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101.    Marshall, Jack Chaos Comics.  Item number: 3MARBURY000089.    US$6.00
102.    Lever, Charles Charles O'Malley the Irish Dragoon, Vol. I.  Item number: MAR2BY000862I.    US$12.00
103.    Lewis, D.B. Wyndham Charles of Europe.  Item number: 9MARBURY000030.    US$15.00
104.    Shagass, Charles and Pasamanick, Benjamin (eds) Child Development and Child Psychiatry. In Tribute to Dr. Arnold Gesell in his Eightieth Year.  Item number: MAR2BY000861I.    US$15.00
105.    Chiland M.D., Colette and Young M.D., J. Gerald (eds.) Children and Violence (The Child in the Family, Vol. 11).  Item number: MAR2BY000994I.    US$10.00
106.    James, P.D. Children of Men.  Item number: MAR2BY000903I.    US$35.00
107.    Rosset, Barney China in Conflict: War Photographs 1944-1945.  Item number: 9MARBURY000235.    US$30.00
108.    Bell, J. Munro (ed.) Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite Furniture Designs.  Item number: MAR2BY000833I.    US$100.00
109.    Mason, Christopher Christopher Mason's Songs for the Rich and Famous.  Item number: 2MARBURY000088.    US$10.00
110.    Gearity, Lauree P. and Glickson, Judith (intro.) Cleveland Heights High Alumni Directory.  Item number: MAR2BY000924I.    US$25.00
111.    Lowy, Samuel, M.D. Co-operation, Tolerance and Prejudice.  Item number: 7MARBURY000155.    US$15.00
112.    Bawer, Bruce Coast to Coast.  Item number: 3MARBURY000057.    US$10.00
113.    Mackrell, Alice Coco Chanel (Fashion Designers).  Item number: MAR2BY000981I.    US$25.00
114.    Elsom, John Cold War Theatre.  Item number: MAR2BY000635I.    US$25.00
115.    Benson, E.F. Colin II.  Item number: MAR2BY000268I.    US$30.00
116.    Lewis, C. Day Collected Poems 1929-1933 & A Hope for Poetry.  Item number: MAR2BY000419I.    US$8.00
117.    Neumann, Dorothy (Lydia Furbush, illust.) Come Meet the Clowns.  Item number: MAR2BY000344I.    US$125.00
118.    Nordhoff, Charles Communistic Societies of the United States.  Item number: 9MARBURY000040.    US$8.00
119.    Schecter, Darrow Constantino Ciervo, Project: Education/Breeding.  Item number: MAR2BY000940I.    US$25.00
120.    Peltason, Jack W. Constitutional Liberty and Seditious Activity.  Item number: MAR2BY000359I.    US$10.00
121.    Berney, K.A. (ed.) Contemporary American Dramatists.  Item number: MAR2BY000683I.    US$25.00
122.    Weigle, Richard Daniel Convocatum Est.  Item number: 5MARBURY000236.    US$20.00
123.    Cook's Traveller's Handbook for the Riviera (Marseilles to Leghorn) and the Pyrenees (Biarritz to Marseilles), With Maps.  Item number: MAR2BY000842I.    US$30.00
124.    Cookery Book.  Item number: MAR2BY000131I.    US$20.00
125.    Shapiro, Alan Covenant.  Item number: 8MARBURY000289.    US$7.00
126.    Ungerer, Tomi Crictor.  Item number: MAR2BY000817I.    US$20.00
127.    Close, Roy M. Critical Conditions: Arts Criticism in Minnesota in the Nineties.  Item number: MAR2BY000136I.    US$8.00
128.    Juniper, David Cutaway Cars: Full Color Models of the Porsche Speedster, Cord 810, M G Midget, and Seven Other Classics.  Item number: MAR2BY000739I.    US$12.00
129.    Dali, Salvador Dali by Dali.  Item number: 4MARBURY000255.    US$15.00
130.    Ratushinskaya, Irina Dance With a Shadow.  Item number: MAR2BY000949I.    US$10.00
131.    Oppi, Daniele Daniele Oppi.  Item number: 9MARBURY000266.    US$25.00
132.    Amis, Martin Dead Babies.  Item number: MAR2BY000945I.    US$10.00
133.    Smith, Richard Deerbrook Sequence.  Item number: 9MARBURY000162.    US$12.00
134.    Delphian Text, Part Thirteen.  Item number: 3MARBURY000166.    US$10.00
135.    Stürmer, Hans Der Ablauf der Nervösen energie, eine neue seelenkunde.  Item number: MAR2BY000747I.    US$20.00
136.    Petzet, Wolfgang Der Bildhauer Georg Brenninger (The Sculptor Georg Brenninger).  Item number: MAR2BY000730I.    US$45.00
137.    Albiker, Carl Die Meissner Porzellantiere im 18. Jahrhundert.  Item number: 9MARBURY000167.    US$600.00
138.    Goodman, Jonathan Directions: Fall Exhibition 2000.  Item number: MAR2BY000941I.    US$15.00
139.    Thek, Paul and Klein, Edwin (intro. by Gary Indiana) Document 2 and 3 Made by Paul Thek and Edwin Klein, Boxed Two-Volume Set.  Item number: MAR2BY000734I.    US$350.00
140.    Hugo, Victor Dramas: Hernani, Esmeralda, Marion de Lorme.  Item number: 9MARBURY000261.    US$20.00
141.    Hugo, Victor Dramas: Le roi s'amuse/Ruy Blas.  Item number: 9MARBURY000257.    US$20.00
142.    Hugo, Victor Dramas: The Burgraves, Amy Robsart, Torquemada.  Item number: 9MARBURY000258.    US$20.00
143.    Gere, J.A. (introduction) Drawings by Taddeo and Federico Zuccaro and Other Artists From the Collection of the British Rail Pension Fund.  Item number: MAR2BY000748I.    US$30.00
144.    Due Secoli di Pittura Murale a Prato (Two Centuries of Murals in Prato).  Item number: MAR2BY000708I.    US$30.00
145.    Smiley, Jane Duplicate Keys.  Item number: MAR2BY000473I.    US$15.00
146.    Keithley, George Earth's Eye.  Item number: 4MARBURY000081.    US$10.00
147.    Masefield, John Easter, A Play for Singers.  Item number: 7MARBURY000198.    US$40.00
148.    Davenport, Guy Eclogues.  Item number: 6MARBURY000077.    US$5.00
149.    Grosholz, Emily Eden.  Item number: 3MARBURY000047.    US$10.00
150.    Morison, James Cotter Edward Gibbon.  Item number: MAR2BY000398I.    US$8.00

616 items found
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