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501.    Kennedy, William. Ironweed: A Novel..  Item number: 003570.    US$150.00
502.    Kennedy, William. Ironweed: A Novel..  Item number: 002781.    US$150.00
503.    Kent, Rockwell This Is My Own.  Item number: 003646.    US$175.00
504.    Kerlogue, Fiona Arts of Southeast Asia (Thames & Hudson world of art).  Item number: 004496.    US$10.00
505.    Kern, Jerome, music and Oscar Hammerstein, words (sheet music) Make Believe: MGM Presents Show Boat starring Kathryn Grayson, Ava Gardner, Howard Keel with Joe E. Brown, Marge and Gower Champion, Robert Sterling, Agnes Moorehead (sheet music) .  Item number: 001611.    US$15.00
506.    Ketcham, John Henry. Compiled by the Joint Committee on Printing. John Henry Ketcham (Late a Representative from New York) Memorial Addresses. Fifty-ninth Congress, Second Session. House of Representatives February 24, 1907, Senate of the United States March 2, 1907. (NY, 59th, 2nd)..  Item number: 003032.    US$35.00
507.    Ketchum, Ken. Travels of an Engineer..  Item number: 003424.    US$15.00
508.    Khalsa, Narayan Singh, Ph.D. Addictions & Allergies: Their Psychological Meaning.  Item number: 004003.    US$60.00
509.    Kherdian, David and Nonny Hogrogian, illustrator The Animal.  Item number: 001570.    US$16.00
510.    Kimball, Chase Patterson, editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 2, Number 2, August 1979, Symposium on Liaison Psychiatry. (Two, II). .  Item number: 002651.    US$15.00
511.    Kimball, Marie. Jefferson: The Scene of Europe 1784 to 1789..  Item number: 002820.    US$17.50
512.    King, Edmund M. B. Victorian Decorated Trade Bindings 1830 - 1880: A Descriptive Bibliography.  Item number: 003885.    US$90.00
513.    Kingsley, Charles and Thornton Oakley, illustrator. Westward Ho! Or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth..  Item number: 003595.    US$15.00
514.    Kinsey, Alfred C., Wardell B. Pomeroy, Clyde E. Martin and Paul H. Gebhard, translation by Juan Pablo Echague Conducta Sexual de la Mujer, Con el apoyo del Instituto de Investigaciones Sexuales, de la Universidad de Indiana.  Item number: 004278.    US$70.00
515.    Kiser, Martha Gwinn and Eloise Wilkin, illustrator Rainbow For Me.  Item number: 003115.    US$25.00
516.    Kisseloff, Jeff, editor Bill of Rights Journal, Volume XXIII, December, 1990.  Item number: 004205.    US$15.00
517.    Kleiner, Audrey L., editor Chicago 18: Piano/Vocal/Guitar, Includes Professional Fakebook Arrangements.  Item number: 003861.    US$60.00
518.    Kocin, Paul J. and Louis W. Uccellini. Snowstorms Along the Northeastern Coast of the United States: 1955-1985. (Meteorological Monographs Vol. 22 Number 44)..  Item number: 003626.    US$72.50
519.    Kornhaber, Arthur and Woodward, Kenneth L. Grandparents/Grandchildren: The Vital Connection..  Item number: 003392.    US$15.00
520.    Kramer, Harold Morton with Harold Matthews Brett, illustrator Hearts and the Cross.  Item number: 004129.    US$20.00
521.    Kroll, Steven and Marvin Glass, illustrated. Don't Get Me in Trouble!.  Item number: 003086.    US$12.50
522.    Kuhn, Fritz. (Kühn). Gottes Harte Herrlichkeit: Ein Fotobuch von Fritz Kuhn (Kühn, Herrlich Keit)..  Item number: 002522.    US$32.50
523.    Kuhn, Helmut, translated by Raul Alberto Pierola Encuentro con la Nada, Ensayo sobre el existencialismo.  Item number: 004257.    US$22.00
524.    L'Amour, Louis. (Lamour). Over on the Dry Side: A Novel of the Frontier..  Item number: 003350.    US$20.00
525.    Lader, M.H., editor Handbook of psychiatry 2: Mental disorders and somatic illness.  Item number: 004005.    US$15.00
526.    Laframboise, Leon W. History of the Artillery, Cavalry, & Infantry Branch of Service Insignia..  Item number: 002957.    US$150.00
527.    Laing, Ellen Johnston An Index to Reproductions of Paintings by Twentieth-Century Chinese Artists.  Item number: 004558.    US$65.00
528.    Lake, C. Raymond, editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 7, Number 3, September 1984, Symposium on Clinical Psychopharmacology I. (Seven, Three, VII, II). .  Item number: 002669.    US$20.00
529.    Lake, C. Raymond, editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 7, Number 4, December 1984, Symposium on Clinical Psychopharmacology II. (Seven, Four, VII, IV). .  Item number: 002670.    US$20.00
530.    Lamb, Arthur B., editor The Journal of The American Chemical Society, Volume LXVII, January - June 1945 and July - December 1945 (67).  Item number: 002234.    US$35.00
531.    Lambkin, Amelia MacMillan. Buckskin and Ermine..  Item number: 000599.    US$35.00
532.    Lancaster, Clay The Far-Out Island Railroad: Nantucket's Old Summer Narrow-Gauge,1879-1918.  Item number: 004052.    US$325.00
533.    Landon, Herman The Back-Seat Murder (Backseat).  Item number: 004312.    US$20.00
534.    Larocca, Felix E. F., editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 7, Number 2, June 1984, Symposium on Eating Disorders. (Seven, Two, VII, II). .  Item number: 002668.    US$20.00
535.    Lathrop, Donald N. Clothespinology: A Celebration of a Playful Obsession, 125 Adventures in Creativity for the Home and School..  Item number: 000438.    US$15.00
536.    Latourette, Kenneth Scott and Miguel de Hernani, translator Los Chinos: Su Historia y Su Cultura (The Chinese: Their History and Culture).  Item number: 003828.    US$30.00
537.    Lavell, Edith The Girl Scoutsí Motor Trip.  Item number: 004454.    US$22.50
538.    Lawrence, Florence Quicksilver: An Intimate Portrayal of Robert Fulton.  Item number: 004760.    US$15.00
539.    Lawson, Robert. Rabbit Hill..  Item number: 003226.    US$37.50
540.    Le Maout, Emm. and J. Decaisne Traite General de Botanique Descriptive et Analytique. Two parts in one volume. Premiere Partie: D’Organoraphie, D’Anatomie et de Physiologie. Deuxieme Partie: Iconographie, Description et Histoire de Families. .  Item number: 000827.    US$225.00
541.    Leavitt, Ann H. with H. C. and Lucille Holling, illustrators. (Holling Clancy Holling). Three Little Indians..  Item number: 002050.    US$85.00
542.    Leblanc, Maurice. Editors, Alexander H. Olmsted and Stephen A. Freeman. Arsene Lupin: Gentleman-Cambrioleur..  Item number: 003693.    US$9.00
543.    Lee, Warren F. Down Along the old Bel-Del: The History of the Belvidere Delaware Railroad Company, A Pennsylvania Railroad Company..  Item number: 003547.    US$200.00
544.    Lenz, Ellis Christian. King Buff. (Buffalo)..  Item number: 003110.    US$19.50
545.    Leon, Donna Falling in Love: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery.  Item number: 004806.    US$7.50
546.    Lewis, Sinclair. Norman P. Rockwell, frontispiece. Trail of the Hawk: A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life..  Item number: 003068.    US$75.00
547.    Liberman, Robert Paul, editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 1, Number 2, August 1978, Symposium on Behavior Therapy In Psychiatry. (One, Two, I, II). .  Item number: 002648.    US$30.00
548.    Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Gift From the Sea: Twentieth Anniversary Edition.  Item number: 001573.    US$12.50
549.    Lipsitz, Lou and Philip Kuznicki, artist. Reflections on Samson..  Item number: 003584.    US$18.50
550.    Locker, Thomas. The Mare on the Hill..  Item number: 001925.    US$23.00

1009 items found
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