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251.    de Jong, Frits J. Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary: English/American, French, German, Dutch (on front cover); Economisch Woordenboek: Viertalig, Engels/Amerikaans, Frans, Duits, Nederlands (on dust jacket).  Item number: 004025.    US$200.00
252.    De Montgon, A. and de Lelec, illustrator Napoleon (Napolˇon) .  Item number: 001311.    US$20.00
253.    De Oliveira, Jose Osorio El Arte Negro Como Expresion Humana y Como Valor Cultural.  Item number: 004715.    US$15.00
254.    de Saint Robert, Philippe. Les Septennats Interrompus: Les remparts d'Elseneur..  Item number: 000534.    US$15.00
255.    De Salas, Xavier. Cuatro Obras Maestras: Vicente Macip, El Greco, Van Dyck, Goya. (Four Masterpieces)..  Item number: 003425.    US$25.00
256.    De Segur, La Comtesse. retold and adapted by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers. (nee Rostopchine) (SÄgur). The Enchanted Forest..  Item number: 003591.    US$115.00
257.    Deforges, Regine. La Derniere Colline: 1950-1954, Roman (novel)..  Item number: 000539.    US$15.00
258.    Dehaene, Stanislas The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics.  Item number: 004223.    US$20.00
259.    DeJong, Meindert and Lillian Hoban, illustrator The Easter Cat.  Item number: 001073.    US$10.00
260.    Dickens, Charles Our Mutual Friend, In Two Volumes, Vol. II only (Two, 2).  Item number: 003817.    US$18.00
261.    Dickens, Charles with George Cruikshank, illustrator The Adventures of Oliver Twist, or The Parish Boys Progress.  Item number: 003981.    US$30.00
262.    Dilthey, Wilhelm, translated by Eugenio Imaz Historia de la Filosofia.  Item number: 004268.    US$25.00
263.    Dixon, Franklin W. & Paul Laune, illustrator. A Figure In Hiding (The Hardy Boys) #16..  Item number: 003042.    US$15.00
264.    Dobson, Joanne The Northbury Papers: A Modern Mystery of Academic Proportions .  Item number: 001155.    US$25.00
265.    Dolph-Stewart Dolph-Stewart Street, Road and Property Ownership: Map of Dutchess County New York (NY).  Item number: 004759.    US$500.00
266.    Douglas, Amanda M. A Little Girl of Long Ago: Or Hannah Ann, A Sequel to A Little Girl in Old New York.  Item number: 001674.    US$25.00
267.    Dowling, Richard Catmur's Cave (Catmurs).  Item number: 003924.    US$65.00
268.    Dr. Chase Dr. Chase: A Further Collection.  Item number: 003935.    US$15.00
269.    Drury, Allen Three Kids in a Cart: A Visit to Ike, and Other Diversions.  Item number: 000085.    US$12.50
270.    Dryden, John, Esq. The Poetical Works of John Dryden, Esq. Containing His: Astraea Redux, Annus Mirabilis, Britainnia Rediviva, Religio Laici, Threnod. Augustalis, Stanzas to Cromwell, etc, etc, etc. (Poetry, Poems)..  Item number: 003008.    US$75.00
271.    Dryden, Windy. Rational-Emotive Therapy: Fundamentals and Innovations..  Item number: 003642.    US$12.50
272.    du Genestoux, Magdeleine and Felix Lorioux, illustrator Mickey et Minnie (Mickey and Minnie Mouse).  Item number: 003748.    US$70.00
273.    Du Genestoux, Mageleine and Felix Lorioux, illustrator. (Walt Disney). Mickey Presente: L'Arche de Noe: d'apres le celebre film de Walt Disney Silly Symphonies (Mickey Prˇsente: L'Arche de Noˇ) (Mickey Presents: Noah's Ark)..  Item number: 000629.    US$185.00
274.    Du Quette, Keith. (Duquette) author and illustrator Hotel Animal.  Item number: 004505.    US$30.00
275.    Dunlap, Susan A Dinner To Die For. A Jill Smith Mystery.  Item number: 001392.    US$10.00
276.    Dunn, Helen Celebrity Recipes.  Item number: 003987.    US$45.00
277.    Dunton, Darlene. The Complete Bonsai Handbook..  Item number: 003240.    US$12.50
278.    Dunwell, Steve. The Run of the Mill: A Pictorial Narrative of the Expansion, Dominion, Decline and Enduring Impact of the New England Textile Industry..  Item number: 003125.    US$55.00
279.    Durant, Will, translated by C. A. Jordana La Civilizacion del Extremo Oriente. (original English title: Our Oriental Heritage: The Far East. The Story of Civilization series.).  Item number: 003863.    US$35.00
280.    Durant, Will; C. A. Jordana, translator La Civilizacion de la India (India and Her Neighbors).  Item number: 003825.    US$30.00
281.    Duras, Marguerite Writing.  Item number: 004213.    US$15.00
282.    Duras, Marguerite (李末, 黃芳, 刘娟译; Mo Li, Fang Huang, Juan Liu translation Tree Years (树上的岁月, Shu shang de sui yue, Des journées entières dans les arbres).  Item number: 004547.    US$30.00
283.    Eathorne, Alison Malone, Hilary Malone and Lorna Malone Sea Salt: Recipes from the West Coast Galley.  Item number: 004632.    US$15.00
284.    Eaton, Seymour (Paul Piper) and V. Floyd Campbell, illustrator. The Traveling Bears Across the Sea: Their Travels and Adventures. Teddy B, Teddy G. (Roosevelt Bears)..  Item number: 003412.    US$90.00
285.    Eaton, Seymour (Paul Piper) and V. Floyd Campbell, illustrator. The Traveling Bears in Fairyland: Their Travels and Adventures. (Roosevelt Bears)..  Item number: 003066.    US$185.00
286.    Eddings, David The Belgariad, Part Two: Castle of Wizardry and Enchanters' End Game.  Item number: 003956.    US$30.00
287.    Edwards, George Wharton, author and illustrator The Forest of Arden with some of its Legends.  Item number: 004743.    US$25.00
288.    Eickhoff, Randy Lee. Hand to Execute: A Walker Adventure..  Item number: 000540.    US$14.00
289.    Elkin, Benjamin and James Daugherty, illustrator. Wouter en Die Wagte. (Gillespie and the Guards)..  Item number: 000185.    US$30.00
290.    Elliott, Aubrey. Magic World of the Xhosa..  Item number: 003081.    US$25.00
291.    Ellison, Harlan I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream.  Item number: 004510.    US$25.00
292.    Ellsworth, Mrs. M. W. Queen of the Household.  Item number: 004782.    US$20.00
293.    Elting, Mary & Ursula Koering, illustrator. Trucks at Work..  Item number: 000514.    US$12.50
294.    Erickson, Lori. The Mighty Mississippi: A Traveler's Guide. Discover Historic America Series..  Item number: 003258.    US$12.50
295.    Estes, Eleanor The Middle Moffat.  Item number: 000959.    US$14.00
296.    Eulian, James To Love and To Serve in Pittsfield Massachusetts The U.S. of A..  Item number: 004329.    US$18.75
297.    Euripides, translated by R. Potter The Tragedies of Euripides; Translated by R. Potter. In Two Volumes. Vol. II..  Item number: 004545.    US$62.50
298.    Eyre, Katherine Wigmore and Stephani and Edward Godwin, illustrators (Wegmore Eyri) The Song of a Thrush.  Item number: 001609.    US$25.00
299.    Faire, Laura, pics by John Kelleher, photos by Michael Bradley Limited Edition Cookery.  Item number: 004642.    US$90.00
300.    Fast, Yvona Garden Gourmet: Fresh & Fabulous Meals from your North Country Garden, CSA, or Farmers’ Market.  Item number: 004643.    US$16.00

983 items found
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