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451.    Schow, David J. Lost Angels.  Item number: LP1452.    US$9.00
452.    Lansdale, Joe R. Lost Echoes.  Item number: LP1413.    US$45.00
453.    Lovecraft, H.P.) Joshi, S. T. Lovecraft and a World in Transition.  Item number: LP2321.    US$60.00
454.    Egan, Greg Luminous.  Item number: LP2244.    US$6.00
455.    Denton, Brad Lunatics.  Item number: LP792.    US$15.00
456.    Lansdale, Joe R. Mad Dog Summer and Other Stories.  Item number: LP1096.    US$28.00
457.    Link, Kelly Magic for Beginners.  Item number: LP1694.    US$5.00
458.    (Burroughs, Edgar Rice) Holmes, John Eric Mahars of Pellucidar..  Item number: LP1572.    US$5.00
459.    Jeter, K. W. Mantis.  Item number: LP2260.    US$3.00
460.    Jeter, K.W. Mantis..  Item number: LP276..    US$8.00
461.    Rickert, M. Map of Dreams.  Item number: LP2135.    US$15.00
462.    Tepper, Sheri S. Marianne, the Magus and the Manticore.  Item number: LP1869.    US$9.00
463.    Finney, Jack. Marion's Wall..  Item number: LP486.    US$2.00
464.    Bradbury. Ray Marionettes, Inc..  Item number: LP1626.    US$29.00
465.    Brown, Frederic Martians Go Home.  Item number: LP937.    US$3.00
466.    Wilson, Robert Anton Masks of the Illuminati.  Item number: LP2411.    US$5.00
467.    Smith, E.E.. "Doc". Masters of the Vortex.  Item number: LP2288.    US$3.00
468.    Bierce, Ambrose Masters of the Weird Tale: Ambrose Bierce.  Item number: LP2176.    US$100.00
469.    Matheson, Richard (Dennis Etchison) Matheson on Matheson: A Conversation With Dennis Etchison.  Item number: LP2200.    US$40.00
470.    Banks, Iain M. Matter.  Item number: LP1622.    US$15.00
471.    Effinger, George Alec Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson.  Item number: LP1781.    US$5.00
472.    Baxter, Stephen Mayflower II.  Item number: LP1091.    US$28.00
473.    Ellison, Harlan, ed. (Larry Niven, Poul Anderson Frank Herbert, Thomas M. Disch, Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson, Hal Cle Medea: Harlan's World.  Item number: LP1782.    US$10.00
474.    Wilson, Robert Charles Memory Wire.  Item number: LP1498.    US$5.00
475.    Blaylock, James P. Metamorphosis.  Item number: LP1681.    US$25.00
476.    Lansdale, Joe R. (as Jack Buchanen) MIA Hunter #3: Hanoi Deathgrip..  Item number: LP290..    US$15.00
477.    Schow, David J. (as Stephen Grave). Miami Vice #1: The Florida Burn..  Item number: LP333..    US$5.00
478.    Schow, David J. (as Stephen Grave). Miami Vice #2: The Vengeance Game..  Item number: LP334..    US$5.00
479.    Swanwick, Michael Michael Swanwick's Field Guide to the Mesozoic Megafauna.  Item number: LP1306.    US$7.00
480.    Dozois, Gardner & Effinger, George Alec Midnight Blue.  Item number: LP780.    US$3.00
481.    Hopkinson, Nalo. Midnight Robber..  Item number: LP706..    US$5.00
482.    Hamilton, Peter F. Mindstar Rising..  Item number: LP92..    US$14.00
483.    Stross, Charles Missile Gap.  Item number: LP1425.    US$35.00
484.    Bradbury, Ray Moby Dick: A Screenplay.  Item number: LP1519.    US$29.00
485.    Stewart, Sean Mockingbird.  Item number: LP2141.    US$15.00
486.    Stewart, Sean Mockingbird.  Item number: LP464.    US$15.00
487.    Tevis, Walter. Mockingbird..  Item number: LP360..    US$5.00
488.    Skipp, John , editor (Robert Bloch, Richard Laymon, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Lucy Taylor, Jack Ketchum, Adam-Troy Castro) Mondo Zombie..  Item number: LP1356.    US$49.00
489.    Somtow, S. P. (Somtow Sucharitkil). Moon Dance.  Item number: LP353.    US$5.00
490.    Moon, Elizabeth Moon Flights.  Item number: LP1471.    US$17.00
491.    Sturgeon, Theodore More Than Human.  Item number: LP800.    US$15.00
492.    Baker, Kage Mother Aegypt and Other Stories.  Item number: LP1115.    US$12.00
493.    Vonnegut, Kurt. Mother Night..  Item number: LP628..    US$2.00
494.    Lethem, Jonathan Motherless Brooklyn.  Item number: LP1964.    US$25.00
495.    McHugh, Maureen Mothers & Other Monsters.  Item number: LP1709B.    US$20.00
496.    McHugh, Maureen Mothers & Other Monsters.  Item number: LP1709.    US$5.00
497.    Mamatas, Nick Move Under Ground.  Item number: LP1098.    US$15.00
498.    Bear, Greg Moving Mars.  Item number: LP18.    US$15.00
499.    Bear, Greg. Moving Mars..  Item number: LP384.    US$2.00
500.    Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers.  Item number: LP1892.    US$10.00

1297 items found
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