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401.    Harrison, George and Richard Starkey The Beatles: A is for Apple, Songs by George Harrison & Richard Starkey.  Item number: 003857.    US$15.00
402.    Harrison, George. (sheet music). Dark Horse. Piano/Vocal-Lead Sheet Section. (Includes: Hari's on Tour (Express); Simply Shady; So Sad; Bye, Bye, Love; Maya Love; Ding Dong, Ding Dong; Dark Horse; Far East Man; It Is He (Jai Sri Krishna))(George Harriso.  Item number: 002622.    US$85.00
403.    Hart, Carolyn G. Death on Demand. (Uncorrected Proof)..  Item number: 002894.    US$15.00
404.    Hart, Helen Mary Lee, the Red Cross Girl.  Item number: 002268.    US$17.50
405.    Hastings, George T., editor. G. C. Nearing, Henry N. Andrews, Lyman Benson, Alfred Gundersen, Edna L. Johnson, Wm. Rando Torreya: A Bi-Monthly Journal of Botanical Notes and News. Vol. 39 #2-4 & Vol. 40 #6. Guide to the Lichens of the New York Area parts 1-3 & part 8 by G. C. Nearing, Marine Algae from Long Island by Wm. Randolph Taylor, S.  Item number: 003300.    US$20.00
406.    Haweis, Rev. T. (Hawies) An Impartial & Succinct History of Rise, Declension & Revival of Church of Christ, 2nd Amer. Edition, VOLUME I ONLY.  Item number: 004111.    US$87.50
407.    Hawkins, Colin and Jacqui. Crocodile Creek: The Cry in the Night..  Item number: 003090.    US$12.50
408.    Hawley, W. M. Buddhist Symbols on the Japanese Sword.  Item number: 004577.    US$25.00
409.    Hay, Donna the new classics: A definitive collection of classics for every modern cook from donna hay magazine.  Item number: 004633.    US$40.00
410.    Haynes, Robert and Robert Burawoy 100 Selected Tsuba from European Public Collections, First European Symposium...Arts of the Samurai, German Sword Museum.  Item number: 004535.    US$70.00
411.    Hazelton, George C., Jr. Mistress Nell: A Merry Tale of a Merry Time ('Twixt Fact and Fancy) (Nell Gwyn)..  Item number: 002155.    US$50.00
412.    Heffernan, James W. New York Fire Department Examination Questions. 2 Volumes.  Item number: 000093.    US$65.00
413.    Helman, Edith F. The First Printing of Cadalso's Noches Lugubres (Reprinted from Hispanic Review, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, April, 1950).  Item number: 003853.    US$20.00
414.    Heminway, John (Hylan). No Man's Land: A Personal Journey into Africa..  Item number: 002897.    US$25.00
415.    Hempel, Rose, translated by Katherine Watson The Golden Age of Japan, 794-1192.  Item number: 004437.    US$30.00
416.    Hendrie, Hugh C., editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 1, Number 1, April 1978, Symposium On Brain Disorders: Clinical Diagnosis And Management. (One, I). .  Item number: 002647.    US$50.00
417.    Herlands, William B., Commissioner of Investigation, and Russell Forbes, Commissioner of Purchase Administration of Municipal Printing in New York City: Report to Honorable F. H. La Guardia, Mayor of the City of New York..  Item number: 002876.    US$50.00
418.    Hermet, Madelaine illustrator (Dessins de Mad Hermet on cover) no author indicated Riquet and Bolichar.  Item number: 004764.    US$60.00
419.    Heuser, Charles W. and Richard F. Stinson, editors Nursery Production, Second Edition, Student Version (Teacher Education Series, Volume 28, Number 1 S).  Item number: 004803.    US$50.00
420.    Higgins, Colin. Harold and Maude..  Item number: 003600.    US$25.00
421.    Hill, Lorna & Eve Guthrie, illustrator Masquerade at the Wells.  Item number: 001018.    US$20.00
422.    Hill, Mary and Irene Radcliffe. Charlotte Turgeon editor Food to Make You Famous: A Book of Elegant Cookery.  Item number: 004769.    US$15.00
423.    Hobson, Richmond P. Grass Beyond the Mountains: Discovering the Last Great Cattle Frontier on the North American Continent.  Item number: 001321.    US$16.50
424.    Hodgkin, Thomas (George Fox) George Fox.  Item number: 000724.    US$25.00
425.    Hoffman, Irwin Z. Ritual and Spontaneity in the Psychoanalytic Process: A Dialectical-Constructivist View.  Item number: 004807.    US$20.00
426.    Holland, Barbara. Bingo Night at the Fire Hall: The Case for Cows, Orchards, Bake Sales and Fairs..  Item number: 003675.    US$9.00
427.    Holland, Isabelle. Behind the Lines..  Item number: 003549.    US$12.00
428.    Holling, Holling Clancy Paddle-to-the-Sea.  Item number: 002988.    US$150.00
429.    Holling, Holling Clancy and Lucille W. Holling, illustrator along with Clancy. Pagoo..  Item number: 002487.    US$125.00
430.    Holling, Holling Clancy and Lucille W. Holling, illustrator along with Clancy. Pagoo..  Item number: 002488.    US$25.00
431.    Holt, Emily The Complete Housekeeper (Half-title page reads: Encyclopaedia of Household Economy).  Item number: 004766.    US$15.00
432.    Holt, Henry. Gallows Grange, Tauchnitz Edition: Collection of British and American Authors, Volume 5117..  Item number: 003515.    US$10.00
433.    Hope, Laura Lee & Walter S. Rodgers, illustrator. Bunny Brown And His Sister Sue In The Sunny South..  Item number: 003035.    US$42.50
434.    Hope, Laura Lee and W. S. Rogers, illustrator The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point or A Wreck and a Rescue.  Item number: 001134.    US$20.00
435.    Hope, Laura Lee and Walter S. Rogers, illustrator Six Little Bunkers at Cowboy Jack's.  Item number: 003780.    US$19.00
436.    Hope, Laura Lee and Walter S. Rogers, illustrator Six Little Bunkers at Indian John's.  Item number: 003782.    US$17.00
437.    Horace B. Day (uncredited) The Opium Habit, with Suggestions as to the Remedy..  Item number: 004086.    US$170.00
438.    Horton, Rod W. and Herbert W. Edwards Backgrounds of American Literary Thought. Third Edition (3rd).  Item number: 001780.    US$15.00
439.    Houk, Katharine Creating a Cooperative Learning Center: An Idea-Book for Homeschooling Families.  Item number: 001328.    US$19.45
440.    Houston, Edwin J. A Dictionary of Electrical Words, Terms and Phrases, Parts One and Two (The Library of Electrical Science, Vols. 1 & 2).  Item number: 004093.    US$150.00
441.    Houston, Edwin J. and Arthur E. Kennelly Recent Types of Dynamo-Electric Machinery (Volume Five of The Library of Electrical Science).  Item number: 004094.    US$138.00
442.    Howard, Angela Falco The Imagery of the Cosmological Buddha.  Item number: 004797.    US$225.00
443.    Hoyt, Richard. Siskiyou Two-Step: A John Denson Mystery..  Item number: 003526.    US$6.50
444.    Hueston, Ethel Ginger Ella.  Item number: 001446.    US$40.00
445.    Hughes, Rupert and C. M. Relyea, illustrator. The Lakerim Athletic Club. (Lake Rim)..  Item number: 001883.    US$375.00
446.    Hugo, Victor. Melville B. Anderson translator William Shakespeare.  Item number: 004768.    US$95.00
447.    Hurd, Edith Thatcher and Clement Hurd, illustrator Caboose.  Item number: 004102.    US$45.00
448.    Hutchieson, J. C., editor Fugitive Poetry. 1600 - 1878.  Item number: 003892.    US$20.00
449.    Hutchins, Ross E. & Jerome P. Connolly, illustrator. The Travels of Monarch X..  Item number: 000680.    US$12.50
450.    Hutton, Edward and O. F. M. Ward, illustrator Siena and Southern Tuscany.  Item number: 004039.    US$20.00

1009 items found
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