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351.    Watson, A. G. (compiler): York City Year Book and Business Directory 1935 : Volume XVI.  Item number: 3434.    US$46.50
352.    Gibson, Michael: 19th Century Lustreware.  Item number: 3446.    US$54.25
353.    a Kempis, Thomas: Of the Imitation of Christ in four books..  Item number: 3452.    US$31.00
354.    Taylor, Nicholas: Monuments of Commerce.  Item number: 3457.    US$9.30
355.    Marchant, Sir James (editor): Winston Spencer Churchill, servant of crown and commonwealth : a tribute by various hands presented to him on his eightieth birthday.  Item number: 3462.    US$27.90
356.    Churchill, The Right Hon Winston S. (speeches) : Churchill, Randolph S. (compiler): Arms And The Covenant.  Item number: 3463.    US$155.00
357.    Pawle, Gerald : Harriman, W. Averell (foreword): The War and Colonel Warden : based on the recollections of Commander C R Thompson CMG OBE RN(ret) Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister 1940-45.  Item number: 3465.    US$18.60
358.    Barford, J. E. Q.: Climbing in Britain : Pelican Books ( A160 ).  Item number: 3473.    US$15.50
359.    Warner, Philip: Invasion Road.  Item number: 3483.    US$12.40
360.    Moore, Molly: A Woman at War : Storming Kuwait with the US Marines..  Item number: 3486.    US$15.50
361.    Footman, Harry.: Pemberton .  Item number: 349.    US$6.20
362.    White, Gabriel (foreword) : Penrose, Roland (introduction): Picasso : catalogue for Tate Gallery exhibition 6th July - 18th September 1960.  Item number: 3491.    US$7.75
363.    : Britain and the Falklands Crisis : Central Office of Information Reference Pamphlet 176.  Item number: 3496.    US$15.50
364.    Burrows, William E.: By Any Means Necessary : America's Secret Air War.  Item number: 3497.    US$15.50
365.    Bowett, D. W. [ Bowett, Professor Sir Derek William , MA, LL.D., Ph.D.(Manchester), CBE, QC. ]: The Search for Peace.  Item number: 3502.    US$31.00
366.    Thompson, Edward. G: Men of Branber .  Item number: 351.    US$7.75
367.    Newton, Eric: Style and Vision : five broadcasts on European painting.  Item number: 3513.    US$12.40
368.    Wheeler, Charles (Preface) : Canton, F. J. Sanchez (Introduction): Goya and his Times [ plate and text catalogues for Royal Academy Winter Exhibition 1963-4 ].  Item number: 3514.    US$9.30
369.    James, Philip (foreword) : Gowing, Lawrence (introduction): An exhibition [ catalogue ] of paintings by Cezanne organized with the Edinburgh Festival Society by the Arts Council of Great Britain : at the Tate Gallery 29 September to 27 October 1954.  Item number: 3515.    US$9.30
370.    Popham, A. E. (prefatory note): Leonardo da Vinci Drawings : Quincentenary Exhibition 1452-1952 [catalogue].  Item number: 3516.    US$7.75
371.    Ashton, Sir Leigh (foreword): Masterpieces in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Item number: 3517.    US$9.30
372.    Williams, Terrick: Landscape Painting in Oil Colour.  Item number: 3522.    US$12.40
373.    Raynor, John : Flanders, Dennis (illus): A Westminster Childhood.  Item number: 3525.    US$12.40
374.    Williams, Harley: The Conquest of Fear.  Item number: 3539.    US$10.85
375.    [ John, Augustus ] : George, Daniel (editor and introduction): Finishing Touches.  Item number: 3544.    US$7.75
376.    Tysdahl, B. J.: William Godwin as Novelist.  Item number: 3549.    US$9.30
377.    Nusbaum, Deric.: Deric in Mesa Verde. .  Item number: 355.    US$9.30
378.    McKenzie, Roy. Sir.: Footprints, harnessing an inheritance into a legacy. .  Item number: 357.    US$9.30
379.    Gree, Alain : Brackenbury, Mark (translator): Anchoring and Mooring techniques illustrated.  Item number: 3580.    US$12.40
380.    MacCulloch, Donald B.: The Island of Staffa.  Item number: 3583.    US$7.75
381.    Wilkes, Kenneth: Exercises for the Ocean Yacht Navigator.  Item number: 3585.    US$9.30
382.    Richardson, Sheila and Douglas: Your Home and You.  Item number: 3587.    US$12.40
383.    Artley, Alexandra: Artist, Architect and Patron.  Item number: 3588.    US$12.40
384.    : MURRAY's Handbook for NORTH GERMANY , from the Baltic to the Black Forest, and THE RHINE , from Holland to Basle. .  Item number: 359.    US$77.50
385.    Auden, W. H. : Isherwood, Christopher: On The Frontier : a melodrama in three acts.  Item number: 3596.    US$12.40
386.    Berlin, Sir Isaiah (introduction): Founders & Followers : Literary Lectures given on the 150th anniversary of the founding of The London Library.  Item number: 3603.    US$11.63
387.    [Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth] : Sanders, Alan (discography and commentary) : Steane, J. B. (editor): Elisabeth Schwarzkopf a career on record.  Item number: 3608.    US$15.50
388.    Akers, Charles J.H.: Thirty-One Poems .  Item number: 362.    US$6.20
389.    Jack, Bernard: The Antique Story Book.  Item number: 3633.    US$11.63
390.    Phillips, C J.: Glass the miracle maker : its history, technology, manufacture and applications..  Item number: 3640.    US$12.40
391.    Angel, Heather (text and photo illus): Heather Angel's Countryside.  Item number: 3641.    US$7.75
392.    Gascoigne, Major General J. A. C.B., D.S.O.: Standing Orders of the Brigade of Guards ( published under para. 1689 King's Regulations 1940 ).  Item number: 3643.    US$46.50
393.    : The Guards Division 1914 - 18.  Item number: 3658.    US$15.50
394.    Cox. J. Stevens : Wilson, Dr. K. J. T. (introduction): Dorset Folk Remedies of the 17th and 18th centuries : 2nd edition enlarged..  Item number: 3663.    US$18.60
395.    [ BAOR ]: Standing Instructions for Nijmegen Marches.  Item number: 3664.    US$15.50
396.    Hindle, Brian Paul: Lakeland Road : from early Tracks to Modern Highways.  Item number: 3665.    US$7.75
397.    Leslie, Kim C : McCann, Timothy J: Local History in West Sussex : a guide to the sources..  Item number: 3666.    US$9.30
398.    Moore, Jas J. (editor): The Historical Handbook and Guide to the City and University of Oxford noticing every point of interest in the colleges churches museums gardens halls chapels libraries memorials : also including biographical sketches an.  Item number: 3672.    US$38.75
399.    Britton, John: Descriptive Sketches of Tunbridge Wells and the Calverley Estate ; with brief notices of the picturesque scenery, seats, and antiquities in the vicinity - embellished with maps and prints..  Item number: 3673.    US$620.00
400.    Kersley, J. A.: Training the Retriever.  Item number: 3691.    US$9.30

699 items found
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