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1152 items found for Lame Excuse Books
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501.    Jackson, Shirley. We Have Always Lived in the Castle..  Item number: LP271..    US$3.00
502.    Jenkins, Dan and Edwin Shrake Limo.  Item number: LP102.    US$8.00
503.    Jensen, Jane Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within.  Item number: LP1580.    US$20.00
504.    Jeter, K. W. The Night Man.  Item number: LP1930.    US$5.00
505.    Jeter, K. W. The Night Man..  Item number: LP590..    US$10.00
506.    Jeter, K. W. Seeklight.  Item number: LP1314.    US$10.00
507.    Jeter, K.W. Seeklight..  Item number: LP278..    US$7.00
508.    Jeter, K.W. Soul Eater..  Item number: LP279..    US$4.00
509.    Jeter, K.W. Dark Seeker..  Item number: LP273..    US$4.00
510.    Jeter, K.W. Mantis..  Item number: LP276..    US$8.00
511.    Jeter, K.W. The Glass Hammer..  Item number: LP275..    US$14.00
512.    Joe Hill Horns.  Item number: LP4000.    US$495.00
513.    John Kessel/Barry B. Longyear Another Orphan/Enemy Mine.  Item number: LP968.    US$3.00
514.    Joyce, Graham How to Make Friends With Demons..  Item number: LP1791.    US$18.00
515.    Kadrey, Richard Kamikaze L'Amour.  Item number: LP105.    US$15.00
516.    Kay, Guy Gavriel Tigana.  Item number: LP106.    US$3.00
517.    Kelley, James Patrick Strange But Not a Stranger.  Item number: LP846.    US$16.00
518.    Kelley, James Patrick, and John Kessel Freedom Beach.  Item number: LP927.    US$9.00
519.    Kelly, James Patrick Planet of Whispers.  Item number: LP107.    US$2.00
520.    Kelly, James Patrick and Kessel, John Freedom Beach.  Item number: LP109.    US$100.00
521.    Kelly, James Patrick. Think Like a Dinosaur..  Item number: LP669.    US$18.00
522.    Kennedy, Leigh Saint Hiroshima.  Item number: LP1597.    US$7.00
523.    Kennedy, Leigh (and Howard Waldrop) Wind Angels.  Item number: LP1956.    US$33.00
524.    Kessel, John Good News From Outer Space.  Item number: LP1062.    US$18.00
525.    Kessel, John The Pure Product.  Item number: LP113.    US$20.00
526.    Kessel, John Good News from Outer Space.  Item number: LP111.    US$20.00
527.    Kilworth, Garry Angel.  Item number: LP114.    US$25.00
528.    Kilworth, Garry Archangel.  Item number: LP115.    US$25.00
529.    King, Laurie R. To Play the Fool..  Item number: LP1273.    US$15.00
530.    King, Stephen The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah.  Item number: LP1792.    US$9.00
531.    King, Stephen Pet Sematary.  Item number: LP1845.    US$2.00
532.    King, Stephen Stephen King Goes to the Movies.  Item number: LP1640.    US$49.00
533.    King, Stephen Thinner.  Item number: LP118.    US$2.00
534.    King, Stephen Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three.  Item number: LP1463.    US$74.00
535.    King, Stephen Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass.  Item number: LP1727.    US$115.00
536.    King, Stephen Under the Dome.  Item number: LP1728.    US$495.00
537.    King, Stephen (Edward Miller, J.K. Potter, Glenn Chadbourne) The Colorado Kid (3 copies slipcased).  Item number: LP1409.    US$145.00
538.    King, Stephen (Glenn Chadbourne) The Colorado Kid.  Item number: LP1408.    US$38.00
539.    King, Stephen (J. K. Potter) The Colorado Kid.  Item number: LP1410.    US$495.00
540.    King. Stephen Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands.  Item number: LP1464.    US$70.00
541.    King. Stephen Dark Tower IV: Wizard & Glass.  Item number: LP1465.    US$299.00
542.    Kirk, Russell. A Creature of the Twilight: His Memorials..  Item number: LP492..    US$4.00
543.    Klaw, Rick, editor (Joe R. Lansdale, Howard Waldrop, Neal Barrett, Jr., Lawrence Person, Bruce Sterling, Michael Moorco Rayguns Over Texas.  Item number: LP2115.    US$17.00
544.    Koontz, Dean R. Beastchild.  Item number: LP1668.    US$25.00
545.    Koontz, Dean R. A Werewolf Among Us..  Item number: LP284..    US$18.00
546.    Koontz, Dean R. (writing as Own West) The Funhouse.  Item number: LP903.    US$2.00
547.    Kornbluth, C. M. A Mile Beyond the Moon.  Item number: LP1082.    US$3.00
548.    Kostelantz, Richard Writings on Glass.  Item number: LP738.    US$10.00
549.    Kress, Nancy The Golden Grove.  Item number: LP1274.    US$14.00
550.    Kress, Nancy Nothing Human.  Item number: LP1909.    US$13.00

1152 items found
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