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301.    Crowther, Peter (Brian Aldiss, Patrick O'Leary, Lisa Tuttle, etc.) Postscripts Volume 12 (Autumn 2007).  Item number: LP1522.    US$25.00
302.    Egan, Greg Incandescence.  Item number: LP1527.    US$49.00
303.    Farmer, Philip Jose Venus on the Half-Shell and Others.  Item number: LP1528.    US$30.00
304.    Ford, Richard Independence Day.  Item number: LP1530.    US$2.00
305.    Heinlein, Robert A. (John Scalzi) Project Moonbase and Others..  Item number: LP1534.    US$49.00
306.    Lansdale, Joe R. For a Few Stories More.  Item number: LP1536.    US$22.00
307.    Lansdale, Joe R. Savage Season.  Item number: LP1537.    US$25.00
308.    Lethem, Jonathan Gun, With Occasional Music..  Item number: LP1538.    US$30.00
309.    Moon, Elizabeth Command Decision.  Item number: LP1539.    US$25.00
310.    Shiner, Lewis Black & White.  Item number: LP1543.    US$20.00
311.    Sterling, Bruce Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next 50 Years..  Item number: LP1547.    US$20.00
312.    William Gibson and Bruce Sterling The Difference Engine.  Item number: LP1548.    US$95.00
313.    Park, Paul The Cult of Loving Kindness.  Item number: LP155.    US$2.00
314.    Willis, Connie, with Cynthia Felice. Light Raid.  Item number: LP1552.    US$10.00
315.    Williams, Walter Jon Implied Spaces..  Item number: LP1553.    US$12.00
316.    (Lovecraft, H.P.) Ambuehl, James, editor (Richard Lupoff, E. P. Bergland, Robert M. Price, etc.) Harboiled Cthulhu.  Item number: LP1555.    US$18.00
317.    Crowley, John Endless Things.  Item number: LP1557.    US$35.00
318.    Leyner, Mark I Smell Ester Williams.  Item number: LP1561.    US$19.00
319.    Sterling, Bruce Visionary in Residence.  Item number: LP1563.    US$35.00
320.    Vinge, Vernor A Deepness in the Sky.  Item number: LP1564.    US$95.00
321.    Bova, Ben The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume IIB.  Item number: LP1567.    US$5.00
322.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice The Lost Continent.  Item number: LP1569.    US$5.00
323.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice The Land That Time Forgot.  Item number: LP1570.    US$5.00
324.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice Back to the Stone Age..  Item number: LP1571.    US$5.00
325.    (Burroughs, Edgar Rice) Holmes, John Eric Mahars of Pellucidar..  Item number: LP1572.    US$5.00
326.    Carpenter, Leonard (Rober E. Howard) Conan: Scourge of the Bloody Coast.  Item number: LP1573.    US$10.00
327.    Cherryh, C. J. Port Eternity.  Item number: LP1575.    US$5.00
328.    Garton, Ray Live Girls.  Item number: LP1577.    US$15.00
329.    Hughart, Barry Bridge of Birds.  Item number: LP1579.    US$7.00
330.    Jensen, Jane Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within.  Item number: LP1580.    US$20.00
331.    Moorcock, Michael (as Edward P. Bradbury) Blades of Mars.  Item number: LP1581.    US$15.00
332.    Moran, Daniel Keys The Armageddon Blues.  Item number: LP1582.    US$10.00
333.    Sterling, Bruce A Good Old Fashioned Future.  Item number: LP1583.    US$15.00
334.    Sterling, Bruce Involution Ocean.  Item number: LP1584.    US$15.00
335.    Tepper, Sherri S. The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped..  Item number: LP1586.    US$25.00
336.    Bear, Greg The City at the End of Time.  Item number: LP1588.    US$35.00
337.    Proust, Marcel The Captive.  Item number: LP159.    US$5.00
338.    Crowley, John Conversation Hearts.  Item number: LP1594.    US$15.00
339.    Kennedy, Leigh Saint Hiroshima.  Item number: LP1597.    US$7.00
340.    )Lovecraft, H.P.)Harms, Daniel The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded Third Edition.  Item number: LP1598.    US$43.00
341.    Martin, George R. R. Starlady & Fast-Friend.  Item number: LP1599.    US$40.00
342.    Bear, Greg The Forge of God.  Item number: LP16.    US$15.00
343.    Martin, George R. R. Starlady & Fast-Friend.  Item number: LP1600.    US$15.00
344.    Scalzi, John The Ghost Brigades.  Item number: LP1602.    US$85.00
345.    Varley, John Persistence of Vision.  Item number: LP1606.    US$30.00
346.    Waldrop, Howard Other Worlds, Better Lives.  Item number: LP1607.    US$43.00
347.    Lake, Jay and Frank Wu, editors. (Alan DeNiro, Benjamin Rosenbaum) The Exquisite Corpuscle.  Item number: LP1608.    US$23.00
348.    Waldrop, Howard Other Worlds, Better Lives.  Item number: LP1609.    US$13.00
349.    Reed, Robert The Hormone Jungle.  Item number: LP161.    US$5.00
350.    Egan, Greg Quarantine.  Item number: LP1611.    US$5.00

1297 items found
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