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451.    Japanese Fairy Tale Series. The Matsuyama Mirror. Japanese Fairy Tale Series, No. 10. (ten, X)..  Item number: 003283.    US$195.00
452.    Jarvik, Lissy F. & Gary W. Small, editors. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 5, Number 1, April 1982, Aging. (Five, One, V, I). .  Item number: 002661.    US$20.00
453.    Jefferson, Mrs. Thomas III, Mrs. John B. H. Caldwell and Mrs. William C. Perrine, with Mrs. Staige D. Blackford and Mrs. Festive Fan Fare Cookbook.  Item number: 004786.    US$16.00
454.    Jenrette, Richard Hampton More Adventures With Old Houses: The Edgewater Experience.  Item number: 004818.    US$42.00
455.    Jewett, Sarah Orne. Deephaven..  Item number: 000413.    US$37.50
456.    Johnson, Philip. edited by David Whitney and Jeffery Kipnis The Glass House.  Item number: 004722.    US$40.00
457.    Johnson, Vance Heaven's Tableland: The Dust Bowl Story.  Item number: 004605.    US$30.00
458.    Joly, Henri L. W. L. Behrens Collection, Part IV. Buddhistic Section, Chinese Antiques, Chinese and Japanese Miscellanea.  Item number: 004589.    US$55.00
459.    Jones, Bruce and Murray Walker, foreword The Official itv F1 Grand Prix Guide 1999 (Formula One Racing) .  Item number: 001269.    US$25.00
460.    Jones, George William Four-Place Logarithms.  Item number: 004079.    US$10.00
461.    Jones, Julie and Warwick Bray. El Dorado: The Gold of Ancient Colombia from El Museo del Oro, Banco de la Republica Bogota, Columbia..  Item number: 001707.    US$15.00
462.    Juliano, Annette L. Selections from the Asian Collections of Vassar College, April 4 through 30, 1972.  Item number: 004447.    US$35.00
463.    Khn, Fritz. (Kuhn). Gottes Harte Herrlich Keit: Ein Fotobuch von Fritz Khn (Kuhn)..  Item number: 002166.    US$37.50
464.    Khn, Fritz. (Meister Thomas). Meister Thomas: Der Bildschnitzer Von Allerheiligen. Eine Legende. (literally "Master Thomas: Picture Carver of All Saint's Day".) .  Item number: 002799.    US$30.00
465.    Kallstrom, Theresa, illustrated by Barbara Larsen Lyndy.  Item number: 000980.    US$25.00
466.    Kalyanam, N. P. Common Insects of India.  Item number: 003765.    US$26.00
467.    Kamarck, Andrew M The Economics of African Development.  Item number: 001958.    US$14.00
468.    Kane, Mark and Ted Nierenberg, photographer Beckoning Path: Lessons of a Lifelong Garden: The Photographs and Garden of Ted Nierenberg.  Item number: 001529.    US$65.00
469.    Karinthy, Frigyes. Viaje en Torno de mi Craneo. (Original title: Utazas A Koponyam Korul. English translation: Voyage Around My Skull)..  Item number: 003191.    US$15.00
470.    Karow, Dr. Otto. with photos by Dr. Johan Moger Burmese Buddhist Sculpture: The Johan Moger Collection.  Item number: 004813.    US$125.00
471.    Kasabian, Anna with foreword by Tommy Hilfiger New England Style.  Item number: 004816.    US$20.00
472.    Kasha, Michael and Bernard Pullman, editors Horizons in Biochemistry, Albert Szent-Gyrgi Dedicatory Volume.  Item number: 004121.    US$29.00
473.    Kashey, Robert and Martin L. H. Reymert, editors. German Drawings and Watercolors, 1780-1880: A Survey of Works on Paper by German-Speaking Artists. (catalog)..  Item number: 002548.    US$20.00
474.    Kazuko, Okakura - translated by Manuel Bosch Barrett El Libro del Te.  Item number: 004582.    US$42.50
475.    Keats, Ezra Jack. Peter's Chair..  Item number: 003556.    US$11.00
476.    Keene, Carolyn The Mystery of the Locked Room, The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, # 7.  Item number: 004244.    US$17.50
477.    Keene, Carolyn The Secret in the Old Well, The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, # 13.  Item number: 004245.    US$25.00
478.    Keene, Carolyn The Clue in the Old Stagecoach, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories # 37.  Item number: 004211.    US$15.00
479.    Keene, Carolyn The Phantom of Pine Hill, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories # 42.  Item number: 004212.    US$15.00
480.    Keene, Carolyn The Clue of the Velvet Mask, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories # 30.  Item number: 004201.    US$85.00
481.    Keene, Carolyn and F. Warren, illustrator. The Secret at the Gatehouse: The Dana Girls Mystery Stories. #9..  Item number: 003429.    US$75.00
482.    Keene, Carolyn with Russell H. Tandy and Bill Gillies, illustrators The Sign of the Twisted Candles, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, # 9.  Item number: 004044.    US$30.00
483.    Keene, Carolyn. The Circle of Footprints: The Dana Girls Mystery Stories. #6..  Item number: 003428.    US$75.00
484.    Keller, Holly. Henry's Happy Birthday..  Item number: 000216.    US$16.00
485.    Kelly, Brigit Pegeen. Foreword by James Merrill. To the Place of Trumpets. Volume 83 of the Yale Series of Younger Poets..  Item number: 004162.    US$95.00
486.    Kemp, James F. The Mineral Springs of Saratoga. New York State Museum. Museum Bulletin 159.  Item number: 004311.    US$15.00
487.    Kennealy-Morrison, Patricia. The Hedge of Mist: A Book of the Keltiad. Volume III of The Tales of Arthur. (3, three)..  Item number: 003097.    US$12.50
488.    Kennedy, Richard with introduction by Bevis Hillier A Boy at the Hogarth Press.  Item number: 001054.    US$395.00
489.    Kennedy, William. Ironweed: A Novel..  Item number: 003570.    US$150.00
490.    Kennedy, William. Ironweed: A Novel..  Item number: 002781.    US$150.00
491.    Kent, Rockwell This Is My Own.  Item number: 003646.    US$175.00
492.    Kerlogue, Fiona Arts of Southeast Asia (Thames & Hudson world of art).  Item number: 004496.    US$10.00
493.    Kern, Jerome, music and Oscar Hammerstein, words (sheet music) Make Believe: MGM Presents Show Boat starring Kathryn Grayson, Ava Gardner, Howard Keel with Joe E. Brown, Marge and Gower Champion, Robert Sterling, Agnes Moorehead (sheet music) .  Item number: 001611.    US$15.00
494.    Ketcham, John Henry. Compiled by the Joint Committee on Printing. John Henry Ketcham (Late a Representative from New York) Memorial Addresses. Fifty-ninth Congress, Second Session. House of Representatives February 24, 1907, Senate of the United States March 2, 1907. (NY, 59th, 2nd)..  Item number: 003032.    US$35.00
495.    Ketchum, Ken. Travels of an Engineer..  Item number: 003424.    US$15.00
496.    Khalsa, Narayan Singh, Ph.D. Addictions & Allergies: Their Psychological Meaning.  Item number: 004003.    US$60.00
497.    Kherdian, David and Nonny Hogrogian, illustrator The Animal.  Item number: 001570.    US$16.00
498.    Kimball, Chase Patterson, editor. The Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, Volume 2, Number 2, August 1979, Symposium on Liaison Psychiatry. (Two, II). .  Item number: 002651.    US$15.00
499.    Kimball, Marie. Jefferson: The Scene of Europe 1784 to 1789..  Item number: 002820.    US$17.50
500.    King, Edmund M. B. Victorian Decorated Trade Bindings 1830 - 1880: A Descriptive Bibliography.  Item number: 003885.    US$90.00

983 items found
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