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1861 items found for Henry F. Hain III
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451.    Heacock, William, James Measell & Berry Wiggins. DUGAN / DIAMOND: Story of Indiana, Pennsylvania Glass..  Item number: 07-0064.    US$18.00
452.    Ulanov, Barry. DUKE ELLINGTON..  Item number: 11-0032.    US$10.00
453.    Krause, Gail. DUNCAN MILLER AND GEO. DUNCAN & SONS Price Guide..  Item number: 50-0229.    US$4.00
454.    Bredehoft, Neila & Tom. DUNCAN TOOTHPICK HOLDERS..  Item number: 50-0231.    US$12.50
455.    View-Master. DUTCH WONDERLAND, ROUTE 30 EAST, LANCASTER. Packet A634..  Item number: 50-0572.    US$18.00
456.    Jenks, Bill & Jerry Luna. EARLY AMERICAN PATTERN GLASS 1850 - 1910..  Item number: 02-0064.    US$8.00
457.    Hansen, Joseph. EARLY GRAVES..  Item number: 92-0632.    US$1.00
458.    Ketchum, William C., Jr. EARLY POTTERS and POTTERIES OF NEW YORK STATE..  Item number: 09-0082.    US$25.00
459.    Politzer, Judy. EARLY TUESDAY MORNING: More Little Irons And Trivets..  Item number: 04-0086.    US$35.00
460.    Mazzucco, Frank. EARTH'S 'CONDITIONS' AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL REALITY..  Item number: 04-0073.    US$25.00
461.    Berlin, Irving (Words & Music). EASTER PARADE..  Item number: 90-0585.    US$4.50
462.    Berry, Liz. EASY CONNECTIONS..  Item number: 05-0014.    US$45.00
463.    Galbraith, John Kenneth. ECONOMICS AND THE PUBLIC PURPOSE..  Item number: 94-0310.    US$17.50
464.    Morley, John. EDMUND BURKE: A Historical Study..  Item number: 92-0390.    US$120.00
465.    Moody, Richard. EDWIN FORREST: First Star of the American Stage..  Item number: 96-0426.    US$8.00
466.    View-Master. EGYPT. Booklet (only) for View-Master Packet B140..  Item number: 50-0706.    US$2.50
467.    Lightman, Alan. EINSTEIN'S DREAMS..  Item number: 99-0085.    US$4.00
468.    Bradley, Alice. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR MENUS & RECIPE..  Item number: 92-0388.    US$2.00
469.    ..... ELECTRIFICATION CLIMAXES CENTURY OF RAILROADING..  Item number: 90-0097.    US$12.00
470.    Graham. Thomas. ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY Including The Application Of The Science In The Arts. (Volume 2 of 2)..  Item number: 92-0327.    US$12.50
471.    Turner, Edward. ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY: Including The Recent Discoveries & Doctrines Of The Science. With Notes & Emendations by Franklin Bache, M.D..  Item number: 92-0328.    US$25.00
472.    Miller, Kenneth S. ELEMENTS OF MODERN ABSTRACT ALGEBRA..  Item number: 50-0834.    US$2.00
473.    Eliot Charles W. [Editor]. ELIZABETHAN DRAMA: Marlowe Shakespeare. Harvard Classics Volume 46..  Item number: 50-0504.    US$5.00
474.    ..... ELVIS PRESLEY STANHOPE KEYCHAIN VIEWER..  Item number: 50-0090.    US$12.00
475.    Twigg, Ena with Ruth Hagy Brod. ENA TWIGG: MEDIUM..  Item number: 91-0637.    US$2.00
476.    Pearson, J. Michael. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS (1880 - 1917). Volume II: Realistic Patterns..  Item number: 08-0046.    US$80.00
478.    Wood, Jack. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OLD TOOLS PRE-1900 WITH PRICE GUIDE..  Item number: 50-0974.    US$4.00
479.    Shenk, Hiram H. & Esther [Editors]. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PENNSYLVANIA..  Item number: 96-0448.    US$25.00
480.    View-Master. ENGLAND. Packet B156..  Item number: 50-0644.    US$12.00
481.    Banister, Judith. ENGLISH SILVER..  Item number: 96-0350.    US$1.00
482.    Dodd, Eric. ENTICED BY LOVE..  Item number: 10-0043.    US$6.00
483.    Knower, Ramona C. Franklin H. ERICKSON FREEHAND GLASS 1943 - 1961..  Item number: 02-0124.    US$175.00
484.    Bacon, Francis. ESSAYS..  Item number: 50-0829.    US$5.00
485.    Campana, Michele. EUROPEAN CARPETS..  Item number: 96-0360.    US$2.00
486.    Barsali, Isa Belli. EUROPEAN ENAMELS..  Item number: 96-0351.    US$2.00
487.    Bacci, Mina. EUROPEAN PORCELAIN..  Item number: 96-0347.    US$2.50
488.    McDonald, Ann Gilbert. EVOLUTION OF THE NIGHT LAMP..  Item number: 04-0014.    US$12.00
489.    Wood, Scott (Editor). EVOLUTION OF THE RADIO..  Item number: 50-0822.    US$5.00
490.    Boy Scouts of America. EXPLORER MANUAL. 1950..  Item number: 94-0121.    US$6.00
491.    Bullock, George A. EXPLORING PHILMOUNT: The Official Guide Book..  Item number: 50-0220.    US$65.00
492.    View-Master. EXPO '67: GENERAL TOUR / EXPO '67: TOURNEE GENERALE (English-French language edition). Packet A071..  Item number: 50-0545.    US$12.00
493.    View-Master. EXPO '67: NIGHT SCENES & LA RONDE /EXPO '67: SCENES NOCTURNES ET LA RONDE (English-French language edition). Packet A074..  Item number: 50-0546.    US$12.00
494.    Schiffer, Nancy N. EYEGlass RETROSPECTIVE: Where Fashion Meets Science..  Item number: 50-0293.    US$27.50
495.    Picano, Felice. EYES..  Item number: 99-0087.    US$1.75
496.    YOUNG, NORMAN S. FABULOUS BUT FAKE: The Professional's Guide to Fake Antiques..  Item number: 07-0020.    US$37.50
497.    MacSwiggan, Amelia E. FAIRY LAMPS: EVENING'S GLOW OF YESTERYEAR..  Item number: 50-0423.    US$3.00
498.    Bossard, James H. S. & Eleanor S. Boll. FAMILY SITUATIONS: An Introduction To The Study of Child Behavior..  Item number: 97-0241.    US$20.00
499.    Birkenhead, The Earl Of [Frederick Edwin Smith]. Famous Trials OF HISTORY..  Item number: 93-0196.    US$3.00
500.    ..... FANNY. The PLAYBILL for the Majestic Theatre (New York)..  Item number: 97-0512.    US$6.50

1861 items found
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