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501.    Adams, Douglas, and John Lloyd The Deeper Meaning of Liff.  Item number: LP1837.    US$12.00
502.    Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers.  Item number: LP1838.    US$15.00
503.    Butler, Octavia Patternmaster.  Item number: LP18380.    US$75.00
504.    Silverberg, Robert Tower of Glass.  Item number: LP184.    US$2.00
505.    King, Stephen Pet Sematary.  Item number: LP1845.    US$2.00
506.    Lake, Jay The Sky That Wraps.  Item number: LP1846.    US$35.00
507.    Lansdale, Joe R. By Bizarre Hands Rides Again.  Item number: LP1848.    US$72.00
508.    Lansdale, Joe R. Deadman’s Road.  Item number: LP1849.    US$35.00
509.    Simmons, Dan Hyperion.  Item number: LP185.    US$500.00
510.    Leiber, Fritz. Strange Wonders.  Item number: LP1850.    US$32.00
511.    Marusek, David Counting Heads.  Item number: LP1852..    US$20.00
512.    Niven, Larry The Best of Larry Niven.  Item number: LP1853.    US$35.00
513.    Straub, Peter The Juniper Tree and Other Blue Rose Stories.  Item number: LP1855.    US$70.00
514.    Straub, Peter The Juniper Tree and Other Blue Rose Stories.  Item number: LP1856.    US$30.00
515.    Stross, Charles Toast.  Item number: LP1857.    US$34.00
516.    Lansdale, Joe R. Flaming Zeppelins (Zeppelins West and Flaming London).  Item number: LP1861.    US$13.00
517.    Moorcock, Michael The Best of Michael Moorcock.  Item number: LP1862.    US$13.00
518.    Barrett, Jr., Neal Through Darkest America.  Item number: LP1863.    US$5.00
519.    Bloch, Robert Dragons and Nightmares.  Item number: LP1864.    US$3.00
520.    Davidson, Avram (edited by John Silbersack Collected Fantasies.  Item number: LP1865.    US$5.00
521.    Fall Into Darkness Hawke, Simon (as Nicholas Yermakov).  Item number: LP1866.    US$3.00
522.    Hawke, Simon Timewars 8: The Dracula Caper.  Item number: LP18661.    US$5.00
523.    Hawke, Simon Timewars 10: The Hellfire Rebellion..  Item number: LP18669.    US$9.00
524.    Smith, E. E. “Doc” and Stephen Goldin. Revolt of the Galaxy (The Family D’Alembert Series #10).  Item number: LP1868.    US$10.00
525.    Tepper, Sheri S. Marianne, the Magus and the Manticore.  Item number: LP1869.    US$9.00
526.    Wagner, Karl Edward Conan: The Road of Kings.  Item number: LP1870.    US$5.00
527.    Westerfield, Scott Polymorph.  Item number: LP1871.    US$10.00
528.    Bacagalupi, Paolo. The Alchemist.  Item number: LP1874.    US$18.00
529.    Hamilton, Edmund The Complete Edmund Hamilton, Volume One: The Metal Giants and Others.  Item number: LP1880.    US$35.00
530.    Kuttner, Henry, and C. L. Moore Detour to Otherness.  Item number: LP1882.    US$35.00
531.    Lansdale, Joe R. Christmas With the Dead.  Item number: LP18840.    US$35.00
532.    Morris, Mark, editor (Joe R. Lansdale, Lucius Shepard, Alastair Reynolds, etc.). Cinema Futura.  Item number: LP1886.    US$42.00
533.    Stephenson, Neal Zodiac: The Eco Thriller.  Item number: LP1887.    US$120.00
534.    Zelazny, Roger Eye of Cat.  Item number: LP1891.    US$80.00
535.    Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers.  Item number: LP1892.    US$10.00
536.    Leicht, Stina Of Blood and Honey.  Item number: LP1893.    US$12.00
537.    (Zelazny, Roger) Kovacs, Christopher C., compiler. The Ides of Octember: A Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny.  Item number: LP1894.    US$23.00
538.    The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs Blaylock, James P..  Item number: LP1896.    US$28.00
539.    Stableford, Brian The Werewolves of London.  Item number: LP190.    US$34.00
540.    Di Filippo, Paul Little Doors.  Item number: LP1900.    US$12.00
541.    Farmer, Philip Jose Up the Bright River.  Item number: LP1905.    US$30.00
542.    Heinlein, Robert A. Podkayne of Mars..  Item number: LP1906.    US$95.00
543.    Kress, Nancy Nothing Human.  Item number: LP1909.    US$13.00
544.    Lansdale, Joe R. Zeppelin's West.  Item number: LP1910.    US$49.00
545.    Niven, Larry/Derwin Mak Eeriecon Chapbook Ten: Doubling Rate/Willpower.  Item number: LP1912.    US$150.00
546.    Reynolds, Alastair Troika.  Item number: LP1913.    US$35.00
547.    Smith, Clark Ashton The Collected Fantasies Volume 5: The Last Hieroglyph.  Item number: LP1914.    US$37.00
548.    Rucker, Rudy Jim and the Flims.  Item number: LP1915.    US$22.00
549.    Swanwick, Michael Dancing With Bears.  Item number: LP1916.    US$22.00
550.    (Dick, Philip K.) Carrere, Emmanuel I Am Alive and You Are Dead: A Journey Into the Mind of Philip K. Dick.  Item number: LP1920.    US$5.00

1252 items found
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