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51.    CRESCENT AND GREEN A Miscellany of Writings on Pakistan.  Item number: 21436.    US$10.00
52.    GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN.  Item number: 21486.    US$8.00
53.    PRICE WATERHOUSE GUIDE TO THE NEW TAX LAW.  Item number: 21573.    US$6.00
54.    VICTORIAN VALENTINE WITH LITTLE GIRL.  Item number: 21656.    US$8.00
55.    UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA BULLETIN Catalog 1972 Volume III Arts and Science.  Item number: 21741.    US$8.00
56.    MORE MERRY GO-ROUND.  Item number: 21827.    US$10.00
57.    FALL FICTION FROM POSEIDON 1990 Two Girls, Fat and Thin; Spider; Body.  Item number: 21834.    US$25.00
58.    GERMANY IN THE TWENTIES The Artist As Social Critic. a Collection of Essays.  Item number: 21960.    US$65.00
59.    NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE VOLUME 1 A.  Item number: 21963.    US$10.00
60.    AMERICAN ART 1750-1800 TOWARDS INDEPENDENCE.  Item number: 22002.    US$35.00
61.    GEORGE MORLAND Sixteen Examples in Colour of the Artist's Work.  Item number: 22044.    US$25.00
62.    CHARLIE BROWN'S 'CYCLOPEDIA FEATURING THE EARTH, WEATHER AND CLIMATE SuperQuestions and Answers and Amazing Facts.  Item number: 22120.    US$8.00
63.    CHARLIE BROWN'S 'CYCLOPEDIA FEATURING PLANES AND OTHER THINGS THAT FLYSuper Questions and Answers and Amazing Facts.  Item number: 22164.    US$8.00
64.    STORY OF ART AND MUSIC.  Item number: 22180.    US$10.00
65.    WORLD ATLAS OF BIRDS.  Item number: 22286.    US$25.00
66.    NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN BUSINESS 1999-2000.  Item number: 23943.    US$50.00
67.    PRIVATE PILOT MANUAL.  Item number: 24072.    US$10.00
68.    NOBEL PRIZE ANNUAL 1990.  Item number: 24368.    US$25.00
69.    CPR WORKBOOK Modular System.  Item number: 24560.    US$8.00
70.    FIRST NEW ENGLAND CATALOGUE.  Item number: 24799.    US$8.00
71.    LEARNING TO LIVE WITH DIABETES NONINSULIN DEPENDENT Important Informationabout Diabetes for You and Your Family.  Item number: 24932.    US$8.00
72.    MEMORIAL WILLIAM THOMAS MCELROY December 24, 1845-November 15, 1911.  Item number: 25011.    US$25.00
73.    STORIES FROM THE CIRCLE Women's Leadership in Community.  Item number: 26821.    US$18.00
74.    EDMUND'S NEW TRUCKS PRICES AND REVIEWS.  Item number: 27363.    US$8.00
75.    BHAGAVAD-GITA Krishna's Counsel in Time of War.  Item number: 27369.    US$8.00
76.    WAY OF A PILGRIM AND THE PILDRIM CONTINUES HIS WAY.  Item number: 27371.    US$8.00
77.    EDMUND'S NEW CARS PRICES AND REVIEWS.  Item number: 27456.    US$8.00
78.    QUOTABLE WOMEN.  Item number: 27747.    US$8.00
79.    FAVORITE CHORUS TIME.  Item number: 29443.    US$12.00
80.    HANDY KNITTING LIBRARY 4 Volume Set in Slipcase..  Item number: 29869.    US$20.00
81.    TENNESSE BLUE BOOK 1957-1958 Special Edition for Young Readers.  Item number: 30054.    US$10.00
82.    GREAT CITIES OF THE WORLD.  Item number: 30160.    US$10.00
83.    SPIRITS IN THE SKY Classic Aircarft of World War II.  Item number: 30412.    US$10.00
84.    MARTINDALE-HUBBELL DISPUTE RESOLUTION DIRECTORY 1996 The Single SourceReference Guide to Dispute Resolution.  Item number: 30427.    US$30.00
86.    CANADIAN SPICE MANUAL AND COOKBOOK.  Item number: 30560.    US$12.00
87.    SCRIBBLER'S WRITING TABLET.  Item number: 30770.    US$6.00
88.    HAMMOND'S FAMILY REFERENCE WORLD ATLAS.  Item number: 30861.    US$12.00
89.    THESE SPLENDID WOMEN With Introduction and Notes.  Item number: 30992.    US$40.00
90.    YALE REVIEW A National Quarterly Summer 1970.  Item number: 31107.    US$12.00
91.    WINNING WITH WORDS Volume 1 How to Write Effectively.  Item number: 31144.    US$10.00
92.    TIMES FAMILY ATLAS OF THE WORLD.  Item number: 31152.    US$20.00
93.    BIBLE TRUTHS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN Volume 5 of 5.  Item number: 31184.    US$8.00
94.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women HaveRecovered from Alcoholism.  Item number: 31322.    US$8.00
95.    COOKING CLASS HOLIDAY RECIPES COOKBOOK.  Item number: 31371.    US$10.00
96.    INNKEEPER'S REGISTER Country Inns of North America 1990-1991.  Item number: 31708.    US$8.00
97.    ENVIROMENTAL QUALITY 1981 12th Annual Report of the Council onEnviromental Quality.  Item number: 31755.    US$10.00
98.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women HaveRecovered from Alcoholism.  Item number: 31925.    US$10.00
99.    HUMOROUS QUOTES.  Item number: 32038.    US$8.00
100.    BARNETT COLLECTION A Pictorial Records of Early Johannesburg Published bythe Star to Commemorate the City's 80th Year.  Item number: 32086.    US$35.00

Over 9000 Items found
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