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651 items found for Marbury Books Inc.
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51.    Prunty, Wyatt The Times Between.  Item number: 3MARBURY000128.    US$8.00
52.    Hoey, Allen What Persists.  Item number: 3MARBURY000138.    US$10.00
53.    Delphian Text, Part Thirteen.  Item number: 3MARBURY000166.    US$10.00
54.    Crane, Hart The Bridge.  Item number: 3MARBURY000183.    US$350.00
55.    Nims, John Frederick The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems.  Item number: 3MARBURY000184.    US$7.00
56.    Lowy, Samuel, M.D. Man and His Fellowmen.  Item number: 3MARBURY000194.    US$10.00
57.    Lowy, Samuel, M.D. Psychological and Biological Foundations of Dream Interpretation.  Item number: 3MARBURY000195.    US$15.00
58.    Laitman, Leon Tunisia Today.  Item number: 3MARBURY000196.    US$15.00
59.    Mallet-Joris, Francoise House of Lies.  Item number: 3MARBURY000245.    US$10.00
60.    Isherwood, Christopher Exhumations.  Item number: 3MARBURY000246.    US$10.00
61.    McCormack, Thomas (ed.) Afterwords, Novelists on Their Novels.  Item number: 3MARBURY000247.    US$10.00
62.    Graue Federn, Lyrik und Prosa von alten menschen.  Item number: 3MARBURY000290.    US$10.00
63.    Eaton, Allen and Crile, Lucinda Rural Handicrafts in the United States.  Item number: 3MARBURY000305.    US$10.00
64.    European Ceramics.  Item number: 3MARBURY000309.    US$15.00
65.    Sterne, Laurence A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.  Item number: 4MARBURY000005.    US$18.00
66.    Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer The Last of the Barons.  Item number: 4MARBURY000022.    US$10.00
67.    Maurits Cornelis Escher.  Item number: 4MARBURY000025.    US$15.00
68.    Thackeray, William M. Vanity Fair (2 volumes).  Item number: 4MARBURY000037.    US$15.00
69.    Bill, Alfred H. The Ring of Danger, a Tale of Elizabethan England.  Item number: 4MARBURY000043.    US$7.00
70.    Jimenez-Landi, Antonio The Treasure of the Muleteer and Other Spanish Tales.  Item number: 4MARBURY000063.    US$10.00
71.    Ostroff, Anthony A Fall in Mexico.  Item number: 4MARBURY000064.    US$10.00
72.    Appel, Allan New Listings.  Item number: 4MARBURY000071.    US$8.00
73.    Dutton, Paul Visionary Portraits.  Item number: 4MARBURY000074.    US$10.00
74.    Keithley, George Earth's Eye.  Item number: 4MARBURY000081.    US$10.00
75.    Rollings, Arlene The Struggle to Adore.  Item number: 4MARBURY000082.    US$8.00
76.    Hunter, Sam and Hawthorne, Don George Segal.  Item number: 4MARBURY000091.    US$40.00
77.    Wolfe, Louis Ifrikiya, True Stories of Africa and Africans.  Item number: 4MARBURY000098.    US$10.00
78.    Nichols, Robert From the Steam Room.  Item number: 4MARBURY000111.    US$10.00
79.    Buell, Raymond Leslie Europe: A History of Ten Years.  Item number: 4MARBURY000113.    US$10.00
80.    Colman, Hila The Double Life of Angela Jones.  Item number: 4MARBURY000119.    US$12.00
81.    Dorfman, Wilfred, M.D. The Psychosomatic Aspects of Internal Medicine.  Item number: 4MARBURY000142.    US$20.00
82.    Stekel, Wilhelm (ed.) Psychoanalytische Praxis, Vol. 2, No. 1-4.  Item number: 4MARBURY000144.    US$75.00
83.    Hayes, Joseph The Hours After Midnight.  Item number: 4MARBURY000153.    US$12.00
84.    Clampitt, Amy The Kingfisher.  Item number: 4MARBURY000161.    US$60.00
85.    Beckman, Joan The Rowleys of Robin Road.  Item number: 4MARBURY000162.    US$12.00
86.    Thomas, Dylan In Country Sleep.  Item number: 4MARBURY000166.    US$40.00
87.    Van der Marck, Jan George Segal.  Item number: 4MARBURY000181.    US$65.00
88.    Robeson, Paul Here I Stand.  Item number: 4MARBURY000183.    US$150.00
89.    Haskins, James Resistance: Profiles in Nonviolence.  Item number: 4MARBURY000184.    US$12.00
90.    Lawrence, D.H. Lady Chatterley's Lover.  Item number: 4MARBURY000188.    US$30.00
91.    Hasler, Alfred A. The Lifeboat is Full.  Item number: 4MARBURY000201.    US$12.00
92.    Hill, Ralph Nading Sidewheeler Saga: A Chronicle of Steamboating.  Item number: 4MARBURY000219.    US$10.00
93.    Bauer, Yehuda From Diplomacy to Resistance.  Item number: 4MARBURY000228.    US$10.00
94.    Bricklayer, Peter Holland's House.  Item number: 4MARBURY000237.    US$7.00
95.    Montross, Lynn and Miller, William M. The United States Marines.  Item number: 4MARBURY000238.    US$10.00
96.    Brookner, Anita Lewis Percy.  Item number: 4MARBURY000252.    US$12.00
97.    Dali, Salvador Dali by Dali.  Item number: 4MARBURY000255.    US$15.00
98.    Michel, Paul-Henri Fresques Romanes des Eglises de France.  Item number: 4MARBURY000269.    US$100.00
99.    Hart, Josephine Sin.  Item number: 4MARBURY000281.    US$10.00
100.    Guedalla, Philip Bonnet and Shawl, An Album.  Item number: 4MARBURY000293.    US$10.00

651 items found
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