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101.    Benson, E. F. [ Edward Frederic ]: Dodo : a detail of the day..  Item number: 3700.    US$31.00
102.    Bensusan, S.L.: BACK OF BEYOND, a Countryman's Pre-War Commonplace Book. .  Item number: 515.    US$7.75
103.    Berlin, Sir Isaiah (introduction): Founders & Followers : Literary Lectures given on the 150th anniversary of the founding of The London Library.  Item number: 3603.    US$11.63
104.    Biles, Timothy: Church Warden's I have Buried : the journal of a country vicar 1998-99.  Item number: 2944.    US$7.75
105.    Birch, Frank: This Freedom of Ours .  Item number: 1868.    US$12.40
106.    Bishop, Matt : Davis, Aaron : Grimshaw, John: Snowdrops, a monograph of Cultivated Galanthus.  Item number: 4210.    US$69.75
107.    Blackmore, Stephen: Illustrated Guide to Wild Flowers .  Item number: 2466.    US$12.40
108.    Blanch, Stuart [Archbishop of York]: The Trumpet in the Morning : law and freedom today in the light of the hebraeo-christian tradition.  Item number: 2966.    US$7.75
109.    Blanchard, Mary Warner: Oscar Wilde's America : Counterculture in the Gilded Age.  Item number: 4039.    US$15.50
110.    Blatt, Harvey : Middleton, Gerard : Murray, Raymond: Origin of Sedimentary Rocks .  Item number: 1318.    US$18.60
111.    Blundell, Derek ; Freeman, Roy ; Mueller. Stephan.: A Continent Revealed, The European Geotraverse. .  Item number: 1918.    US$65.10
112.    Boas, Guy . (editor): Essays and Studies 1954. .  Item number: 213.    US$9.30
113.    Borish, Elaine: A LEGACY OF NAMES. English Towns with American Counterparts. .  Item number: 1278.    US$15.50
114.    Bourne, John (editor and introduction): Georgian Tiverton, The Political Memoranda of Beavis Wood 1768-98 : Devon and Cornwall Record Society New Series Volume 29.  Item number: 3998.    US$10.85
115.    Bowen, Emanuel: A New & Accurate Map of Turky in Asia, Arabia &c. Drawn from the best Authorities assisted by the most approved modern maps & charts. The whole being regulated by Astron. Observatns..  Item number: 4140.    US$310.00
116.    Bowes, D.R. : Leake, B.E. [ editors ]: Crustal Evolution in Northwestern Britain and adjacent regions. Proceedings of an International Conference held in Glasgow University 5-8th April 1977 to mark the opening of the new Geology Building in the University. .  Item number: 1284.    US$37.20
117.    Bowett, D. W. [ Bowett, Professor Sir Derek William , MA, LL.D., Ph.D.(Manchester), CBE, QC. ]: The Search for Peace.  Item number: 3502.    US$31.00
118.    Bowle, John: Henry VIII, a biography .  Item number: 2496.    US$7.75
119.    Bowle, John: Western Political Thought, an historical introduction from the origins to Rousseau .  Item number: 2747.    US$7.75
120.    Boyd, Norman Napier: The Model Ship - her role in history.  Item number: 3070.    US$38.75
121.    Bradley, Tom.: The OLD COACHING DAYS in Yorkshire. .  Item number: 661.    US$93.00
122.    Brewer, Elisabeth: T. H. White's The Once and Future King : Arthurian Studies XXX.  Item number: 3990.    US$11.63
123.    Brinson, Peter : Crisp, Clement: A Guide To The Repertory, BALLET and DANCE. .  Item number: 1834.    US$12.40
124.    Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society: Transactions .  Item number: 67.    US$10.85
125.    Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society: Transactions .  Item number: 60.    US$10.85
126.    Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society: Transactions .  Item number: 61.    US$10.85
127.    Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society: Transactions .  Item number: 64.    US$10.85
128.    Britton, John: Descriptive Sketches of Tunbridge Wells and the Calverley Estate ; with brief notices of the picturesque scenery, seats, and antiquities in the vicinity - embellished with maps and prints..  Item number: 3673.    US$620.00
129.    Brock, Margaret.: CHRISTOPHER, a Silent Life. .  Item number: 461.    US$9.30
130.    Brogan, D.W.: An Introduction to American Politics .  Item number: 504.    US$10.08
131.    Bromfield, Louis.: Der Grosse Regen. .  Item number: 478.    US$7.75
132.    Bronfman, Edgar M: The Making of a Jew.  Item number: 3062.    US$12.40
133.    Broster, D.K. (Dorothy Kathleen): A Fire of Driftwood - a collection of short stories.  Item number: 3194.    US$77.50
134.    Brown, Janet: Prime Mimicker .  Item number: 703.    US$23.25
135.    Brown, P. A. H. (compiler): Modern British and American Private Presses (1850-1965) : holdings of the British Library.  Item number: 4131.    US$31.00
136.    Bruhn, Wolfgang and Tilke, Max.: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF COSTUME. .  Item number: 558.    US$108.50
137.    Bryant, Arthur.: SAMUEL PEPYS The Saviour of the Navy. .  Item number: 433.    US$4.65
138.    Bryant, Raymond L.: The Political Ecology of Forestry in Burma 1824-1994.  Item number: 4046.    US$12.40
139.    Buck, Pearl S.: Die Frauen des Hauses Wu .  Item number: 469.    US$7.75
140.    Bullitt, Orville H.: Search for Sybaris. .  Item number: 385.    US$6.20
141.    Bulloch, David K: The Whalewatcher's Handbook. A Field Guide to the Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of North America .  Item number: 930.    US$6.20
142.    Burchell, S. C.: Upstart Empire : Paris during the brilliant years of Louis Napoleon.  Item number: 3750.    US$10.85
143.    Burrows, William E.: By Any Means Necessary : America's Secret Air War.  Item number: 3497.    US$15.50
144.    Burton, Anthony: William Cobbett : Englishman, a biography .  Item number: 2279.    US$10.08
145.    Burton, Maurice.: The Sixth Sense of Animals. .  Item number: 377.    US$6.20
146.    Butler, Margaret G : Greves, Beryl S: Fabric Furnishing .  Item number: 1667.    US$21.70
147.    Callow, Clive: POWER FROM THE SEA, the search for North Sea oil and gas. .  Item number: 387.    US$7.75
148.    Camerson, Alex: Poetry of the Scottish Borders .  Item number: 1163.    US$7.75
149.    Campbell, Donald: Rhymes n' Reasons .  Item number: 1119.    US$6.20
150.    Campion, Nicholas : Eddy, Steve: The New Astrology - the art and science of the stars. .  Item number: 2472.    US$12.40

702 items found
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