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151.    Brundage, Margaret (edited by Stephen D. Korshak and J. David Spurlock) The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage, Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art.  Item number: LP2121.    US$22.00
152.    Brunner, John Stand on Zanzibar.  Item number: LP1774.    US$40.00
153.    Brust, Stephen (Roger Zelazny, Kathy Marschall) To Reign in Hell..  Item number: LP1252.    US$75.00
154.    Brust, Stephen (Zelazny, Roger) To Reign in Hell.  Item number: LP940.    US$5.00
155.    Brust, Steven (Roger Zelazny) To Reign in Hell.  Item number: LP1449.    US$3.00
156.    Bryant, Edward Cinnabar.  Item number: LP36.    US$3.00
157.    Bubba Ho-Tep Lansdale, Joe R. and Don Coscarelli.  Item number: LP1730.    US$49.00
158.    Buckell, Tobias Crystal Rain.  Item number: LP1943.    US$15.00
159.    Buckell, Tobias S. Tides from the New Worlds.  Item number: LP1682.    US$35.00
160.    Bujold, Lois McMaster The Vor Game.  Item number: LP789.    US$395.00
161.    Bujold, Lois McMaster Falling Free.  Item number: LP1996.    US$5.00
162.    Bull, Emma Falcon.  Item number: LP941.    US$9.99
163.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice The Lost Continent.  Item number: LP1569.    US$5.00
164.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice The Land That Time Forgot.  Item number: LP1570.    US$5.00
165.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice Back to the Stone Age..  Item number: LP1571.    US$5.00
166.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The People That Time Forgot.  Item number: LP1823.    US$3.00
167.    Butler, Octavia Clay's Ark.  Item number: LP39.    US$10.00
168.    Butler, Octavia Patternmaster.  Item number: LP42.    US$100.00
169.    Butler, Octavia Imago.  Item number: LP1720.    US$95.00
170.    Butler, Octavia Patternmaster.  Item number: LP18380.    US$75.00
171.    Butler, Octavia. Kindred.  Item number: LP387.    US$55.00
172.    Butterworth, Michael Space 1999 #6: The Edge of the Infinite.  Item number: LP2049.    US$25.00
173.    Cadigan, Pat Tea from an Empty Cup.  Item number: LP1052.    US$10.00
174.    Cadigan, Pat Patterns.  Item number: LP458.    US$13.95
175.    Cadigan, Pat Dirty Work.  Item number: LP1254.    US$19.00
176.    Cadigan, Pat Fools.  Item number: LP944.    US$5.00
177.    Cadigan, Pat Tea From An Empty Cup.  Item number: LP46.    US$20.00
178.    Calder, Richard. Dead Girls.  Item number: LP650.    US$9.00
179.    Campbell, John W. The Black Star Passes.  Item number: LP1824.    US$3.00
180.    Campbell, John W. A New Dawn: The Complete Don A. Stewart Stories.  Item number: LP1944.    US$25.00
181.    Campbell, John W. (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Tony Chapdelaine, and George Hay, editors) The John W. Campbell Letters Volume 1.  Item number: LP2051.    US$10.00
182.    Campbell, Ramsey The Height of the Scream.  Item number: LP1384.    US$10.00
183.    Campbell, Ramsey The Overnight.  Item number: LP1053.    US$30.00
184.    Campbell, Ramsey Creatures of the Pool.  Item number: LP1775.    US$29.00
185.    Campbell, Ramsey (Poppy Z. Brite) Told By the Dead.  Item number: LP889.    US$30.00
186.    Card, Orson Scott Red Prophet.  Item number: LP2017.    US$30.00
187.    Card, Orson Scott Speaker for the Dead.  Item number: LP2018.    US$95.00
188.    Card, Orson Scott Speaker for the Dead.  Item number: LP47.    US$35.00
189.    Card, Orson Scott Prentice Alvin.  Item number: LP1155.    US$2.00
190.    Card, Orson Scott Ender's Game.  Item number: LP1385.    US$495.00
191.    Card, Orson Scott Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle.  Item number: LP1213.    US$6.00
192.    Card, Orson Scott Space Boy.  Item number: LP1434.    US$45.00
193.    Card, Orson Scott. How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy .  Item number: LP389..    US$19.00
194.    Card, Orson Scott. A Planet Called Treason..  Item number: LP475..    US$2.00
195.    Carey, Jacqueline Kushiel's Dart.  Item number: LP1628.    US$35.00
196.    Carpenter, Leonard Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast.  Item number: LP1759.    US$6.00
197.    Carpenter, Leonard (Rober E. Howard) Conan: Scourge of the Bloody Coast.  Item number: LP1573.    US$10.00
198.    Carroll, Jonathan The Wooden Sea.  Item number: LP754.    US$12.00
199.    Carroll, Jonathan Voice of Our Shadow.  Item number: LP1520.    US$65.00
200.    Carroll, Jonathon The Land of Laughs.  Item number: LP745.    US$5.00

1153 items found
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