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101.    Bear, Elizabeth ad eternum (with Underground).  Item number: LP1939.    US$42.00
102.    Bear, Greg Beyond Heaven's River.  Item number: LP2228.    US$5.00
103.    Bear, Greg The City at the End of Time.  Item number: LP1588.    US$35.00
104.    Bear, Greg The Forge of God.  Item number: LP16.    US$15.00
105.    Bear, Greg Heads.  Item number: LP17.    US$2.00
106.    Bear, Greg Moving Mars.  Item number: LP18.    US$15.00
107.    Bear, Greg. Moving Mars..  Item number: LP384.    US$2.00
108.    Bear, Greg. Slant.  Item number: LP1248.    US$12.00
109.    Bear, Greg. Queen of Angels.  Item number: LP2175.    US$15.00
110.    Bear, Greg. he Infinity Concerto..  Item number: LP226..    US$3.00
111.    Bear, Greg. The Serpent Mage..  Item number: LP227..    US$5.00
112.    Benford, Greg, and Martin Harry Greenberg, editors (David Brin, Greg Bear, Keith Roberts, Norman Spinrad, Algis Budrys, Hitler Victorious.  Item number: LP788.    US$2.00
113.    Benford, Gregory Timescape.  Item number: LP20.    US$65.00
114.    Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers.  Item number: LP1892.    US$10.00
115.    Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers.  Item number: LP1838.    US$15.00
116.    Bester, Alfred, and Roger Zelazny Psychoshop.  Item number: LP1991.    US$12.00
117.    Bierce, Ambrose Masters of the Weird Tale: Ambrose Bierce.  Item number: LP2176.    US$110.00
118.    Bishop, Michael The Door Gunner and Other Perilous Flights of Fancy.  Item number: LP1940.    US$40.00
119.    Bishop, Michael Within the Walls of Tyre: A Screenplay..  Item number: LP1439.    US$5.00
120.    Bishop, Michael No Enemy But Time.  Item number: LP1327.    US$30.00
121.    Bishop, Michael Ancient of Days.  Item number: LP21.    US$9.00
122.    Bishop, Michael And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees.  Item number: LP22.    US$2.00
123.    Bishop, Michael Brittle Innings.  Item number: LP23.    US$20.00
124.    Bishop, Michael No Enemy But Time.  Item number: LP24.    US$20.00
125.    Bishop, Michael The Secret Ascension.  Item number: LP25.    US$9.00
126.    Bishop, Michael Transfigurations.  Item number: LP27.    US$8.00
127.    Bishop, Michael and Di Filippo, Paul (as Philip Lawson). Muskrat Courage..  Item number: LP471.    US$15.00
128.    Bishop, Michael. The Secret Ascension (AKA Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas).  Item number: LP26.    US$2.00
129.    Bishop, Michael. Blue Kansas Sky.  Item number: LP470.    US$22.00
130.    Bisson, Terry Bears Discover Fire.  Item number: LP28.    US$15.00
131.    Bisson, Terry. Wyrldmaker..  Item number: LP229..    US$2.50
132.    Blaylock, James P. The Digging Leviathan..  Item number: LP230..    US$10.00
133.    Blaylock, James P. The Adventure of the Ring of Stones.  Item number: LP2177.    US$32.00
134.    Blaylock, James P. Zeuglodon.  Item number: LP2013.    US$35.00
135.    Blaylock, James P. The Digging Leviathan.  Item number: LP2047.    US$5.00
136.    Blaylock, James P. Thirteen Phantasms.  Item number: LP532.    US$8.00
137.    Blaylock, James P. The Ebb Tide.  Item number: LP1680.    US$29.00
138.    Blaylock, James P. Metamorphosis.  Item number: LP1681.    US$25.00
139.    Blaylock, James P. (Powers, Tim) The Man in the Moon.  Item number: LP752.    US$39.00
140.    Bleiler, Richard, editor Science Fiction Writers: Second Edition..  Item number: LP1250.    US$15.00
141.    Blish, James The Day After Judgment (UK title: The Day After Judgement).  Item number: LP472.    US$25.00
142.    Blish, James Black Easter.  Item number: LP1589.    US$65.00
143.    Bloch, Robert Through Time and Space With Lefty Feep, Volume 1 (and only).  Item number: LP457.    US$5.00
144.    Bloch, Robert American Gothic.  Item number: LP2178.    US$5.00
145.    Bloch, Robert Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper.  Item number: LP1941.    US$40.00
146.    Bloch, Robert Dragons and Nightmares.  Item number: LP1864.    US$3.00
147.    Bloch, Robert (Gahan Wilson) Skeleton in the Closet, and Other Stories (The Reader's Bloch Volume 2).  Item number: LP1625.    US$33.00
148.    Block, Francesca Lia Ecstasia.  Item number: LP1104.    US$25.00
149.    Block, Francesca Lia Primavera.  Item number: LP1309.    US$20.00
150.    Block, Lawrence The Scoreless Thai (AKA Two For Tanner).  Item number: LP1006.    US$4.00

1286 items found
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