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1907 items found for Henry F. Hain III
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451.    Walker, Carol & Jimmy [Editors]. YEAR 2000 PRESSING IRON PRICE GUIDE..  Item number: 08-0023.    US$50.00
452.    Riederer, Lahoma & Charles Bettinger (Fiesta Finders). FIESTA III: A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO FIESTA, HARLEQUIN & RIVIERA..  Item number: 08-0026.    US$28.00
453.    Rey, Margret & H.A. ZOZO GOES TO THE HOSPITAL..  Item number: 08-0029.    US$285.00
454.    Cognac, Camille Dalphond. QUILT RESTORATION: A Practical Guide..  Item number: 08-0031.    US$95.00
455.    Hughes, Elizabeth & Marion Lester. THE BIG BOOK OF BUTTONS..  Item number: 08-0032.    US$325.00
456.    Harris, Maurice H. MEDIAEVAL JEWS: From the Conquest of Spain To the Discovery of America..  Item number: 08-0035.    US$17.50
457.    Piatti, James. FIREHOUSE COLLECTIBLES PRICE GUIDE (Second Edition)..  Item number: 08-0036.    US$32.50
458.    Kay, Mara. A CIRCLING STAR..  Item number: 08-0037.    US$350.00
459.    Shuman, John A. III & Susan W. LION PATTERN GLASS..  Item number: 08-0038.    US$70.00
460.    Graham, Phyllis. THE JESUS HOAX..  Item number: 08-0039.    US$70.00
461.    Lobel, Arnold. FROG AND TOAD POP-UP BOOK..  Item number: 08-0042.    US$12.00
462.    Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. AN AMBITIOUS MAN.  Item number: 08-0043.    US$10.00
463.    Pearson, J. Michael. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS (1880 - 1917). Volume II: Realistic Patterns..  Item number: 08-0046.    US$80.00
464.    Nichols, Harold. MCCOY COOKIE JARS FROM THE FIRST TO THE LAST..  Item number: 08-0049.    US$225.00
465.    Whitley, Cecil. THE WORLD OF ENAMELED CARNIVAL GLASS TUMBLERS..  Item number: 08-0050.    US$70.00
466.    Brady, Mariel. MORE ABOUT GENEVIEVE GERTRUDE..  Item number: 08-0052.    US$285.00
467.    Kallenbach, Joseph Ernest & Jessamine S. Kallenbach. AMERICAN STATE GOVERNORS, 1776-1976. Volume I: Electoral & Personal Data..  Item number: 08-0053.    US$225.00
468.    Thompson, Jenny. THE IDENTIFICATION OF ENGLISH PRESSED GLASS 1842 -1908..  Item number: 08-0054.    US$60.00
469.    Slater, Harry E. LINGERING CONTRAILS OF THE BIG SQUARE A: A History of the 94th Bomb Group (H), 1942-1945..  Item number: 08-0055.    US$475.00
470.    Horn, Earnest & Rose Wickey. FUN WITH POLLY PARROT..  Item number: 08-0057.    US$9.00
471.    Randell, Winifred. A HAPPY DAY..  Item number: 08-0060.    US$5.00
472.    Meixner, Hedwig Jo. MARGARET O'BRIEN PAINT BOOK..  Item number: 08-0061.    US$12.50
473.    Walley, Dean. CINDY BAKES A FUNNY CAKE..  Item number: 08-0068.    US$135.00
474.    Walley, Dean. WHEELS THAT WORK..  Item number: 08-0069.    US$47.50
475.    Hendricks, Stanley. ASTRONAUTS ON THE MOON: The Story of the Apollo Moon Landings..  Item number: 08-0071.    US$18.00
476.    Takeuti, Gaisi. PROOF THEORY..  Item number: 08-0072.    US$180.00
477.    Torrey, Marjorie. ARTIE AND THE PRINCESS..  Item number: 08-0073.    US$90.00
478.    Rey, H. A. ZOZO GETS A MEDAL..  Item number: 08-0074.    US$125.00
479.    Giarde, Jeff [Jeffrey] & Leigh. THE COMPLETE, AUTHENTIC AND UNABRIDGED MILK HOUSE MOOSLETTER. Volumes 1 & 2..  Item number: 08-0077.    US$250.00
480.    Tolman, Albert W. JIM SPURLING FISHERMAN..  Item number: 08-0081.    US$50.00
481.    Petrucelli, Steven P. & Kenneth A. Sposato. AMERICAN BANJO CLOCKS..  Item number: 08-0083.    US$295.00
482.    Baggett, Bonnie. A HISTORY IN FLAMES: The Story of the Volunteer Firemen of the State of Delaware..  Item number: 08-0089.    US$185.00
483.    Smith, Roger K. PATENTED TRANSITIONAL & METALLIC PLANES IN AMERICA, 1827 - 1927..  Item number: 08-0091.    US$200.00
484.    Bickenheuser, Fred. TIFFIN GlassMASTERS..  Item number: 08-0092.    US$10.00
485.    ..... 8th AF NEWS 1988..  Item number: 09-0014.    US$8.00
486.    ..... 8th AF NEWS 1989..  Item number: 09-0015.    US$8.00
487.    ..... THE STARS AND STRIPES Newspaper..  Item number: 09-0019.    US$120.00
488.    ..... THE STARS AND STRIPES Newspaper..  Item number: 09-0020.    US$60.00
489.    ..... THE STARS AND STRIPES Newspaper..  Item number: 09-0021.    US$85.00
490.    ..... THE STARS AND STRIPES Newspaper..  Item number: 09-0022.    US$48.00
491.    Wichmann, Jeff. THE BEST OF THE WEST: Antique Western Bitters Bottles..  Item number: 09-0023.    US$300.00
492.    Cook, Glen. SHE IS THE DARKNESS: The Seventh Chronicles of The Black Company & Book Two of Glittering Stone..  Item number: 09-0024.    US$70.00
493.    McPeek, Carole & Wayne. VERLYS OF AMERICA DECORATIVE GLASS 1935 - 1951..  Item number: 09-0027.    US$20.00
494.    Morgan, Philip [Editor]. DON'T GRIEVE AFTER ME: The Black Experience in Virginia 1619 - 1986..  Item number: 09-0028.    US$25.00
495.    Gandrud, Pauline Jones. MARRIAGE, DEATH NOTICES AND LEGAL NOTICES FROM EARLY ALABAMA NEWSPAPERS, 1819-1893..  Item number: 09-0031.    US$80.00
496.    Rey, H. A. ZOZO RIDES A BIKE..  Item number: 09-0032.    US$37.50
497.    Maccoby, Hyam. PAUL AND HELLENISM..  Item number: 09-0033.    US$70.00
498.    Bremseth, Hattie. WASHBOARDS: Identification And Values..  Item number: 09-0036.    US$17.50
499.    Holbrook, Arthur Tenney. FROM THE LOG OF A TROUT FISHERMAN..  Item number: 09-0038.    US$145.00
500.    Shoemaker, S. M., Jr. [Samuel Moor Shoemaker]. REALIZING RELIGION..  Item number: 09-0042.    US$150.00

1907 items found
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