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501.    Rose, June: Daemons and Angels : A Life of Jacob Epstein.  Item number: 4034.    US$11.63
502.    Rush, Michael: The Role of the Member of Parliament since 1868 From Gentlemen to Players.  Item number: 4036.    US$11.63
503.    Kewes, Paulina: Authorship and Appropriation : Writing for the Stage in England 1660-1710.  Item number: 4038.    US$23.25
504.    Blanchard, Mary Warner: Oscar Wilde's America : Counterculture in the Gilded Age.  Item number: 4039.    US$15.50
505.    Fryd, Vivien Green: Art and Empire : The Politics of Ethnicity in the United States Capitol 1815-1860..  Item number: 4040.    US$15.50
506.    Lewis, Gilbert: A Failure of Treatment.  Item number: 4042.    US$12.40
507.    Huband, Mark: The Skull Beneath the Skin : Africa after the Cold War.  Item number: 4043.    US$12.40
508.    Spencer, Paul: The Pastoral Continuum : The Marginalization of Tradition in East Africa.  Item number: 4044.    US$31.00
509.    Pinfold, Debbie: The Child's View of the Third Reich in German Literature : The eye among the blind..  Item number: 4045.    US$12.40
510.    Bryant, Raymond L.: The Political Ecology of Forestry in Burma 1824-1994.  Item number: 4046.    US$12.40
511.    Nicholls, James : Owen, Susan J (joint editors): A Babel of Bottles : Drink, Drinkers & Drinking Places in Literature.  Item number: 4048.    US$11.63
512.    Charlton, Peter : Terraine, John (foreword): Pozieres 1916 Australians on the Somme.  Item number: 4050.    US$19.38
513.    McCarthy, Dudley: Gallipoli to the Somme : The story of C.E.W. Bean.  Item number: 4051.    US$23.25
514.    Marshall-Cornwall, James: Wars and Rumours of Wars : a memoir.  Item number: 4052.    US$15.50
515.    Peebles, Patrick: The Plantation Tamils of Ceylon ( New Historical Perspectives on Migration ).  Item number: 4053.    US$12.40
516.    Levin, Susan M.: The Romantic Art of Confession : De Quincey, Musset, Sand, Lamb, Hogg, Fremy, Soulie, Janin.  Item number: 4056.    US$11.63
517.    Fokkema, Douwe : Ibsch, Elrud: Modernist Conjectures : A Mainstream in European Literature 1910-1940.  Item number: 4057.    US$11.63
518.    Gooneratne, Yasmine: Relative Merits : a Personal Memoir of the Bandaranaike Family of Sri Lanka.  Item number: 4058.    US$12.40
519.    Crow, Thomas E.: Painters and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Paris.  Item number: 4059.    US$15.50
520.    Garnett, Mark: Alport : a study in loyalty.  Item number: 4060.    US$10.08
521.    Gibian, Peter: Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Culture of Conversation.  Item number: 4062.    US$13.18
522.    Appelbaum, Robert: Literature and Utopian Politics in Seventeenth Century England.  Item number: 4063.    US$15.50
523.    Gay, Peter: My German Question : Growing Up in Nazi Berlin.  Item number: 4064.    US$10.08
524.    Harder, Matthias : Nelly : Boudouri, Irene: Nelly : Dresden, Athens, New York : from the photographic archive of the Benaki Museum, Athens..  Item number: 4065.    US$18.60
525.    Rival, Laura (jt editor) : Whitehead, Neil (jt editor): Beyond the Visible and the Material : The Amerindianization of Society in the Work of Peter Riviere.  Item number: 4066.    US$15.50
526.    Docherty, Thomas: Criticism and Modernity : Aesthetics, Literature, and Nations in Europe and its Academies.  Item number: 4067.    US$11.63
527.    Cooke, Ian: The Gardener's Guide to Growing Cannas.  Item number: 4068.    US$10.85
528.    Serena, Raffaella: Animal Embroideries and Patterns from 19th century Vienna ( Nowotny Collection ).  Item number: 4070.    US$34.88
529.    Crossley, Robert : Aldiss, Brian W. (foreword): Olaf Stapledon : Speaking for the Future ( Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies ).  Item number: 4071.    US$11.63
530.    Weiss, Ann : Young, James E. (introduction) : Wieseltier, Leon (foreword): The Last Album : Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Item number: 4072.    US$21.70
531.    Norfleet, Barbara: When we liked Ike : looking for postwar America.  Item number: 4073.    US$11.63
532.    Kessler, Carol Farley: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, her progress toward Utopia with selected writings.  Item number: 4074.    US$10.08
533.    Lawton, Richard (jt editior) : Lee, Robert (jt editor): Urban Population Development in Western Europe from the late Eighteenth to the early Twentieth Century.  Item number: 4076.    US$12.40
534.    Frost, Diane: Work and Community among West African Migrant Workers since the nineteenth century.  Item number: 4077.    US$9.30
535.    Kramer, Jack: Botanical Orchids and how to grow them..  Item number: 4079.    US$30.92
536.    Vadgama, Kusoom: India : British-Indian campaigns in Britain for reforms, justice and freedom 1831-1947..  Item number: 4081.    US$18.60
537.    Knox-Johnston, Sir Robin (foreword): The Conway History of Seafaring in the Twentieth Century.  Item number: 4082.    US$9.30
538.    King, Bruce: Derek Walcott, a Caribbean Life.  Item number: 4084.    US$46.50
539.    Lincourt, Michel: In search of Elegance : Towards an Architecture of Satisfaction.  Item number: 4085.    US$13.95
540.    Ferguson, Robert: The Short Sharp Life of T. E. Hulme.  Item number: 4086.    US$18.60
541.    Picot, Edward: Outcasts from Eden : Ideas of Landscape in British Poetry since 1945.  Item number: 4088.    US$11.63
542.    McClain, Molly: Beaufort : The Duke and his Duchess 1657-1715.  Item number: 4092.    US$11.63
543.    Delaney, Enda: Demography, State and Society : Irish Migration to Britain, 1921-1971.  Item number: 4096.    US$10.85
544.    D'Arcy, Julian: Scottish Skalds and Sagamen : Old Norse Influence on Modern Scottish Literature.  Item number: 4097.    US$11.63
545.    Cave, Roderick: Fine Printing and Private Presses.  Item number: 4126.    US$23.25
546.    Middleton, Bernard C. : Tidcombe, Dr. Marianne (foreword): Recollections : a life in bookbinding.  Item number: 4127.    US$24.80
547.    Pearson, David (editor): 'For the Love of the Binding' Studies in bookbinding history presented to Mirjam Foot.  Item number: 4128.    US$100.75
548.    Jewitt, A Crispin (compiler): Maps for Empire : the first 2000 numbered War Office Maps 1881-1905.  Item number: 4129.    US$62.00
549.    Simmons, R. C.: British Imprints relating to North America 1621-1760 : an annotated checklist.  Item number: 4130.    US$46.50
550.    Brown, P. A. H. (compiler): Modern British and American Private Presses (1850-1965) : holdings of the British Library.  Item number: 4131.    US$31.00

699 items found
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