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501.    Denton, Bradley One Day Closer to Death.  Item number: LP756.    US$24.00
502.    Barnes, John One for the Morning Glory.  Item number: LP11.    US$4.00
503.    Frewin, Anthony One Hundred Years of Science Fiction Illustration..  Item number: LP1507.    US$10.00
504.    (Dick, Philip K.) Williams, Paul. Only Apparently Real: The World of Philip K. Dick.  Item number: LP1992.    US$20.00
505.    Leinster, Murray. Operation Outer Space..  Item number: LP298..    US$3.00
506.    Barrett, Neal, Jr. Other Seasons.  Item number: LP2011.    US$35.00
507.    Waldrop, Howard Other Worlds, Better Lives.  Item number: LP1607.    US$43.00
508.    Waldrop, Howard Other Worlds, Better Lives.  Item number: LP1609.    US$13.00
509.    Dick, Philip K. Our Friends from Frolix 8.  Item number: LP1217.    US$5.00
510.    Leiber, Fritz Our Lady of Darkness.  Item number: LP501.    US$15.00
511.    Chambers, Robert W. (Hugh Lamb, editor) Out of the Dark Volume 2: Diversions..  Item number: LP1117.    US$39.00
512.    McDonald, Ian. Out on Blue Six..  Item number: LP308..    US$5.00
513.    Ellison, Harlan. Over the Edge..  Item number: LP583..    US$4.00
514.    Stross, Charles Palimpsest.  Item number: LP1981.    US$32.00
515.    Lafferty, R. A. Past Master.  Item number: LP970.    US$3.00
516.    Lafferty, R.A. Past Master..  Item number: LP285..    US$5.00
517.    Butler, Octavia Patternmaster.  Item number: LP18380.    US$75.00
518.    Butler, Octavia Patternmaster.  Item number: LP42.    US$100.00
519.    Cadigan, Pat Patterns.  Item number: LP458.    US$13.95
520.    Holkins, Jerry & Krahulik, Mike (aka John Gabe Gabriel & Tycho Brah) Penny Arcade 1: Attack of the Bacon Robots.  Item number: LP1303.    US$9.00
521.    Holkins, Jerry & Krahulik, Mike (aka John Gabe Gabriel & Tycho Brah). Penny Arcade 2: Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings.  Item number: LP1368.    US$9.00
522.    Holkins, Jerry & Krahulik, Mike (aka John Gabe Gabriel & Tycho Brah) Penny Arcade 3: The Warsun Prophecies.  Item number: LP1441.    US$9.00
523.    Holkins, Jerry & Krahulik, Mike (aka John Gabe Gabriel & Tycho Brah) Penny Arcade 4: Birds Are Weird.  Item number: LP1442.    US$9.00
524.    Davidson, Avram Peregrine: Secundus.  Item number: LP1139.    US$3.00
525.    Barrett, Neal Perpetuity Blues.  Item number: LP1937.    US$15.00
526.    Varley, John Persistence of Vision.  Item number: LP1606.    US$30.00
527.    King, Stephen Pet Sematary.  Item number: LP1845.    US$2.00
528.    Simmons, Dan Phases of Gravity.  Item number: LP1233.    US$5.00
529.    Simmons, Dan. Phases of Gravity..  Item number: LP347..    US$15.00
530.    Ellison, Harlan, and Edward Bryant Phoenix Without Ashes.  Item number: LP962.    US$5.00
531.    Ellison, Harlan. Phoenix Without Ashes..  Item number: LP584.    US$5.00
532.    Simak, Clifford D. Physician to the Universe: The Collected Stories of Clifford D. Simak Volume II.  Item number: LP1355.    US$45.00
533.    (Dick, Philip K.) Levack, Daniel J. H. PKD: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography.  Item number: LP533.    US$70.00
534.    Kelly, James Patrick Planet of Whispers.  Item number: LP107.    US$2.00
535.    Heinlein, Robert A. Podkayne of Mars..  Item number: LP1906.    US$95.00
536.    Zelazny, Roger (Gaughan, Jack) Poems.  Item number: LP1080.    US$95.00
537.    Murphy, Pat. Points of Departure..  Item number: LP314..    US$6.00
538.    Westerfield, Scott Polymorph.  Item number: LP1871.    US$10.00
539.    Westerfeld, Scott Polymorph.  Item number: LP1716.    US$15.00
540.    Shea, Michael Polyphemus.  Item number: LP432.    US$12.00
541.    Dorman, Sonya Pomegranate.  Item number: LPPC6.    US$3.00
542.    Whitbourn, John Popes and Phantoms.  Item number: LP1193.    US$13.00
543.    Cherryh, C. J. Port Eternity.  Item number: LP1575.    US$5.00
544.    Crowther, Peter (Stephen King, Joe Hill, Connie Willis, Ramsey Campbell, Steven Erikson, Graham Joyce, Lucius Shepard, M Postscripts 10 (Spring 2007).  Item number: LP1391.    US$200.00
545.    Crowther, Peter, editor (Stephen Baxter, Ramsey Campbell, Chris Roberson, Zoran Zivkovic, Lawrence Person, Joe Hill (i.e. Joe Hill King), Juliet E. McKenna, Matthew Rossi, China Mieville) Postscripts 5, Autumn 2005.  Item number: LP1299.    US$10.00
546.    Crowther, Peter, editor (Stephen Baxter, Steven Erikson, Elizabeth Hand, Zoran Zivkovic, Juliet McKenna, Rhys Hughes, G Postscripts 6, Spring 2006.  Item number: LP1256.    US$25.00
547.    Crowther, Peter, editor (Paul Di Filippo, Steve Aylett, Mikal Trimm, etc) Postscripts Number 11 (Summer 2007).  Item number: LP1458.    US$25.00
548.    Crowther, Peter (Alastair Reynolds, Barry Malzberg & Paul Di Filippo, Jack Dann, Adam Roberts, Zoran Zivkovic, Lawrence Person, Eric Brown) Postscripts Number 4: Summer 2005.  Item number: LP1195.    US$10.00
549.    Crowther, Peter (Brian Aldiss, Patrick O'Leary, Lisa Tuttle, etc.) Postscripts Volume 12 (Autumn 2007).  Item number: LP1522.    US$25.00
550.    Card, Orson Scott Prentice Alvin.  Item number: LP1155.    US$2.00

1161 items found
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