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1962 items found for Canterbury Books
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51.    Anonymous. CAR WINDOW: Glimpses En Route to Quebec by Daylight via Quebec Central Railway..  Item number: A5099.    US$8.85
52.    Anonymous. Home Brewed Wines and Beers and Bartenders' Guide: Secrets of the Liquor Trade. No. 1263..  Item number: A5123.    US$39.83
53.    Anshen, Ruth Nanda. REALITY OF THE DEVIL: Evil in Man..  Item number: A2894.    US$3.54
54.    Anthony, Geraldine. JOHN COULTER. (World Author Series. TWAS 400: Canada)..  Item number: 2544.    US$8.85
55.    Anti-Defamation League, (prepared by Marc Caplan). HITLER'S APOLOGISTS: The anti-Semitic Propaganda of Holocaust Revisionism..  Item number: A2595.    US$7.08
56.    Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society. ANTI-SLAVERY REPORTER AND ABORIGINES' FRIEND. Special Centenary Number. Series V., Vol. 23, No. 2; July 1933..  Item number: 4408.    US$15.93
57.    Antonio de Fierro Blanco (pen name of Walter Nordhoff, 1855-1937). , Illustrator: Alfredo Ramos Martinez (jacket illustr THE JOURNEY OF THE FLAME: Being an Account of One Year in the Life of Senor Don Juan Obrigon in the Three Californias..  Item number: Clennox3.    US$22.13
58.    Appleton II, Victor. , Illustrator: Graham Kaye (illustrations) TOM SWIFT and the Visitor From Planet X. #4.  Item number: 4527.    US$7.08
59.    Aran, Jean-Marie (editor). International Society of Audiology. AUDIOLOGY: Journal of Auditory Communication. Volume 37, Number 4..  Item number: A3038.    US$4.43
60.    Armstrong, Audrey., Illustrator: J. Merle Smith (illustrations). SULPHUR & MOLASSES: Home Remedies and Other Echoes of the Canadian Past..  Item number: A2995.    US$4.43
61.    Armstrong, Joe C. FAREWELL THE PEACEFUL KINGDOM: The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963-1994..  Item number: 3326.    US$17.70
62.    Armstrong, P.C., Illustrator: Victor Child. (jacket art by Lloyd Scott). TWO AND TWO: A Study of Economic Superstitions..  Item number: 3896.    US$8.85
63.    Arnoldo Mondadori (editor). PREMIERE ENCYCLOPEDIE: Le Ciel..  Item number: 2417.    US$8.85
64.    ArtsCanada (edited by Anne Trueblood Brodzky). STONES, BONES AND SKIN: Ritual and Shamanic Art . ARTSCANADA: December 1973/January 1974, Issues 184, 185, 186, 187..  Item number: 4456.    US$10.62
65.    Artzybasheff, Boris. , Illustrator: Boris Artzybasheff (illustrations). SEVEN SIMEONS: A Russian Tale..  Item number: 4078.    US$8.85
66.    Asch, Frank. , Illustrator: Devin Asch (author's son). MR. MAXWELL'S MOUSE..  Item number: 4534.    US$8.85
67.    Asfour, John., Illustrator: Alice VanWart (cover art). NISAN A BOOK OF POETRY..  Item number: A3580.    US$5.31
68.    Ash, Beryl; Anthony Dyson. INTRODUCING DYEING AND PRINTING..  Item number: 3448.    US$8.85
69.    Ashman, Charles; Robert J. Wagman. NAZI HUNTERS..  Item number: 3151.    US$8.85
70.    Assad, Thomas J. THREE (3) VICTORIAN TRAVELLERS: Burton, Blunt, Doughty..  Item number: 3496.    US$10.62
71.    Atchity, Kenneth J. CLASSICAL ROMAN READER: New Encounters With Ancient Rome..  Item number: 4847.    US$10.62
72.    Athearn, Robert. THE COLORADANS..  Item number: 207.    US$10.62
73.    Athletic Institute. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR: Apparatus Activities / Swimming / Gymnastics / Volleyball. 4 booklets..  Item number: A1192.    US$5.31
74.    Atkinson, Hugh C. (editor) THEODORE DREISER: A Checklist (The Serif Series of Bibliographies & Checklists, No. 15)..  Item number: 2479.    US$7.08
75.    Atwood, Margaret. BLIND ASSASSIN..  Item number: 5155.    US$10.62
76.    Auer, Martin., Illustrator: Simone Klages (illustrations). BLUE BOY, THE..  Item number: A3510.    US$3.98
77.    Australian InFo International (prepared by). AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL CULTURE. Third edition..  Item number: A3912.    US$3.54
78.    Aylmer, Felix., Illustrator: Collins and Fildes (illustrations). DROOD CASE..  Item number: 2879.    US$10.62
79.    Aylwin, Robert. BERTRAM MILLS BOOK OF THE CIRCUS..  Item number: 3167.    US$10.62
80.    Aziz, Philippe. ETRUSCAN CIVILIZATION: Lost Civilizations series..  Item number: 3892.    US$8.85
81.    Bach, Johann Sebastian (English translation by Stanley Applebaum). MAGNIFICAT IN D AND THE SIX MOTETS IN FULL SCORE: From the Bach-Gesellschaft Edition..  Item number: 5115.    US$22.13
82.    Bacon, Edwin M. CONNECTICUT RIVER AND THE VALLEY OF THE CONNECTICUT: Three Hundred and Fifty Miles from Mountain to Sea; Historical and Descriptive..  Item number: DDLIB185.    US$30.98
83.    Bacon, Richard M., Illustrator: Carl F. Kirkpatrick, Ray Maher, Margo Letourneau, & Debra McComb-Wright (illustrations) YANKEE MAGAZINE: Book of Forgotten Arts..  Item number: 3352.    US$10.62
84.    Bailey, Bernadine., Illustrator: Kurt Wiese (illustrations). PICTURE BOOK OF CALIFORNIA..  Item number: A1515.    US$3.54
85.    Bailey, Clayton. OPTIQUE..  Item number: 4736.    US$10.62
86.    Bain, George., Illustrator: Colette MacNeil (illustrations). NURSERY RHYMES: to be Read Aloud by Young Parents with Old Children..  Item number: 3512.    US$8.85
87.    Baird, Robert M. & Stuart E. Rosenbaum. ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION: The Moral Issues (Contemporary Issues series)..  Item number: 3805.    US$7.08
88.    Baker, Jennifer. , Illustrator: George Thompson (line diagrams). SADDLERY AND HORSE CLOTHING: A Practical Horse Guide..  Item number: 4699.    US$8.85
89.    Baker, Kent., Illustrator: Angel Guerra (jacket art). A MAN WANDERS SOMETIMES..  Item number: 2830.    US$8.85
90.    Baker, Margaret., Illustrator: Decie Merwin (illustrations). FOUR FARTHINGS AND A THIMBLE..  Item number: 1827.    US$8.85
91.    Baker, Ronald L; Marvin Carmony INDIANA PLACE NAMES..  Item number: 4752.    US$8.85
92.    Baker, Stephen., Illustrator: Eric Gurney (cartoons). HOW TO LIVE WITH A NEUROTIC DOG..  Item number: 2493.    US$8.85
93.    Baker, Stephen., Illustrator: Jackie Geyer (illustrations). HOW TO LIVE WITH A NEUROTIC CAT..  Item number: A2029.    US$2.66
94.    Baker, Willard F., Illustrator: Thelma Gooch (frontispiece). BOY RANCHERS AMONG THE INDIANS or Trailing the Yaquis..  Item number: 3197.    US$8.85
95.    Ballard, Robert D; Spencer Dunmore. EXPLORING THE LUSITANIA: Probing the Mysteries of the Sinking That Changed History..  Item number: 4942.    US$14.16
96.    Bamm, Peter. (translated from the German by Stanley Godman). EARLY SITES OF CHRISTIANITY..  Item number: 3566.    US$8.85
97.    Bangs, John Kendrick., Illustrator: Albert Levering (illustrations). JACK AND THE CHECK BOOK..  Item number: 3243.    US$8.85
98.    Banks, Lynne Reid., Illustrator: James Watling (illustrations). KEY TO THE INDIAN. (The Indian in the Cupboard Series, No. 5)..  Item number: 4074.    US$8.85
99.    Barash, David P. SOCIOBIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR..  Item number: 1846.    US$8.85
100.    Barber, Mary; Flora McPherson, (compilers)., Illustrator: Frank Davies (illustrations). CHRISTMAS IN CANADA: The Early Days; From Sea to Sea; Spirit of Christmas Past; Spirit of Christmas Present..  Item number: A1273.    US$4.43

1962 items found
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