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1895 items found for Henry F. Hain III
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351.    Anderson, Scott. CHECK THE OIL: Gas Station Collectibles With Prices..  Item number: 50-0263.    US$7.50
352.    Anderton, Johana Gast. THE GLASS RAINBOW: Depression Glass, Its Origins & Patterns with a Price Guide for Collectors..  Item number: 01-0125.    US$8.00
353.    Angus-Butterworth, L. M. THE MANUFACTURE OF GLASS..  Item number: 01-0147.    US$12.00
354.    Anonymous (Francis Sitwell). THE PURPOSE OF GOD IN CREATION AND REDEMPTION: And The Successive Steps For Manifesting The Same In And By The Church..  Item number: 12-0053.    US$225.00
355.    Anonymous [June Lathrop Johnson]. THE PEEK-A-BOOS AMONG THE BUNNIES..  Item number: 04-0124.    US$18.00
356.    Anonymous [Mrs. J. Gregory Smith, Ann Eliza Brainerd Smith]. SEOLA..  Item number: 10-0031.    US$1,600.00
357.    Anonymous. CONFESSIONS OF A NEGRO PREACHER..  Item number: 03-0188.    US$85.00
358.    Anonymous. CONFESSIONS OF A NEGRO PREACHER..  Item number: 50-0083.    US$20.00
359.    Anonymous. THE HOUSEKEEPER'S ASSISTANT: Containing 350 Receipts for Confectionary, Preserving, and Pickling..  Item number: 10-0035.    US$250.00
360.    Anthony, Phillip. LOCKS, KEYS, AND CLOSURES WITH PRICES..  Item number: 97-0313.    US$37.50
361.    Anthony, T. Robert. 19th CENTURY FAIRY LAMPS..  Item number: 03-0167.    US$7.00
362.    Apkarian-Russell, Pamela E. WASHDAY COLLECTIBLES..  Item number: 50-0267.    US$7.00
363.    Apostle, Hippocrates George. ARISTOTLE'S PHILOSOPHY OF MATHEMATICS..  Item number: 03-0136.    US$25.00
364.    Appelbaum, Stanley. CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR OF 1893: A Photographic Record..  Item number: 50-0922.    US$6.00
365.    Archer, Margaret & Douglas. GLASS CANDLESTICKS, Book 1..  Item number: 00-0243.    US$2.50
366.    Archer, Margaret & Douglas. GLASS CANDLESTICKS, Book 2..  Item number: 00-0244.    US$4.50
367.    Archer, Margaret & Douglas. THE COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GLASS CANDLESTICKS..  Item number: 99-0241.    US$7.50
368.    Arlen, Harold (Music) & Ted Koehler (Words). STORMY WEATHER (Keeps Rainin' All The Time)..  Item number: 50-0860.    US$6.00
369.    Armstrong, Karen. BEGINNING THE WORLD..  Item number: 04-0059.    US$35.00
370.    Arnall, Franklin M. THE PADLOCK COLLECTOR: Illustrations and Prices of 2800 Padlocks of the Past 100 Years..  Item number: 12-0042.    US$75.00
371.    Asbury, Herbert. THE Gangs OF NEW YORK: An Informal History Of The Underworld..  Item number: 03-0042.    US$12.00
372.    Asch, Sholem A PASSAGE IN THE NIGHT..  Item number: 95-0333.    US$3.00
373.    Association of American Railroads. Blotter: EVERYBODY BENEFITS..  Item number: 50-0880.    US$3.00
374.    Association of American Railroads. Blotter: FUNDAMENTALS..  Item number: 50-0881.    US$3.00
375.    Atherton, Gertrude. REZANOV..  Item number: 98-0276.    US$3.00
376.    Atherton, Gertrude. THE CONQUEROR: Being the True and Romantic Story of Alexander Hamilton..  Item number: 92-0320.    US$2.00
377.    Aurand, A. Monroe, Jr. HISTORIC HARRISBURG and GUIDE to the STATE CAPITOL BUILDING..  Item number: 50-0208.    US$4.00
378.    Avila, George C. THE PAIRPOINT GLASS STORY..  Item number: 03-0187.    US$16.00
379.    Ayres, Ruby M. THE PLANTER OF THE TREE..  Item number: 89-0746.    US$12.00
380.    Bacci, Mina. EUROPEAN PORCELAIN..  Item number: 96-0347.    US$2.50
381.    Bacon, Francis. ESSAYS..  Item number: 50-0829.    US$5.00
382.    Badders, Veldon. COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO INKWELLS: Identification & Values..  Item number: 50-0184.    US$7.00
383.    Bader, David M. HOW TO BE AN EXTREMELY REFORM JEW..  Item number: 02-0215.    US$5.00
384.    Baer's, John Sons. AGRICULTURAL ALMANAC ( Lot of 32: 1900 thru 1931)..  Item number: 50-0133.    US$32.00
385.    Baer's, John Sons. AGRICULTURAL ALMANAC (Lot of 17: 1917 thru 1933)..  Item number: 81-0062.    US$17.00
386.    Baer's, John Sons. AGRICULTURAL ALMANAC (Lot of 9: 1925, 1927, 1930, 1933, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939 & 1942)..  Item number: 50-0132.    US$9.00
387.    Baggett, Bonnie. A HISTORY IN FLAMES: The Story of the Volunteer Firemen of the State of Delaware..  Item number: 08-0089.    US$185.00
388.    Baggett, Bonnie. A HISTORY IN FLAMES: The Story of the Volunteer Firemen of the State of Delaware..  Item number: 10-0013.    US$145.00
389.    Bajorek, Lagretta Metzger. AMERICAS EARLY ADVERTISING PAPER DOLLS..  Item number: 50-1032.    US$7.50
391.    Balfour, Arthur James [Earl of Balfour]. OPINIONS AND ARGUMENTS FROM SPEECHES & ADDRESSES, 1910 - 1927..  Item number: 93-0197.    US$7.00
392.    Bangs, John Kendrick. A HOUSE-BOAT ON THE STYX: Being Some Account of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades..  Item number: 95-0035.    US$2.50
393.    Banister, Judith. ENGLISH SILVER..  Item number: 96-0350.    US$1.00
394.    Banta, Milt & Don MacLaughlin (Adapted By). Walt Disney's DONALD DUCK FULL SPEED AHEAD..  Item number: 91-0477.    US$3.00
395.    Barbour, Mildred SYBIL TRAPPER OF MEN..  Item number: 94-0598.    US$6.00
396.    Barlow, Harold & Lewis Harris (Music & Words). THE THINGS I LOVE..  Item number: 89-0125.    US$4.00
397.    Barlow, Ronald S. THE VANISHING AMERICAN BARBER SHOP: An Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art, 1860-1960..  Item number: 50-0257.    US$17.50
398.    Barnes, Clare Jr. POLITICAL ZOO..  Item number: 95-0334.    US$1.00
399.    Barnett, R. E. PACIFIC COAST WHISKEY BOTTLES..  Item number: 05-0035.    US$52.50
400.    Barret, Richard Carter. A COLLECTORS HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN ART GLASS..  Item number: 03-0005.    US$2.50

1895 items found
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