Oriental Cookery.  Item number: 11534.    US$4.95
245.    Beilenson, Peter (editor) Japanese Haiku.  Item number: 12217.    US$12.95
246.    Beischel, Cynthia Kuhn From Eulogy to Joy.  Item number: 5876.    US$5.95
247.    Bell, Esther Hope Lovell The Vineyard Journal.  Item number: 9321.    US$9.95
248.    Bell, Quentin Virginia Woolf: A Biography, Volume Two, Mrs Woolf, 1912-1941.  Item number: 10281.    US$14.95
249.    Bellinger, Alfred R Anthology of Verse from the Yale Literary Magazine 1836-1936.  Item number: 5653.    US$5.95
250.    Bellow, Saul The Actual.  Item number: 3495.    US$29.95

2749 items found
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