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251.    Dearmer, Percy : Brock, A Clutton ; Duncan-Jones,A.S. : Murry. J Middleton : Pollard, A.W. : Spencer, Malcolm.: The Necessity of Art.  Item number: 2853.    US$11.63
252.    Gade, Felix: Collecting Antiques for Pleasure and Profit : the narrative of twenty-five years search for antique furniture,prints,china,paintings and other works of art,copiously pictured with many fine examples..  Item number: 2856.    US$15.50
253.    L'Estrange, The Rev A.G.: From The Thames to the Tamar, a Summer on the South Coast..  Item number: 2861.    US$42.63
254.    Oman, C.C.: English Domestic Silver.  Item number: 2866.    US$9.30
255.    Macqueen-Pope, W: Ghosts and Greasepaint : a story of the days that were.  Item number: 2887.    US$10.85
256.    Gordon, Jan & Cora.: Three Lands on Three Wheels.  Item number: 2892.    US$31.00
257.    Collins, Charles Alston [1828-1873]: A Cruise upon Wheels : the chronicle of some autumn wanderings along the deserted post-roads of France.  Item number: 2893.    US$31.00
258.    Alcock, Fred B: As it was - a personal story - Amateur Players of Sherborne.  Item number: 2900.    US$15.50
259.    : Guide to Knole - its State Rooms, Pictures, and Antiquities with a short account of the possessors and park of Knole.  Item number: 2904.    US$18.60
260.    Heath, Chris: Pet Shop Boys, Literally..  Item number: 2936.    US$9.30
261.    Biles, Timothy: Church Warden's I have Buried : the journal of a country vicar 1998-99.  Item number: 2944.    US$7.75
262.    Knox, John: PHILEMON, among the letters of Paul..  Item number: 2946.    US$10.85
263.    : A Brief History of the First Hundred Years, 1839 - 1939..  Item number: 2957.    US$23.25
264.    Harris, W.Gregory: Down Along O' We : West Country Sketches, Stories, & Verses.  Item number: 2961.    US$24.80
265.    Aharoni, Yohanan: The Land of the Bible - a historical geography.  Item number: 2962.    US$21.70
266.    Wiseman, D.J.: Illustrations from Biblical Archaeology.  Item number: 2965.    US$7.75
267.    Blanch, Stuart [Archbishop of York]: The Trumpet in the Morning : law and freedom today in the light of the hebraeo-christian tradition.  Item number: 2966.    US$7.75
268.    Casson, Patricia (editor) : Casson, Sybil Thorndike: 'My Dear One' A Victorian Courtship - the letters of Agnes Bowers and Arthur Thorndike, with the beginnings of an autobiography by Sybil Thorndike Casson..  Item number: 2973.    US$9.30
269.    Alex, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, Lord Lindsay: Etruscan Inscriptions analysed, translated and commented upon.  Item number: 2977.    US$77.50
270.    : Index of Archaeological Papers Published in 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, and 1895.  Item number: 2978.    US$38.75
271.    Wilson, Thomas: Arrowpoints, Spearheads and Knives of Prehistoric Times.  Item number: 2979.    US$77.50
272.    Stoneham, Jane : Thoday, Peter: Landscape Design for Elderly and Disabled People.  Item number: 2981.    US$34.88
273.    Dugmore, A Raclyffe: WildLife and the Camera .  Item number: 3.    US$49.60
274.    Milne, Sir David: The Scottish Office and other Scottish Government Departments.  Item number: 3005.    US$10.85
275.    Wain, John: The Living world of SHAKESPEARE ( A Playgoer's Guide) .  Item number: 301.    US$6.20
276.    Masson, David: Edinburgh Sketches & Memories.  Item number: 3011.    US$31.00
277.    Insh, George Pratt: The Company of Scotland - Trading to Africa and The Indies.  Item number: 3014.    US$24.80
278.    Hanham, H J: Scottish Nationalism.  Item number: 3015.    US$15.50
279.    Lochhead, M [Marion] C: Painted Things and other poems.  Item number: 3022.    US$24.80
280.    Moberly, C A E : Jourdain, E F : Evans, Joan (editor): An Adventure.  Item number: 3035.    US$23.25
281.    Hobsbawm, E.J.: The Age of Revolution .  Item number: 304.    US$6.20
282.    Thomson, Rev James: History of St Andrew's Parish Church, Glasgow.  Item number: 3040.    US$77.50
283.    : Notes on The History of St Andrew's Church, Edinburgh, prepared by the Kirk-Session on the occasion of The Centenary of the Opening of the Church, 12th December 1884..  Item number: 3041.    US$38.75
284.    St. Leger, Captain S (Stratford) E: [Boer] War Sketches in Colour.  Item number: 3047.    US$775.00
285.    Tyacke, Sarah: London Map-Sellers 1660-1720 : a selection of advertisements for maps placed in the London Gazette 1668-1719 with biographical notes on the map-sellers.  Item number: 3052.    US$37.20
286.    Webb, D A [editor] : Jeffares, A N [illustrations]: T C D An Anthology 1895-1945 ; extracts in prose and verse from 'T.C.D. A College Miscellany'.  Item number: 3060.    US$12.40
287.    Crosland, T W H: Last Poems.  Item number: 3061.    US$31.00
288.    Bronfman, Edgar M: The Making of a Jew.  Item number: 3062.    US$12.40
289.    Canfora, Luciano [text] : Ryle, Martin [translator]: The Vanished Library.  Item number: 3063.    US$18.60
290.    Fairless, Michael: The Roadmender.  Item number: 3064.    US$15.50
291.    Kaldor, Andras: New York - Masterpieces of Architecture.  Item number: 3068.    US$11.63
292.    Kaldor, Andras: Berlin - Masterpieces of Architecture.  Item number: 3069.    US$11.63
293.    Perkin, Harold: The Origins of Modern English History, 1780-1880. .  Item number: 307.    US$6.20
294.    Boyd, Norman Napier: The Model Ship - her role in history.  Item number: 3070.    US$38.75
295.    Wicks, Ben: Welcome Home : true stories of soldiers returning from World War II.  Item number: 3078.    US$12.40
296.    Marwick, Arthur: The Nature of History. .  Item number: 308.    US$6.20
297.    Saintsbury, George: Loci Critici - passages, illustrative of critical theory and practice from Aristotle downwards.  Item number: 3085.    US$10.85
298.    Perkin, Harold.: Origins of Modern English Society .  Item number: 309.    US$4.65
299.    Lloyd-Owen, Frances [text] : Aris, Ernest [illustrations]: Joe and Pinto.  Item number: 3094.    US$7.75
300.    Hinton, Phyllis 'Curlew': Showing Your Horse.  Item number: 3101.    US$9.30

699 items found
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