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401.    Malouf, David Remembering Babylon.  Item number: MAR2BY000183I.    US$20.00
402.    Reseau Commercial/Dealers' Organisation/Vertreter Organisation/Red Comercial: a votre service/at your Service/zu Ihren Diensten/.  Item number: MAR2BY000920I.    US$25.00
403.    Haskins, James Resistance: Profiles in Nonviolence.  Item number: 4MARBURY000184.    US$12.00
404.    Johnson, Denis Resuscitation of a Hanged Man.  Item number: MAR2BY000219I.    US$50.00
405.    Rudman, Mark Rider.  Item number: 8MARBURY000266.    US$12.00
406.    Vetrocq, Marcia E. Rob Amory: The Light of Others.  Item number: MAR2BY000930I.    US$30.00
407.    Eaton, Allen and Crile, Lucinda Rural Handicrafts in the United States.  Item number: 3MARBURY000305.    US$10.00
408.    Burliuk, David (artist) Saga of Positano.  Item number: MAR2BY000910I.    US$25.00
409.    Tyler, Anne Saint Maybe.  Item number: 8MARBURY000098.    US$25.00
410.    Boyers, Robert (ed.) Salmagundi, Vol. 1, No. 1.  Item number: 9MARBURY000038.    US$20.00
411.    Fausset, Hugh I'Anson Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  Item number: MARBURY000052I.    US$12.00
412.    Calisher, Hortense Saratoga, Hot.  Item number: MAR2BY000636I.    US$8.00
413.    Olson, Adelson and Ormond Sargent at Broadway, The Impressionist Years.  Item number: 8MARBURY000244.    US$40.00
414.    Lane, Mills Savannah Revisited: A Pictorial History.  Item number: 9MARBURY000168.    US$30.00
415.    Hope, Henry R. Sculpture of Jacques Lipchitz.  Item number: MAR2BY000999I.    US$40.00
416.    Scultura in avorio dell evo medio (Ivory Sculpture of the Middle Ages).  Item number: 9MARBURY000265.    US$30.00
417.    Golub, Marcia Secret Correspondence.  Item number: 8MARBURY000114.    US$12.00
418.    Browne, Lewis See What I Mean?.  Item number: MAR2BY000777I.    US$6.00
419.    Mellon, Paul (introduction) Selected Paintings, Drawings and Books.  Item number: MAR2BY000105I.    US$15.00
420.    Frost, Robert Selected Poems.  Item number: MAR2BY000618I.    US$20.00
421.    Smith, Stevie Selected Poems.  Item number: 8MARBURY000284.    US$10.00
422.    Studing, Richard Shakespeare in American Painting.  Item number: 8MARBURY000190.    US$20.00
423.    Cash, J. Allan Shakespeare's Avon.  Item number: MAR2BY000312I.    US$15.00
424.    Conkling, Grace Hazard Ship's Log and Other Poems.  Item number: 2MARBURY000080.    US$10.00
425.    Hill, Ralph Nading Sidewheeler Saga: A Chronicle of Steamboating.  Item number: 4MARBURY000219.    US$10.00
426.    Hart, Josephine Sin.  Item number: 4MARBURY000281.    US$10.00
427.    Fay, Bernard Since Victor Hugo.  Item number: MAR2BY000413I.    US$12.00
428.    Smith Tom Singing the Middle Ages.  Item number: 8MARBURY000254.    US$5.00
429.    Sharp, Saundra Soft Song, a collection of new sounds.  Item number: MAR2BY000771I.    US$25.00
430.    Olmstead, Robert & Gibbons, Kaye Soft Water/Ellen Foster.  Item number: 2MARBURY000090.    US$10.00
431.    Aaron, Daniel Some Reflections on Communism and the Jewish Writer (Salmagundi, Vol. 1, No. 1).  Item number: 9MARBURY000037.    US$20.00
432.    Mead, Margaret Some Theoretical Considerations on the Problem of Mother-Child Separation (Amer. Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. XXIV, No. 3).  Item number: MAR2BY000889I.    US$25.00
433.    Youtz, Philip N. Sounding Stones of Architecture.  Item number: MAR2BY000451I.    US$8.00
434.    Harris, Jana Sourlands.  Item number: 2MARBURY000075.    US$8.00
435.    Harkins, Philip Southpaw from San Francisco.  Item number: 7MARBURY000109.    US$8.00
436.    Sporting Art, Thursday 30 May 2002 # 1085 - Property From The Estate of Eloise Weld Choate, et al..  Item number: 9MARBURY000274.    US$25.00
437.    Squibb Handbook of the Medicine Cabinet in the Home.  Item number: MAR2BY000797I.    US$40.00
438.    Stevenson, Robert Louis St. Ives Being The Adventures of a French Prisoner in England.  Item number: MAR2BY000452I.    US$25.00
439.    Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen, Figuren und Gruppen aus den Jahren 1919-1928, Band I.  Item number: 9MARBURY000238.    US$100.00
440.    Stefano Ruta, Opere (1960-1993).  Item number: 7MARBURY000167.    US$25.00
441.    Bunin, Ivan Stories and Poems.  Item number: 5MARBURY000244.    US$10.00
442.    McMurtry, Larry Streets of Laredo.  Item number: MAR2BY000160I.    US$40.00
443.    Eaton, Ralph Monroe Symbolism and Truth: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge.  Item number: MARBURY000050I.    US$15.00
444.    Tableaux anciens, dessin, pastels, objets d'art et de bel ameublement de XVIII siecle, 1956.  Item number: 9MARBURY000283.    US$18.00
445.    Tableaux, Objets D'Art et de Bel Ameublement du XIII siecle, Mai 1955.  Item number: 9MARBURY000282.    US$18.00
446.    Barnes, Julian Talking It Over.  Item number: MAR2BY000186I.    US$25.00
447.    Burliuk, David (artist) Tangier Market.  Item number: MAR2BY000911I.    US$35.00
448.    Wansell, Geoffrey Terence Rattigan, a Biography.  Item number: MAR2BY000719I.    US$15.00
449.    Darlow, Michael and Hodson, Gillian Terence Rattigan, The Man and His Work.  Item number: MAR2BY000715I.    US$15.00
450.    O'Kennon, Lou Ellen and Bob Texas Wildflower Portraits.  Item number: MAR2BY000943I.    US$20.00

616 items found
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