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351.    Glaspell, Susan Norma Ashe.  Item number: 004163.    US$125.00
352.    Glaspell, Susan Norma Ashe.  Item number: 004164.    US$39.00
353.    Glaspell, Susan The Verge: A Play in Three Acts.  Item number: 004169.    US$70.00
354.    Glaspell, Susan Lifted Masks.  Item number: 004197.    US$15.00
355.    Glasstone, Samuel, under the sponsorship of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Sourcebook on the Space Sciences .  Item number: 000356.    US$25.00
356.    Glazier, Loss Pequeno, editor All's Normal Here: A Charles Bukowski Primer.  Item number: 003763.    US$42.50
357.    Glover, Edward. Psycho-Analysis: A Handbook for Medical Practitioners and Students of Comparative Psychology..  Item number: 002970.    US$23.50
358.    Gnagy, Jon Learn to Draw this Puppy Dog with Jon Gnagy. Movie #33 Animated TV Drawing Lesson. A Jon Gnagy/Action/Stop/Motion/Drawing Book. Flip the Pages ... And See the Picture Come Alive.  Item number: 003960.    US$45.00
359.    Goldberg, Martin, editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 5, Number 3, December 1982, Marital Therapy. (Five, Three, V, III). .  Item number: 002663.    US$20.00
360.    Goldsmith, Dr. (Oliver Goldsmith) The Deserted Village; A Poem.  Item number: 004099.    US$95.00
361.    Goldsmith, Oliver & Arthur Rackham, illustrator The Vicar of Wakefield.  Item number: 002041.    US$125.00
362.    Goodrich, L. Carrington History of China: A Self-Teaching Course, Based on A Short History of the Chinese People - Education Manual EM 209, Selected and Prepared by the Editorial Staff United States Armed Forces Institute, For the Use of Person.  Item number: 003865.    US$21.00
363.    Gorbatchev, Mikhail. Perestroika: Vues neuves sur notre pays et le monde. (Perestroika: New Thinking for our Country and the World)..  Item number: 000533.    US$15.00
364.    Gordon, Antoinette K. Tibetan Religious Art.  Item number: 004579.    US$22.50
365.    Gosse, Edmund W., editor. (Spenser, Jonson, Randolph, Milton, Cowley, Marvell, Dryden, Mulgrave, Rochester, Boileau, Pri English Odes..  Item number: 002206.    US$50.00
366.    Gottenberg, W. G. editor Symposium on Applications of Holography in Mechanics. August 23-25, 1971. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California.  Item number: 004059.    US$25.00
367.    Gray, James and J. J. B. Maidment, compilers The Banquet of Wit: Being a Varied Selection of Anecdotes Bon Mots et cetera.  Item number: 004379.    US$40.00
368.    Gray, Spalding. Gray's Anatomy..  Item number: 003463.    US$95.00
369.    Green, David Bonnell and Edwin Graves Wilson, editors. Keats, Shelly, Byron, Hunt, and Their Circles: A Bibliography: July 1, 1950 - June 30, 1962..  Item number: 000266.    US$15.00
370.    Greene, John C. The Death of Adam: Evolution and Its Impact on Western Thought..  Item number: 003427.    US$19.50
371.    Gregory, Ian. Fundamentals of Psychiatry. Second Edition..  Item number: 002769.    US$20.00
372.    Grenfell, Clarine Coffin & Lornagrace Grenfell Bowron, illustrator The Caress and the Hurt: Prose and Verse.  Item number: 001020.    US$10.00
373.    Grenier, Jean and Alexander Coleman, translator. Conversations on the Good Uses of Freedom..  Item number: 003535.    US$30.00
374.    Grimm Brothers & Lisbeth Zwerger, illustrator. (Brothers Grimm). Little Red Cap. (Little Red Riding Hood)..  Item number: 001998.    US$34.00
375.    Grimm, Brothers & Vasile Olac, illustrator Little Red Riding-Hood (Ridinghood).  Item number: 001278.    US$10.00
376.    Grousset, Rene L’Inde (Collection Ars et Historia, Les Civilisations de L’Orient).  Item number: 004695.    US$15.00
377.    Guerin, Arsene and Ch. Guyon, & Cl. de Perle, illustrator La Vocation d'Un Fils de Pecheur.  Item number: 003769.    US$20.00
378.    Guiler, Eric R. Thylacine: The Tragedy of the Tasmanian Tiger.  Item number: 004499.    US$275.00
379.    Gulf Oil. Gulf Oil..  Item number: 003674.    US$25.00
380.    Gunmere, John. Treatise on Surveying, Containing The Theory & Practice: to Which is Prefixed a Perspicuous System of Plane Trigonometry. The whole clearly demonstrated & illustrated by a large number of appropriate examples, particular.  Item number: 003579.    US$95.00
381.    Gunther, Jorn and Robert O’Neill The Art of the Book From the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance: A Journey Through a Thousand Years.  Item number: 004267.    US$50.00
382.    Hall, Radclyffe The Sixth Beatitude.  Item number: 003990.    US$33.00
383.    Hamilton, Virginia & Barry Moser, illustrator. The All Jahdu Storybook..  Item number: 002002.    US$15.00
384.    Hample, Stoo (Stuart, Stu, Stew) Yet Another Big Fat Funny Silly Book.  Item number: 003218.    US$80.00
385.    Hample, Stoo. (Stuart, Stew). Stoo Hample's Silly Joke Book. (Stuart, Stew)..  Item number: 002941.    US$42.50
386.    Handy & Harman. The Handy Book For Manufacturers: A Reference Book Containing Tables of Weights, Measurements and Other Helpful Information About Silver, Gold and Platinum - of special interest to silversmiths, and manufacturers of jewe.  Item number: 001406.    US$30.00
387.    Hanh, Thich Nhat. Present Moment, Wonderful Moment: Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living..  Item number: 003199.    US$9.50
388.    Harbach, Otto, lyrics, and Jerome Kern, music She Didn't Say Yes.  Item number: 004145.    US$18.50
389.    Harland, Henry Comedies and Errors.  Item number: 001445.    US$40.00
390.    Harrington, Jan L. Relational Database Management for Microcomputers: Design and Implementation.  Item number: 000738.    US$25.00
391.    Harris, Gideon and associates Audels Automobile Guide with Questions, Answers and Illustrations for Owners - Operators - Repairmen, Relating to ....  Item number: 004777.    US$15.00
392.    Harris, Hyman H. Hebrew Liturgical Music. A Survey of Traditional Hebrew Music: Biblical Cantillation and the Music of the Cantors..  Item number: 000447.    US$95.00
393.    Harris, Joel Chandler and Oliver Herford, illustrator. (Uncle Remus). Mr. Rabbit at Home: A Sequel to Little Mr. Thimblefinger and his Queer Country..  Item number: 003297.    US$110.00
394.    Harrison, George and Richard Starkey The Beatles: A is for Apple, Songs by George Harrison & Richard Starkey.  Item number: 003857.    US$15.00
395.    Harrison, George. (sheet music). Dark Horse. Piano/Vocal-Lead Sheet Section. (Includes: Hari's on Tour (Express); Simply Shady; So Sad; Bye, Bye, Love; Maya Love; Ding Dong, Ding Dong; Dark Horse; Far East Man; It Is He (Jai Sri Krishna))(George Harriso.  Item number: 002622.    US$85.00
396.    Hart, Carolyn G. Death on Demand. (Uncorrected Proof)..  Item number: 002894.    US$15.00
397.    Hart, Helen Mary Lee, the Red Cross Girl.  Item number: 002268.    US$17.50
398.    Hastings, George T., editor. G. C. Nearing, Henry N. Andrews, Lyman Benson, Alfred Gundersen, Edna L. Johnson, Wm. Rando Torreya: A Bi-Monthly Journal of Botanical Notes and News. Vol. 39 #2-4 & Vol. 40 #6. Guide to the Lichens of the New York Area parts 1-3 & part 8 by G. C. Nearing, Marine Algae from Long Island by Wm. Randolph Taylor, S.  Item number: 003300.    US$20.00
399.    Hawkins, Colin and Jacqui. Crocodile Creek: The Cry in the Night..  Item number: 003090.    US$12.50
400.    Hawley, W. M. Buddhist Symbols on the Japanese Sword.  Item number: 004577.    US$25.00

988 items found
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