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351.    Hughes, Nigel: Maya Monuments.  Item number: 2792.    US$24.80
352.    Hulme, Peter: Remnants of Conquest, The Island Caribs and their Visitors, 1877-1998.  Item number: 3985.    US$13.18
353.    Humphreys, Arthur L.: The Berkshire Book of Song, Rhyme and Steeple Chime : A gathering together of some pleasant minor antiquities such as Bell Mottoes,Epitaphs both reverend and ridiculous; also Drinking Songs, Toasts; Rhymes to do with g.  Item number: 2615.    US$38.75
354.    Hutchins, John: The History and Antiquities of Sherbourne in the County of Dorset. .  Item number: 928.    US$279.00
355.    Huxley, Aldous: Those Barren Leaves .  Item number: 1035.    US$6.20
356.    Huxley, Aldous: Science, Liberty, and Peace. .  Item number: 719.    US$15.50
357.    Inglis, Janet: Daddy's Girl.  Item number: 3396.    US$11.63
358.    Insh, George Pratt: The Company of Scotland - Trading to Africa and The Indies.  Item number: 3014.    US$24.80
359.    Ireland, Patrick John: Drawing and Designing Menswear .  Item number: 1753.    US$9.30
360.    Isaac, Peter (jt editor) : McKay, Barry (jt editor): The Moving Market : Continuity and Change in the Book Trade.  Item number: 4139.    US$23.25
361.    Jack, Bernard: The Antique Story Book.  Item number: 3633.    US$11.63
362.    Jackson, Chas F : Hedges, J H: Metal-Mining Practice - bulletin 419..  Item number: 3170.    US$15.50
363.    Jackson, Holbrook ( editor ): The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear .  Item number: 1611.    US$9.30
364.    Jacob, E. F.: The Oxford History of England Volume 6 The Fifteenth Century 1399-1485.  Item number: 3961.    US$15.50
365.    James, Philip (foreword) : Gowing, Lawrence (introduction): An exhibition [ catalogue ] of paintings by Cezanne organized with the Edinburgh Festival Society by the Arts Council of Great Britain : at the Tate Gallery 29 September to 27 October 1954.  Item number: 3515.    US$9.30
366.    Jewitt, A Crispin (compiler): Maps for Empire : the first 2000 numbered War Office Maps 1881-1905.  Item number: 4129.    US$62.00
367.    Jones, Diana: Patterns for Canvas Embroidery .  Item number: 2094.    US$10.85
368.    Jones, P.T.: Welsh Border Country .  Item number: 2529.    US$10.85
369.    Joseph, Richard : Dickens, Monica (prologue): Michael Joseph : master of words..  Item number: 3739.    US$11.63
370.    Joyce, J. (editor): Modern Tramway Review.  Item number: 3251.    US$10.85
371.    Jurgen, Trittin, (foreword) : Kolb, Dr Eberhard (preface) : Scheel, Dr Wolfgang (preface): Bergen-Belsen : Explanatory Notes on the Exhibition.  Item number: 3416.    US$12.40
372.    Kagan, Frederick W. (jt. editor) : Higham, Robin (jt. editor): The Military History of Tsarist Russia.  Item number: 4166.    US$46.50
373.    Kaldor, Andras: Berlin - Masterpieces of Architecture.  Item number: 3069.    US$11.63
374.    Kaldor, Andras: New York - Masterpieces of Architecture.  Item number: 3068.    US$11.63
375.    Kappel, A. W. : Kirby, W. Egmont : Deuchert, H (illus) : Slocher, S (illus): British and European Butterflies and Moths ( Macrolepidoptera ).  Item number: 3830.    US$217.00
376.    Katz, Samuel M: Follow Me ! : a History of Israel's Military Elite.  Item number: 3332.    US$15.50
377.    Kavaler, Lucy.: FREEZING POINT, cold as a matter of life and death. .  Item number: 386.    US$6.20
378.    Kavanagh, Gaynor: Museums and the First World War.  Item number: 3110.    US$12.40
379.    Kenneth Snowman, A.: EIGHTEENTH CENTURY GOLD BOXES of EUROPE .  Item number: 911.    US$162.75
380.    Kersley, J. A.: Training the Retriever.  Item number: 3691.    US$9.30
381.    Kessler, Carol Farley: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, her progress toward Utopia with selected writings.  Item number: 4074.    US$10.08
382.    Kewes, Paulina: Authorship and Appropriation : Writing for the Stage in England 1660-1710.  Item number: 4038.    US$23.25
383.    King, Bruce: Derek Walcott, a Caribbean Life.  Item number: 4084.    US$46.50
384.    Kipling, Rudyard.: In Black and White, plus Heavenborn for Hazur on introduction. .  Item number: 258.    US$18.60
385.    Kipling, Rudyard.: The Story of the Gadsbys. .  Item number: 260.    US$15.50
386.    Kipling, Rudyard: Stilk & Co.  Item number: 4144.    US$10.08
387.    Kipling, Rudyard: Havets Helte.  Item number: 4143.    US$11.63
388.    Klahr, David : Simon, Herbert A. ( foreword ): Exploring Science The Cognition and Development of Discovery Processes.  Item number: 4032.    US$10.08
389.    Klieman, Aaron S.: Israel's Global Reach : Arms Sales as Diplomacy.  Item number: 3351.    US$18.60
390.    Klopstock, Frederic Gottlieb : Shoberi, Frederic (translator): THE MESSIAH : description of the principal events attending the passion and crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with occurences from his resurrection to his ascension now first translated by Frederic Shobe.  Item number: 1975.    US$62.00
391.    Knox, James: Robert Byron.  Item number: 4203.    US$31.00
392.    Knox, John: PHILEMON, among the letters of Paul..  Item number: 2946.    US$10.85
393.    Knox-Johnston, Sir Robin (foreword): The Conway History of Seafaring in the Twentieth Century.  Item number: 4082.    US$9.30
394.    Kobayashi, Tsukasa ; Higashiyama, Akane ; Uemura, Masahuru: Sherlock Holmes's London - following the footsteps of London's master detective. .  Item number: 2562.    US$18.60
395.    Kolb, Fritz : Wilson, Lawrence (translator) : Johnson, Robey (foreword): Himalaya Venture.  Item number: 3942.    US$7.75
396.    Kramer, Jack: Botanical Orchids and how to grow them..  Item number: 4079.    US$30.92
397.    Krause, Fritz: Der Werkstoffprufer und Kontrolleur im Flugzeugbau .  Item number: 922.    US$15.50
398.    Krause, Fritz: Der Motoren - und Instrumenten - Einbau - Monteur .  Item number: 921.    US$15.50
399.    L'Estrange, The Rev A.G.: From The Thames to the Tamar, a Summer on the South Coast..  Item number: 2861.    US$42.63
400.    Lambert, Margaret : Marx, Enid: English Popular Art.  Item number: 3283.    US$10.85

710 items found
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