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201.    Strub, Harold. BARE POLES: Building Design for High Latitudes. (Carleton Library Series #185)..  Item number: 4022.    US$25.92
202.    Nelson, Ferne., Illustrator: Joanne Oldring Sydiaha (illustrations). BAREFOOT ON THE PRAIRIE: Memories of Life on a Prairie Homestead..  Item number: 5028.    US$10.37
203.    Campbell, R. (series edited by J.F. Wilkinson). BASIC MICROBIOLOGY: Microbial Ecology..  Item number: A1965.    US$6.91
204.    Munson, Kenneth; John W.R. Taylor, (editors). BATTLE OF BRITAIN..  Item number: 3849.    US$8.64
205.    Mowat, Farley. BAY OF SPIRITS: A Love Story..  Item number: 5174.    US$8.64
206.    Lewis, Oscar. (preface by Kevin Starr). BAY WINDOW BOHEMIA: Brilliant, Artistic, Gaslit San Francisco..  Item number: 2632.    US$8.64
207.    Dewey, Donald. BEARS..  Item number: D1196.    US$10.37
208.    retold by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch., Illustrator: Edmund Dulac (illustrations). BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and Other Classic Fairy Tales From the Old French..  Item number: 4579.    US$10.80
209.    Norton, Mary. , Illustrator: Erik Blegvad (drawings). BEDKNOB and BROOMSTICK..  Item number: B0574.    US$6.91
210.    Graham, Eleanor (adapted by). , Illustrator: Masha (illustrations). BEDTIME STORIES: Cinderella / Snow White..  Item number: A4687.    US$3.46
211.    Morison, B. J. [signed copy]., Illustrator: Kelly Russell Gordon (map). BEER AND SKITTLES: A Little Maine Murder..  Item number: 4179.    US$8.64
212.    Barry, Harold A.; Richard E. Michelman; Richard M. Mitchell; Richard H. Wellman. BEFORE OUR TIME: A Pictorial Memoir of Brattleboro, Vermont from 1830 to 1930..  Item number: 3128.    US$25.92
213.    Irvin, Dick [signed copy]. BEHIND THE BENCH: Coaches talk About Life in the NHL..  Item number: 5207.    US$17.28
214.    Fraser, Ronald. BELL FROM A DISTANT TEMPLE..  Item number: 3678.    US$8.64
215.    Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker., Illustrator: Bruno Frost (illustrations). BELOVED SON. Tell-A-Tale Books..  Item number: A1787.    US$1.73
216.    Bennett Respiration staff. BENNETT ASSISTER (Flow-Sensitive) INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Models BA-2P and BA-3P..  Item number: A3685.    US$5.18
217.    Aylwin, Robert. BERTRAM MILLS BOOK OF THE CIRCUS..  Item number: 3167.    US$10.37
218.    Beta Sigma Phi Members (contributors). BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL: Casseroles including Breads..  Item number: 4720.    US$8.64
219.    Beta Sigma Phi Members (contributors). BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL: Gourmet Cookbook.  Item number: 4719.    US$8.64
220.    Beta Sigma Phi Members (contributors). BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL: Meats including Seafood and Poultry..  Item number: 4721.    US$8.64
221.    Beta Sigma Phi Members (contributors). BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL: Money-Saving Casseroles..  Item number: 4722.    US$8.64
222.    Delmonico, Betty; Viola H. Ward; Mrs. Walter W. Ross (editors). Beta Sigma Phi Members (contributors). BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL: Silver Anniversary Volume I..  Item number: 4723.    US$10.37
223.    Charon, Milly (editor). BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: The Canadian Immigrant Experience..  Item number: 3761.    US$8.64
224.    Dodge, Ernest S. , Illustrator: Sam H. Bryant (jacket art). BEYOND THE CAPES: Pacific Exploration from Captain Cook to the Challenger (1776-1877)..  Item number: 4333.    US$13.82
225.    Dulong, Gaston. (James Geddes & Adjutor Rivard up to 1906). BIBLIOGRAPHIE LINGUISTIQUE DU CANADA FRANCAIS. Series E: volume 1..  Item number: 3124.    US$12.96
226.    Boult, Reynald. BIBLIOGRAPHY of CANADIAN LAW - New Edition / BIBLIOGRAPHIE du DROIT CANADIEN - Nouvelle Edition..  Item number: 1402.    US$38.88
227.    Hawkes, Clarence., Illustrator: Griswold Tyng (illustrations). BIG BROTHER..  Item number: 3581.    US$8.64
228.    Brakefield, Tom. BIG GAME HUNTER'S DIGEST..  Item number: 4318.    US$8.64
229.    Long, Cyril, (editor). BIOCHEMISTS' HANDBOOK: compiled by one hundred and seventy-one contributors..  Item number: DD1138.    US$13.82
230.    Hess, W.R. (translated from the German by Gerhardt von Bonin). BIOLOGY OF MIND..  Item number: 4440.    US$8.64
231.    Ehrman; Howell; Roussel; Clair. BIOPHYSICAL AND WATER CHEMISTRY FOR THE 100 LAKES IN ENVIRONMENT CANADA'S ATLANTIC REGION ACID DEPOSITION NETWORK: 1993 Progress Report..  Item number: 1473.    US$17.28
232.    Heithaus, E. Raymond (managing editor). BIOTROPICA. 1994 - Volume 26, Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4..  Item number: D1001.    US$12.96
233.    Heithaus, E. Raymond (managing editor). BIOTROPICA. 1995 - Volume 27, Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4..  Item number: DD1002.    US$13.82
234.    Min, Willemien., Illustrator: Willemien Min (illustrations). BIRDMAN..  Item number: 1808.    US$8.64
235.    Cole, William (selected by)., Illustrator: Helen Siegl (woodcuts). BIRDS AND THE BEASTS WERE THERE: Animal Poems..  Item number: 1455.    US$8.64
236.    Wiggin, Kate, Illustrator: H.R.H. (illustrations). BIRDS' XMAS CAROL..  Item number: A1332.    US$4.32
237.    Burke, Shirley. , Illustrator: Noela Young (illustrations). BIRTHDAY YO-YO..  Item number: A4538.    US$4.32
238.    Nicholl, Christopher. BISHOP'S UNIVERSITY 1843-1970..  Item number: 5034.    US$21.60
239.    Daoust, Jean-Paul. (translated from the French by Daniel Sloate)., Illustrator: Hono Lulu (cover art). BLACK DIVA: Selected Poems 1982-1986. (Essential Poets: 48)..  Item number: A2659.    US$2.59
240.    Harvey, Kenneth J. BLACKSTRAP HAWCO: Said to Be About a Newfoundland Family..  Item number: 4756.    US$12.96
241.    Varte, Rosy; Maurice Vamby (narrators). BLANCHE-NEIGE et les sept Gourmands. (le disque et le livre). (French version of Snow White and the Seven Gluttons - Dwarfs)..  Item number: A3429.    US$8.64
242.    Stanford, J.K., Illustrator: A.M. Hughes (illustrations). BLEDGRAVE HALL..  Item number: A4067.    US$5.18
243.    Atwood, Margaret. BLIND ASSASSIN..  Item number: 5155.    US$10.37
244.    Blizzard, Richard. BLIZZARD'S ACTION TOYS..  Item number: 5082.    US$10.80
245.    Ridgeway, James. BLOOD IN THE FACE: The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazi Skinheads, and the Rise of a New White Culture..  Item number: C0919.    US$8.64
246.    Roy, Lillian Elizabeth. BLUE BIRDS WINTER NEST..  Item number: 3196.    US$10.37
247.    Auer, Martin., Illustrator: Simone Klages (illustrations). BLUE BOY, THE..  Item number: A3510.    US$3.89
248.    Houghton, Frank., Illustrator: Jean Donald Gow (illustrations). BLUE CIRCLE GANG: A Canadian Adventure Story..  Item number: 2111.    US$8.64
249.    Donovan, Maria Kozslik., Illustrator: Maria Kozslik Donovan (illustrations). BLUE DANUBE COOKBOOK: A Culinary Journey Down the Danube, Stopping in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania, and Bulgaria..  Item number: 3169.    US$8.64
250.    Cowley, Malcolm., Illustrator: Guercino (cover art). BLUE JUNIATA: A LIFE. Collected and New Poems..  Item number: A2186.    US$2.59

1957 items found
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