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251.    Datlow, Ellen, & Terri Windling The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection..  Item number: LP1160.    US$2.00
252.    Datlow, Ellen, and Terri Windling The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection.  Item number: LP1196.    US$5.00
253.    Datlow, Ellen, and Terri Windling, editors (Alan Moore, Joe Haldeman, George R. R. Martin, Lucius Shepard, Charles De Li The Year's Best Fantasy: First Annual Collection..  Item number: LP1392.    US$2.00
254.    Datlow, Ellen, Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, editors The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighteenth Annual Collection.  Item number: LP1197.    US$15.00
255.    Davidson, Avram Collected Fantasies.  Item number: LP1138.    US$5.00
256.    Davidson, Avram Peregrine: Secundus.  Item number: LP1139.    US$3.00
257.    Davidson, Avram Ursus of Ultima Thule.  Item number: LP148.    US$3.00
258.    Davidson, Avram (edited by John Silbersack Collected Fantasies.  Item number: LP1865.    US$5.00
259.    Davidson, Avram. Ursus of Ultima Thule..  Item number: LP547..    US$3.00
260.    Davidson, Avram. What Strange Stars and Skies..  Item number: LP548..    US$4.00
261.    De Camp, L. Sprague The Glory that Was.  Item number: LP791.    US$20.00
262.    De Camp, L. Sprague Time & Chance..  Item number: LP1119.    US$24.00
263.    De Camp, L. Sprague (Mark Olsen, editor) Years in the Making: The Time Travel Stories of L. Sprague de Camp.  Item number: LP1259.    US$22.00
264.    De Lint, Charles Someplace to be Flying.  Item number: LP1198.    US$14.00
265.    De Lint, Charles The Harp of the Grey Rose.  Item number: LP1214.    US$10.00
266.    De Lint, Charles Svaha.  Item number: LP1489.    US$9.00
267.    De Lint, Charles Eyes Like Leaves.  Item number: LP1777.    US$25.00
268.    De Lint, Charles (writing as Samuel M. Key) Angel of Darkness.  Item number: LP1215.    US$7.00
269.    De Lint, Charles (writing as Samuel M. Key) From a Whisper to a Scream.  Item number: LP1216.    US$10.00
270.    De Lint, Charles (writing as Samuel M. Key) From a Whisper to a Scream.  Item number: LP819.    US$10.00
271.    De Lint, Charles L. (writing as Samuel M. Key) I'll Be Watching You.  Item number: LP2052.    US$9.00
272.    De Lint, Charles, and Fritz Leiber The Fair in Emain Macha b/w Ill Met in Lankhmar..  Item number: LP1372.    US$9.00
273.    De Lint, Charles. Svaha..  Item number: LP549..    US$2.95
274.    Dean, Pamela Tam Lin.  Item number: LP1118.    US$75.00
275.    Del Rey, Judy-Lynn, editor (Isaac Asimov, Hal Clement, Howard Waldrop, Larry Niven, Clifford Simak, Steve Utley, etc.) Stellar #2.  Item number: LP1373.    US$5.00
276.    Del Rey, Judy-Lynn, editor (Larry Niven, James Tiptree, Jr., James P. Hogan, etc.) Stellar 7.  Item number: LP950.    US$5.00
277.    Del Rey, Lester. Fantastic Science Fiction Art 1926-1954..  Item number: LP1502.    US$5.00
278.    Delany, Samuel R. Silent Interviews: On Language, Race, Sex, Science Fiction, and Some Comics.  Item number: LP1440.    US$5.00
279.    Delany, Samuel R. Driftglass.  Item number: LP736.    US$10.00
280.    DeLint, Charles, writing as Samuel M. Key. Angel of Darkness.  Item number: LP2000.    US$10.00
281.    Denton, Brad Lunatics.  Item number: LP792.    US$15.00
282.    Denton, Bradley One Day Closer to Death.  Item number: LP756.    US$24.00
283.    Denton, Bradley Wrack & Roll.  Item number: LP779.    US$10.00
284.    Denton, Bradley Blackburn.  Item number: LP2021.    US$15.00
285.    Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede.  Item number: LP2053.    US$10.00
286.    Denton, Bradley. Blackburn.  Item number: LP1092.    US$25.00
287.    Derleth, August (H. P. Lovecraft). The Trail of Cthulhu..  Item number: LP551..    US$2.95
288.    DeWeese, Gene. Jeremy Case..  Item number: LP552..    US$2.45
289.    Di Filippo, Paul Spondulix.  Item number: LP873.    US$40.00
290.    Di Filippo, Paul Strange Trades.  Item number: LP794.    US$24.00
291.    Di Filippo, Paul Lost Pages.  Item number: LP772.    US$8.00
292.    Di Filippo, Paul Fuzzy Dice.  Item number: LP894.    US$44.00
293.    Di Filippo, Paul Ribofunk.  Item number: LP1523.    US$9.00
294.    Di Filippo, Paul Shuteye for the Timebroker.  Item number: LP1300.    US$13.00
295.    Di Filippo, Paul Little Doors.  Item number: LP1900.    US$12.00
296.    Di Filippo, Paul Princess of the Linear Jungle.  Item number: LP1901.    US$17.00
297.    Di Filippo, Paul. Joe's Liver..  Item number: LP638.    US$29.00
298.    Di Filippo, Paul. A Mouthful of Tongues..  Item number: LP639.    US$25.00
299.    Di Filippo, Paul. A Year in the Linear City.  Item number: LP640.    US$35.00
300.    Di Filippo, Paul. A Year in the Linear City. .  Item number: LP640..    US$39.00

1154 items found
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