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251.    Danford, Lt. Col. Edward C., editor, et al History 64th Fighter Wing 1942-1945 Restricted.  Item number: 001159.    US$195.00
252.    Dash, Paul R. and D. C. Bartholomew, illustrator The Cook-ed-up Peary-odd-ical Dictionary and Who's Hoot In The Arctic Circles, including Advices on How to Find The Pole and Prove It, Geographic Observations, Etc. Etc., Written by Degrees by Disagreeing Fellow of Vari.  Item number: 003804.    US$450.00
253.    de Carvatho, Ronald Pequena Historia da Literatura Brasileira.  Item number: 000248.    US$20.00
254.    De Haven, Tom Jersey Luck: A Novel.  Item number: 000043.    US$36.50
255.    de Jong, Frits J. Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary: English/American, French, German, Dutch (on front cover); Economisch Woordenboek: Viertalig, Engels/Amerikaans, Frans, Duits, Nederlands (on dust jacket).  Item number: 004025.    US$200.00
256.    De Montgon, A. and de Lelec, illustrator Napoleon (Napolˇon) .  Item number: 001311.    US$20.00
257.    De Oliveira, Jose Osorio El Arte Negro Como Expresion Humana y Como Valor Cultural.  Item number: 004715.    US$15.00
258.    de Saint Robert, Philippe. Les Septennats Interrompus: Les remparts d'Elseneur..  Item number: 000534.    US$15.00
259.    De Salas, Xavier. Cuatro Obras Maestras: Vicente Macip, El Greco, Van Dyck, Goya. (Four Masterpieces)..  Item number: 003425.    US$25.00
260.    De Segur, La Comtesse. retold and adapted by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers. (nee Rostopchine) (SÄgur). The Enchanted Forest..  Item number: 003591.    US$115.00
261.    Deforges, Regine. La Derniere Colline: 1950-1954, Roman (novel)..  Item number: 000539.    US$15.00
262.    Dehaene, Stanislas The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics.  Item number: 004223.    US$20.00
263.    DeJong, Meindert and Lillian Hoban, illustrator The Easter Cat.  Item number: 001073.    US$10.00
264.    Dickens, Charles Our Mutual Friend, In Two Volumes, Vol. II only (Two, 2).  Item number: 003817.    US$18.00
265.    Dickens, Charles with George Cruikshank, illustrator The Adventures of Oliver Twist, or The Parish Boys Progress.  Item number: 003981.    US$30.00
266.    Dilthey, Wilhelm, translated by Eugenio Imaz Historia de la Filosofia.  Item number: 004268.    US$25.00
267.    Dixon, Franklin W. & Paul Laune, illustrator. A Figure In Hiding (The Hardy Boys) #16..  Item number: 003042.    US$15.00
268.    Dobson, Joanne The Northbury Papers: A Modern Mystery of Academic Proportions .  Item number: 001155.    US$25.00
269.    Dolph-Stewart Dolph-Stewart Street, Road and Property Ownership: Map of Dutchess County New York (NY).  Item number: 004759.    US$500.00
270.    Douglas, Amanda M. A Little Girl of Long Ago: Or Hannah Ann, A Sequel to A Little Girl in Old New York.  Item number: 001674.    US$25.00
271.    Dowling, Richard Catmur's Cave (Catmurs).  Item number: 003924.    US$65.00
272.    Dr. Chase Dr. Chase: A Further Collection.  Item number: 003935.    US$15.00
273.    Drury, Allen Three Kids in a Cart: A Visit to Ike, and Other Diversions.  Item number: 000085.    US$12.50
274.    Dryden, John, Esq. The Poetical Works of John Dryden, Esq. Containing His: Astraea Redux, Annus Mirabilis, Britainnia Rediviva, Religio Laici, Threnod. Augustalis, Stanzas to Cromwell, etc, etc, etc. (Poetry, Poems)..  Item number: 003008.    US$75.00
275.    Dryden, Windy. Rational-Emotive Therapy: Fundamentals and Innovations..  Item number: 003642.    US$12.50
276.    du Genestoux, Magdeleine and Felix Lorioux, illustrator Mickey et Minnie (Mickey and Minnie Mouse).  Item number: 003748.    US$70.00
277.    Du Genestoux, Mageleine and Felix Lorioux, illustrator. (Walt Disney). Mickey Presente: L'Arche de Noe: d'apres le celebre film de Walt Disney Silly Symphonies (Mickey Prˇsente: L'Arche de Noˇ) (Mickey Presents: Noah's Ark)..  Item number: 000629.    US$185.00
278.    Du Quette, Keith. (Duquette) author and illustrator Hotel Animal.  Item number: 004505.    US$30.00
279.    Dunlap, Susan A Dinner To Die For. A Jill Smith Mystery.  Item number: 001392.    US$10.00
280.    Dunn, Helen Celebrity Recipes.  Item number: 003987.    US$45.00
281.    Dunton, Darlene. The Complete Bonsai Handbook..  Item number: 003240.    US$12.50
282.    Dunwell, Steve. The Run of the Mill: A Pictorial Narrative of the Expansion, Dominion, Decline and Enduring Impact of the New England Textile Industry..  Item number: 003125.    US$55.00
283.    Durant, Will, translated by C. A. Jordana La Civilizacion del Extremo Oriente. (original English title: Our Oriental Heritage: The Far East. The Story of Civilization series.).  Item number: 003863.    US$35.00
284.    Durant, Will; C. A. Jordana, translator La Civilizacion de la India (India and Her Neighbors).  Item number: 003825.    US$30.00
285.    Duras, Marguerite Writing.  Item number: 004213.    US$15.00
286.    Duras, Marguerite (李末, 黃芳, 刘娟译; Mo Li, Fang Huang, Juan Liu translation Tree Years (树上的岁月, Shu shang de sui yue, Des journées entières dans les arbres).  Item number: 004547.    US$30.00
287.    Eathorne, Alison Malone, Hilary Malone and Lorna Malone Sea Salt: Recipes from the West Coast Galley.  Item number: 004632.    US$15.00
288.    Eaton, Seymour (Paul Piper) and V. Floyd Campbell, illustrator. The Traveling Bears Across the Sea: Their Travels and Adventures. Teddy B, Teddy G. (Roosevelt Bears)..  Item number: 003412.    US$90.00
289.    Eaton, Seymour (Paul Piper) and V. Floyd Campbell, illustrator. The Traveling Bears in Fairyland: Their Travels and Adventures. (Roosevelt Bears)..  Item number: 003066.    US$185.00
290.    Eddings, David The Belgariad, Part Two: Castle of Wizardry and Enchanters' End Game.  Item number: 003956.    US$30.00
291.    Edwards, George Wharton, author and illustrator The Forest of Arden with some of its Legends.  Item number: 004743.    US$25.00
292.    Eickhoff, Randy Lee. Hand to Execute: A Walker Adventure..  Item number: 000540.    US$14.00
293.    Elkin, Benjamin and James Daugherty, illustrator. Wouter en Die Wagte. (Gillespie and the Guards)..  Item number: 000185.    US$30.00
294.    Elliott, Aubrey. Magic World of the Xhosa..  Item number: 003081.    US$25.00
295.    Ellison, Harlan I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream.  Item number: 004510.    US$25.00
296.    Ellsworth, Mrs. M. W. Queen of the Household.  Item number: 004782.    US$20.00
297.    Elting, Mary & Ursula Koering, illustrator. Trucks at Work..  Item number: 000514.    US$12.50
298.    Erickson, Lori. The Mighty Mississippi: A Traveler's Guide. Discover Historic America Series..  Item number: 003258.    US$12.50
299.    Estes, Eleanor The Middle Moffat.  Item number: 000959.    US$14.00
300.    Eulian, James To Love and To Serve in Pittsfield Massachusetts The U.S. of A..  Item number: 004329.    US$18.75

994 items found
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