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551.    King. Stephen Dark Tower IV: Wizard & Glass.  Item number: LP1465.    US$299.00
552.    King. Stephen Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands.  Item number: LP1464.    US$70.00
553.    Kirk, Russell. A Creature of the Twilight: His Memorials..  Item number: LP492..    US$4.00
554.    Klaw, Rick, editor (Joe R. Lansdale, Howard Waldrop, Neal Barrett, Jr., Lawrence Person, Bruce Sterling, Michael Moorco Rayguns Over Texas.  Item number: LP2115.    US$17.00
555.    Koontz, Dean R. Beastchild.  Item number: LP1668.    US$25.00
556.    Koontz, Dean R. A Werewolf Among Us..  Item number: LP284..    US$18.00
557.    Koontz, Dean R. (writing as Own West) The Funhouse.  Item number: LP903.    US$2.00
558.    Kornbluth, C. M. A Mile Beyond the Moon.  Item number: LP1082.    US$3.00
559.    Kostelantz, Richard Writings on Glass.  Item number: LP738.    US$10.00
560.    Kress, Nancy Nothing Human.  Item number: LP848.    US$20.00
561.    Kress, Nancy The Golden Grove.  Item number: LP1274.    US$14.00
562.    Kress, Nancy Nothing Human.  Item number: LP1909.    US$13.00
563.    Kress, Nancy (Mike Resnick) Nano Comes to Clifford Falls.  Item number: LP1693.    US$20.00
564.    Kurtz, Katherine The Quest for Saint Chamber.  Item number: LP1957.    US$49.00
565.    Kuttner, Henry Thunder in the Void.  Item number: LP1958.    US$37.00
566.    Kuttner, Henry Mutant.  Item number: LP1083.    US$3.00
567.    Kuttner, Henry, and C. L. Moore Detour to Otherness.  Item number: LP1882.    US$35.00
568.    Lackey, Mercedes (edited by Teri Lee, introduction by Michael Longcor) Heralds, Harpers, & Havoc: Songs by Mercedes Lackey.  Item number: LP2045.    US$15.00
569.    Lafferty, R. A. Apocalypses.  Item number: LP1146.    US$5.00
570.    Lafferty, R. A. Apocalypses.  Item number: LP827.    US$5.00
571.    Lafferty, R. A. The Devil is Dead.  Item number: LP1729.    US$95.00
572.    Lafferty, R. A. Past Master.  Item number: LP970.    US$3.00
573.    Lafferty, R. A. Aurelia.  Item number: LP1923.    US$49.00
574.    Lafferty, R.A. Past Master..  Item number: LP285..    US$5.00
575.    Laidlaw, Mark The 37th Mandela.  Item number: LP121.    US$2.00
576.    Lake, Jay The Sky That Wraps.  Item number: LP1846.    US$35.00
577.    Lake, Jay and Frank Wu, editors. (Alan DeNiro, Benjamin Rosenbaum) The Exquisite Corpuscle.  Item number: LP1608.    US$23.00
578.    Lake, Jay, and Frank Wu, editors The Exquisite Corpuscle..  Item number: LP2126.    US$20.00
579.    Landis, Jeff. Impact Parameter and other Quantum Realities..  Item number: LP671..    US$24.00
580.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive In 2..  Item number: LP675.    US$24.00
581.    Lansdale, Joe R. Savage Season..  Item number: LP294..    US$200.00
582.    Lansdale, Joe R. Sunset and Sawdust.  Item number: LP1343.    US$15.00
583.    Lansdale, Joe R. Flaming London.  Item number: LP1276.    US$35.00
584.    Lansdale, Joe R. Lost Echoes.  Item number: LP1413.    US$45.00
585.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive-In 2 (Not Just One of Them Sequels).  Item number: LP1486.    US$35.00
586.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive In: The Bus Tour.  Item number: LP1275.    US$32.00
587.    Lansdale, Joe R. Mad Dog Summer and Other Stories.  Item number: LP1096.    US$28.00
588.    Lansdale, Joe R. For a Few Stories More.  Item number: LP1536.    US$22.00
589.    Lansdale, Joe R. Savage Season.  Item number: LP1537.    US$25.00
590.    Lansdale, Joe R. By Bizarre Hands Rides Again.  Item number: LP1848.    US$72.00
591.    Lansdale, Joe R. Deadmanís Road.  Item number: LP1849.    US$35.00
592.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Best of Joe R. Lansdale.  Item number: LP1818.    US$13.00
593.    Lansdale, Joe R. Flaming Zeppelins (Zeppelins West and Flaming London).  Item number: LP1861.    US$13.00
594.    Lansdale, Joe R. Zeppelin's West.  Item number: LP1910.    US$49.00
595.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Bottoms.  Item number: LP2146.    US$125.00
596.    Lansdale, Joe R. The Edge of Dark Water.  Item number: LP2024.    US$37.00
597.    Lansdale, Joe R. Trapped in the Saturday Matinee.  Item number: LP2025.    US$30.00
598.    Lansdale, Joe R. Act of Love.  Item number: LP1959.    US$95.00
599.    Lansdale, Joe R. Act of Love.  Item number: LP1960.    US$37.00
600.    Lansdale, Joe R. High Cotton.  Item number: LP1962.    US$12.00

1161 items found
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