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451.    Powell, Anthony: A Question of Upbringing ? : A Dance to the Music of Time I ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3902.    US$10.85
452.    Powell, Anthony: A Buyer's Market : A Dance to the Music of Time II ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3903.    US$10.85
453.    Powell, Anthony: The Acceptance World : A Dance to the Music of Time III ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3904.    US$10.85
454.    Powell, Anthony: At Lady Molly's : A Dance to the Music of Time IV ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3905.    US$10.85
455.    Powell, Anthony: The Kindly Ones : A Dance to the Music of Time VI ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3906.    US$10.85
456.    Powell, Anthony: The Valley of Bones : A Dance to the Music of Time VII ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3907.    US$10.85
457.    Powell, Anthony: The Soldier's Art : A Dance to the Music of Time VIII ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3908.    US$10.85
458.    Powell, Anthony: Casanova's Chinese Restaurant : A Dance to the Music of Time V ( Large Print ).  Item number: 3910.    US$10.85
459.    Lehane, Brendan: Early Celtic Christianity.  Item number: 3914.    US$10.08
460.    Ellis, Peter Berresford: Celtic Women, Women in Celtic Society and Literature.  Item number: 3915.    US$10.08
461.    Greenwood, Douglas: Who's Buried Where in England.  Item number: 3920.    US$10.08
462.    Dickson, Charles: Revolt in the North, Antrim and Down in 1798..  Item number: 3924.    US$13.95
463.    Roberts, Barrie: Robbery with Malice.  Item number: 3926.    US$10.85
464.    Palmer, Frank: Todd's Law.  Item number: 3927.    US$7.75
465.    Fremlin, John.: BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY, life at the limits of population. .  Item number: 393.    US$11.63
466.    Kolb, Fritz : Wilson, Lawrence (translator) : Johnson, Robey (foreword): Himalaya Venture.  Item number: 3942.    US$7.75
467.    Douglas, Ed: Chomolungma Sings the Blues, travels round Everest.  Item number: 3944.    US$18.60
468.    Steele, Peter : Paton, Bruce (drawings) : Hillary, Sir Edmund (foreword): Eric Shipton, Everest and beyond..  Item number: 3945.    US$12.40
469.    Maddox, John.: Beyond the Energy Crisis. .  Item number: 395.    US$7.75
470.    Tuson, Penelope (editor): The Queen's Daughters, an anthology of Victorian Feminist Writings on India 1857-1900.  Item number: 3955.    US$11.63
471.    Myres, J. N. L.: The Oxford History of England Volume 1B The English Settlements.  Item number: 3957.    US$15.50
472.    Stenton, Sir Frank: The Oxford History of England Volume 2 Anglo-Saxon England.  Item number: 3958.    US$15.50
473.    Poole, Austin Lane: The Oxford History of England Volume 3 Domesday Book to Magna-Carta 1087-1216.  Item number: 3959.    US$15.50
474.    Powicke, Sir Maurice: The Oxford History of England Volume 4 The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307.  Item number: 3960.    US$15.50
475.    Jacob, E. F.: The Oxford History of England Volume 6 The Fifteenth Century 1399-1485.  Item number: 3961.    US$15.50
476.    Mackie, J. D.: The Oxford History of England Volume 7 The Earlier Tudors 1485-1558.  Item number: 3962.    US$15.50
477.    McKisack, May: The Oxford History of England Volume 5 The Fourteenth Century 1307-1399.  Item number: 3965.    US$15.50
478.    Woodward, Sir Llewellyn: The Oxford History of England Volume 13 The Age of Reform 1815-1870.  Item number: 3969.    US$15.50
479.    Faraday, Ann: DREAM POWER, the use of dreams in everyday life. .  Item number: 397.    US$4.65
480.    Polvinen, Tuomo : Huxley, Steven (translator): Imperial Borderland, Bobrikov and the attempted Russification of Finland 1898-1904.  Item number: 3975.    US$11.63
481.    Paver, Chloe E. M.: Narrative and Fantasy in the post-war German Novel : a study of Novels by Johnson, Frisch, Wolf, Becker and Grass.  Item number: 3977.    US$10.08
482.    Luck, Christopher: Figures of War and Fields of Honour, Isaak Babel's Red Cavalry.  Item number: 3978.    US$11.63
483.    Chubarov, Alexander: The Fragile Empire, a history of Imperial Russia.  Item number: 3979.    US$9.30
484.    Luce, Gay Gaer.: Body Time, .  Item number: 398.    US$4.65
485.    Silbergeld, Jerome: China into Film, Frames of Reference in Contemporary Chinese Cinema.  Item number: 3982.    US$12.40
486.    Short, John Rennie: Representing the Republic, Mapping the United States 1600-1900.  Item number: 3983.    US$12.40
487.    Harris, Clare: In the Image of Tibet, Tibetan Painting after 1959..  Item number: 3984.    US$10.08
488.    Hulme, Peter: Remnants of Conquest, The Island Caribs and their Visitors, 1877-1998.  Item number: 3985.    US$13.18
489.    Hacking, Juliet: Princes of Victorian Bohemia, photographs by David Wilkie Wynfield.  Item number: 3987.    US$15.50
490.    Brewer, Elisabeth: T. H. White's The Once and Future King : Arthurian Studies XXX.  Item number: 3990.    US$11.63
491.    Bourne, John (editor and introduction): Georgian Tiverton, The Political Memoranda of Beavis Wood 1768-98 : Devon and Cornwall Record Society New Series Volume 29.  Item number: 3998.    US$10.85
492.    Curran, Jim: High Achiever : The Life and Climbs of Chris Bonington.  Item number: 4006.    US$10.85
493.    More, Kate (jt editor) : Whittle, Stephen (jt editor): Reclaiming Genders, Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siecle.  Item number: 4012.    US$10.08
494.    Graham, Malcolm: Oxford City Apprentices 1697-1800. ( Oxford Historical Society New Series Vol. XXXI ).  Item number: 4013.    US$15.50
495.    Stevens Cox, Gregory: St Peter Port ( Guernsey ) 1680-1830 : the history of an international entrepot.  Item number: 4014.    US$21.70
496.    Fox. Edward: Palestine Twilight, The Murder of Dr. Albert Glock and the Archaeology of the Holy Land.  Item number: 4016.    US$10.85
497.    Merrim, Stephanie: Early Modern Women's Writing and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.  Item number: 4019.    US$9.30
498.    Timms, Noel (editor) : Wilson, Kenneth (editor): Governance and Authority in the Roman Catholic Church, Beginning a Conversation.  Item number: 4020.    US$9.30
499.    Serena, Raffaella: Embroideries and Patterns of Nineteenth Century Vienna ( Embroideries & Patterns from Nineteenth Century Vienna from the Nowotny Collection ).  Item number: 4022.    US$34.88
500.    Klahr, David : Simon, Herbert A. ( foreword ): Exploring Science The Cognition and Development of Discovery Processes.  Item number: 4032.    US$10.08

699 items found
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