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1864 items found for Henry F. Hain III
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451.    Bowen Glen B. COLLECTIBLE FOUNTAIN PENS: Parker, Shaeffer, Wahl-Eversharp, Waterman, & Many More..  Item number: 50-0186.    US$30.00
452.    Boy Scouts Of America. BOYS' LIFE Magazine. September, 1944..  Item number: 92-0218.    US$18.00
453.    Boy Scouts of America. EXPLORER MANUAL. 1950..  Item number: 94-0121.    US$6.00
454.    Boyd, Ralph & Louise. GREENTOWN IN COLOR..  Item number: 98-0296.    US$8.00
455.    Boyd, Ralph & Louise. GREENTOWN..  Item number: 50-0418.    US$1.00
456.    Boyes, W. KILLED TWICE BURIED ONCE: A Story about the Catastrophic Apollo Fire..  Item number: 07-0078.    US$45.00
457.    Boylan, Grace Duffie. YAMA YAMA LAND: Where Everything is Different..  Item number: 04-0212.    US$150.00
458.    Bradley, Alice. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR MENUS & RECIPE..  Item number: 92-0388.    US$2.00
459.    Brady, Mariel. GENEVIEVE GERTRUDE: Herself and Her Book..  Item number: 07-0075.    US$150.00
460.    Brady, Mariel. MORE ABOUT GENEVIEVE GERTRUDE..  Item number: 08-0052.    US$285.00
461.    Brady, Mariel. GENEVIEVE GERTRUDE: Herself and Her Book..  Item number: 11-0002.    US$200.00
462.    Brandeis, Madeline. LITTLE ANNE OF CANADA..  Item number: 97-0308.    US$2.00
463.    Brandeis, Madeline. LITTLE TOM OF ENGLAND..  Item number: 93-0266.    US$4.00
464.    Brasher, Rex. REX BRASHER'S BIRDS & TREES OF NORTH AMERICA (4 Volume Set)..  Item number: 11-0024.    US$295.00
465.    Bredehoft, Neila & Tom. VICTORIAN NOVELTIES & FIGURALS: GEO. DUNCAN & SONS..  Item number: 50-0978.    US$4.50
466.    Bredehoft, Neila & Tom. DUNCAN TOOTHPICK HOLDERS..  Item number: 50-0231.    US$12.50
467.    Bredehoft, Neila & Tom. FINDLAY TOOTHPICK HOLDERS..  Item number: 50-0230.    US$9.50
468.    Bremseth, Hattie. WASHBOARDS BOOK II: Identification And Values..  Item number: 06-0010*.    US$60.00
469.    Bremseth, Hattie. WASHBOARDS: Identification And Values..  Item number: 09-0036.    US$30.00
470.    Brenner, Robert. CELLULOID COLLECTIBLES FROM THE DAWN OF PLASTICS..  Item number: 50-0249.    US$12.50
471.    Breuer, Josef & Sigmund Freud. STUDIES ON HYSTERIA..  Item number: 95-0336.    US$2.00
472.    Brooks, John. TELEPHONE: The First Hundred Years..  Item number: 96-0355.    US$2.00
473.    Brothers, J. Stanley, Jr. THUMBNAIL SKETCHES..  Item number: 09-0100.    US$12.00
474.    Brown, Clark W. SALT DISHES: SUPPLEMENT TO THE BOOK PUBLISHED IN 1937..  Item number: 99-0171.    US$5.00
475.    Brown, Derren. PURE EFFECT: Direct Mindreading and Magical Artistry..  Item number: 11-0015.    US$165.00
476.    Brown, Fredric. THE OFFICE..  Item number: 07-0089.    US$85.00
477.    Brown, Fredric. THE WENCH IS DEAD..  Item number: 09-0103.    US$38.50
478.    Brown, Paul. MERRYLEGS THE ROCKING PONY..  Item number: 10-0022.    US$495.00
479.    Brubeck, Dave. Dave Brubeck Quartet. Record. TIME OUT TAKE FIVE..  Item number: 90-0164.    US$18.00
480.    Brush, Katharine. DON'T EVER LEAVE ME..  Item number: 98-0117.    US$3.00
481.    Brush, Katharine. THE BOY FROM MAINE..  Item number: 98-0116.    US$3.00
482.    Brush, Katharine. YOU GO YOUR WAY..  Item number: 98-0120.    US$2.50
483.    Brush, Katharine. YOUNG MAN OF MANHATTAN..  Item number: 98-0121.    US$2.00
484.    Buchwald, Art. I THINK I DON'T REMEMBER..  Item number: 93-0319.    US$2.00
485.    Bucklin, Sophronia E. IN HOSPITAL AND CAMP: A Woman's Record of Thrilling Incidents Among the Wounded in the Late War..  Item number: 09-0054.    US$175.00
486.    Bull, Donald A. & John R. Stanley. JUST FOR OPENERS: A Guide to Beer, Soda & Other Openers..  Item number: 50-0288.    US$17.50
487.    Bull, Donald A. & John R. Stanley. SODA ADVERTISING OPENERS..  Item number: 50-0274.    US$17.50
488.    Bull, Donald. BEER ADVERTISING OPENERS: A Pictorial Guide..  Item number: 50-0286.    US$6.50
489.    Bullock, George A. EXPLORING PHILMOUNT: The Official Guide Book..  Item number: 50-0220.    US$65.00
490.    Bunn, Eleanore. METAL MOLDS: Ice Cream, Chocolate, Barley Sugar & Cake..  Item number: 02-0240.    US$17.50
491.    Burd, Clara M. Ink Blotter.  Item number: 89-0320.    US$9.00
492.    Burden, Paul. THE BEER TRAY BOOK, Volume 1 - 1992/1993..  Item number: 50-0284.    US$48.00
493.    Burden, Paul. WHO'S WHO IN BREW..  Item number: 50-0285.    US$95.00
494.    Burleigh, Cyril. THE HILLTOP BOYS ON LOST ISLAND..  Item number: 91-0965.    US$2.50
495.    Burr, Agnes Rush. RUSSELL H. CONWELL & HIS WORK..  Item number: 98-0069.    US$2.00
496.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN AND THE ANT MEN..  Item number: 97-0128.    US$8.00
497.    Bush, Vannevar. SCIENCE IS NOT ENOUGH..  Item number: 95-0245.    US$9.00
498.    Butler Brothers. BUTLER BROTHERS FALL 1910 GlassWARE CATALOG Reprint..  Item number: 01-0161.    US$18.00
499.    Butler Brothers. BUTLER BROTHERS MIDWINTER 1925 CHINA & GlassWARE CATALOG Reprint..  Item number: 01-0162.    US$18.00
500.    Butler Brothers. BUTLER BROTHERS OCTOBER 1930 CHINA & GlassWARE CATALOG Reprint..  Item number: 02-0014.    US$18.00

1864 items found
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