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151.    Hautman, Peter Drawing Dead.  Item number: MARBURY000078I.    US$6.00
152.    Gere, J.A. (introduction) Drawings by Taddeo and Federico Zuccaro and Other Artists From the Collection of the British Rail Pension Fund.  Item number: MAR2BY000748I.    US$30.00
153.    Kling, Joseph Dream Tapestry.  Item number: 9MARBURY000157.    US$15.00
154.    Due Secoli di Pittura Murale a Prato (Two Centuries of Murals in Prato).  Item number: MAR2BY000708I.    US$30.00
155.    Smiley, Jane Duplicate Keys.  Item number: MAR2BY000473I.    US$15.00
156.    Keithley, George Earth's Eye.  Item number: 4MARBURY000081.    US$10.00
157.    Masefield, John Easter, A Play for Singers.  Item number: 7MARBURY000198.    US$40.00
158.    Davenport, Guy Eclogues.  Item number: 6MARBURY000077.    US$5.00
159.    Grosholz, Emily Eden.  Item number: 3MARBURY000047.    US$10.00
160.    Morison, James Cotter Edward Gibbon.  Item number: MAR2BY000398I.    US$8.00
161.    Mitsch, Erwin Egon Schiele, Drawings and Water-Colours.  Item number: 7MARBURY000084.    US$12.00
162.    Lightman, Alan Einstein's Dreams.  Item number: MAR2BY000260I.    US$10.00
163.    Bronstein, Leo El Greco.  Item number: 8MARBURY000309.    US$25.00
164.    Gerdts, William Elias Goldberg: From Ashcan to Abstract, Paintings and Watercolors.  Item number: MAR2BY000934I.    US$15.00
165.    Gibbons, Kaye & Olmstead, Robert Ellen Foster/Soft Water.  Item number: 2MARBURY000091.    US$10.00
166.    Queen, Ellery (ed.) Ellery Queen's 20th Anniversary Annual.  Item number: 2MARBURY000161.    US$8.00
167.    Marsh, Dave Elvis.  Item number: MAR2BY000311I.    US$25.00
168.    Jenkins, MacGregor Emily Dickinson, Friend and Neighbor.  Item number: MAR2BY000768I.    US$25.00
169.    Blom, Gaston E. and Nicholls, Grace Emotional Factors in Children with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Item number: MAR2BY000891I.    US$25.00
170.    Gorky, Maxim Enemies.  Item number: MAR2BY000600I.    US$8.00
171.    Ward, Mrs. Humphrey England's Effort, Letters to an American Friend, Volume II of The War on All Fronts.  Item number: MAR2BY000650I.    US$10.00
172.    Ackroyd, Peter English Music.  Item number: MAR2BY000156I.    US$25.00
173.    Thorp, Joseph Eric Gill.  Item number: MARBURY000185I.    US$35.00
174.    Buell, Raymond Leslie Europe: A History of Ten Years.  Item number: 4MARBURY000113.    US$10.00
175.    European Ceramics.  Item number: 3MARBURY000309.    US$15.00
176.    European Textile Patterns: Traditional Style 1.  Item number: MAR2BY000757I.    US$100.00
177.    Chamberlain, Samuel Ever New England.  Item number: 7MARBURY000030.    US$12.00
178.    Miller, Henry Evergreen Review, Vol. 5, No. 17.  Item number: 3MARBURY000022.    US$10.00
179.    North, Elizabeth Everything in the Garden.  Item number: 8MARBURY000112.    US$8.00
180.    Cooper, Douglas Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Graham Sutherland.  Item number: 9MARBURY000161.    US$20.00
181.    Isherwood, Christopher Exhumations.  Item number: 3MARBURY000246.    US$10.00
182.    Lewisohn, Lewis Expression in America.  Item number: 2MARBURY000245.    US$5.00
183.    Greenlaw, Edwin Familiar Letters, English and American.  Item number: 2MARBURY000219.    US$8.00
184.    Matisse, Henri Farbe und Gleichnis, Gesammelte Schriften.  Item number: MAR2BY000296I.    US$10.00
185.    Richardson, Myra Reed Finders Keepers.  Item number: 5MARBURY000060.    US$10.00
186.    Rodman, Bella with Philip Sterling Fiorello La Guardia, a Biography.  Item number: MAR2BY000539I.    US$15.00
187.    First Editions, Autograph Letters and Manuscripts, Association Books and Other Items of Outstanding Importance.  Item number: MAR2BY000319I.    US$30.00
188.    First Round Trip Transatlantic Flight Cover.  Item number: MAR2BY000758I.    US$50.00
189.    Janes, Edward C. (ed.) Fishing with Ray Bergman.  Item number: 9MARBURY000032.    US$6.00
190.    Cardenal, Ernesto Flights of Victory (Vuelos de Victoria).  Item number: 2MARBURY000294.    US$7.00
191.    Eliot, T.S. For Lancelot Andrewes, Essays on Style and Order.  Item number: 7MARBURY000195.    US$50.00
192.    Lurie, Alison Foreign Affairs.  Item number: MAR2BY000204I.    US$15.00
193.    Phillipps, L. March Form and Colour.  Item number: MARBURY000232I.    US$8.00
194.    Lukas, Jan Fountains of Rome.  Item number: MAR2BY000803I.    US$25.00
195.    Horvat, Frank Frank Horvat: Vintage Photographs.  Item number: MAR2BY000767I.    US$15.00
196.    Griffith, Richard Fred Zinnemann.  Item number: 9MARBURY000180.    US$15.00
197.    Michel, Paul-Henri Fresques Romanes des Eglises de France.  Item number: 4MARBURY000269.    US$100.00
198.    Freud Centenary Exhibit (Sigmund Freud 1856-1939).  Item number: MAR2BY000882I.    US$12.00
199.    Soyinka, Wole From a Common Back Cloth (The American Scholar, Summer 1963, Vol. 32, No. 3).  Item number: 3MARBURY000108.    US$15.00
200.    Brooks, Van Wyck From a Writer's Notebook.  Item number: MAR2BY000422I.    US$8.00

651 items found
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