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651.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Best of Joe R. Lansdale.  Item number: LP1818.    US$13.00
652.    Lansdale, Joe R. Captains Outrageous.  Item number: LP1731.    US$15.00
653.    Lansdale, Joe R. Lost Echoes.  Item number: LP1413.    US$45.00
654.    Lansdale, Joe R. Flaming London.  Item number: LP1276.    US$35.00
655.    Lansdale, Joe R. Sanctified and Chicken Fried: The Portable Lansdale.  Item number: LP1732.    US$26.00
656.    Lansdale, Joe R. Unchained and Unhinged.  Item number: LP1733.    US$37.00
657.    Lansdale, Joe R. Flaming Zeppelins (Zeppelins West and Flaming London).  Item number: LP1861.    US$13.00
658.    Lansdale, Joe R. Sunset and Sawdust.  Item number: LP1343.    US$15.00
659.    Lansdale, Joe R. Bumper Crop.  Item number: LP904.    US$12.00
660.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive In 2..  Item number: LP675.    US$24.00
661.    Lansdale, Joe R. For a Few Stories More.  Item number: LP1536.    US$22.00
662.    Lansdale, Joe R. Savage Season.  Item number: LP1537.    US$25.00
663.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive-In 2 (Not Just One of Them Sequels).  Item number: LP1486.    US$35.00
664.    Lansdale, Joe R. Mad Dog Summer and Other Stories.  Item number: LP1096.    US$28.00
665.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive In: The Bus Tour.  Item number: LP1275.    US$32.00
666.    Lansdale, Joe R. By Bizarre Hands..  Item number: LP672.    US$20.00
667.    Lansdale, Joe R. & Karen, editors Dark at Heart.  Item number: LP1175.    US$15.00
668.    Lansdale, Joe R. (as Jack Buchanen) MIA Hunter #3: Hanoi Deathgrip..  Item number: LP290..    US$15.00
669.    Lansdale, Joe R. and Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan: The Lost Adventure.  Item number: LP2197.    US$25.00
670.    Lansdale, Joe R. and Keith Lansdale, editors. (Joe R. Lansdale, Harlan Ellison, David J. Schow, William F. Nolan, etc.) Son of Retro Pulp Tales.  Item number: LP1794.    US$35.00
671.    Lansdale, Joe R., Editor (F. Paul Wilson, Norman Partridge, Alex Irvine, Kim Newman, Tim Lebbon, Chet Williamson, etc.). Retro Pulp Tales.  Item number: LP1344.    US$37.00
672.    Lansdale, Joe R., editor (Neal Barrett, Jr., Chad Oliver, Loren D. Estleman, William F. Nolan, etc.) The Best of the West.  Item number: LP124.    US$19.00
673.    Lansdale, Joe R., editor. The New Frontier..  Item number: LP125.    US$8.00
674.    Lansdale, Kasey, editor. (Joe R., Neil Gaiman, Neal Barrett, Jr., Bradley Denton, Charlene Harris, David J. Schow, etc.) Impossible Monsters.  Item number: LP2127.    US$32.00
675.    Lawrence Person Nova Express Back Issues (Complete Run).  Item number: LPNova99.    US$40.00
676.    Le Guin, Ursula K. The Dispossessed.  Item number: LP414.    US$10.00
677.    Le Guin, Ursula K. From Hsin Ch’i-chi 1140-1207.  Item number: LPPC7.    US$10.00
678.    Le Guin, Ursula K. Traveling.  Item number: LPPC8.    US$5.00
679.    Lee, Tanith Tamastara, or The Indian Nights.  Item number: LP1109.    US$5.00
680.    Lee, Tanith Day By Night.  Item number: LP1493.    US$5.00
681.    Lee, Tanith Anackire.  Item number: LP828.    US$5.00
682.    Lee, Tanith Sung in Shadow.  Item number: LP1223.    US$5.00
683.    Lee, Tanith Sung in Shadow.  Item number: LP2264.    US$5.00
684.    LeFanu, J. Sheridan. Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories..  Item number: LP708..    US$5.00
685.    Leiber, Fritz Our Lady of Darkness.  Item number: LP501.    US$15.00
686.    Leiber, Fritz Selected Stories.  Item number: LP1795.    US$21.00
687.    Leiber, Fritz Gather, Darkness!.  Item number: LP1224.    US$3.00
688.    Leiber, Fritz Night Monsters/The Green Millennium.  Item number: LP1225.    US$3.00
689.    Leiber, Fritz A Pail of Air.  Item number: LP781.    US$5.00
690.    Leiber, Fritz Night's Black Agents.  Item number: LP1084.    US$5.00
691.    Leiber, Fritz The Wanderer.  Item number: LP1468.    US$45.00
692.    Leiber, Fritz. Night's Black Agents..  Item number: LP595..    US$3.00
693.    Leiber, Fritz. Strange Wonders.  Item number: LP1850.    US$32.00
694.    Leicht, Stina Of Blood and Honey.  Item number: LP1893.    US$12.00
695.    Leinster, Murray. Operation Outer Space..  Item number: LP298..    US$3.00
696.    Leinster, Murray. The Hot Spot (Land of the Giants #2)..  Item number: LP297..    US$5.00
697.    Lem, Stainslaw A Perfect Vacuum.  Item number: LP2164.    US$5.00
698.    Lessing, Doris. Briefing for a Descent into Hell..  Item number: LP677.    US$2.00
699.    Lethem, Jonathan Gun, With Occasional Music.  Item number: LP850.    US$45.00
700.    Lethem, Jonathan The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye.  Item number: LP129.    US$6.00

1271 items found
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