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51.    Smith, H.S. and Hall, Rosalind M. (eds.) Ancient Centres of Egyptian Civilization.  Item number: 9MARBURY000217.    US$12.00
52.    Sarton, George Ancient Science and Modern Civilization.  Item number: 7MARBURY000273.    US$18.00
53.    Piozzi, Hester Lynch Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. During the Last Twenty Years of His Life.  Item number: MAR2BY000966I.    US$500.00
54.    Liedtke, Walter A. Anthony van Dyck (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Winter 1984/85, Vol. XLII, No. 3).  Item number: 9MARBURY000218.    US$10.00
55.    Snijder, G.A.S. Antique and Mediaeval Gems on Bookcovers at Utrecht.  Item number: 9MARBURY000123.    US$25.00
56.    Basowitz, Harold et al. Anxiety and Stress.  Item number: 5MARBURY000017.    US$15.00
57.    Simpson, Mona Anywhere But Here.  Item number: 7MARBURY000283.    US$20.00
58.    Moore, George Aphrodite in Aulis.  Item number: MAR2BY000400I.    US$12.00
59.    Cather, Willa April Twilights and Other Poems.  Item number: 7MARBURY000196.    US$40.00
60.    Goitein, Lionel Art and the Unconscious.  Item number: MAR2BY000826I.    US$12.00
61.    Schapiro, Meyer Art Bulletin, Vol. XIII No. 3 and No. 4 (The Romanesque Sculpture of Moissac, Part 1).  Item number: 2MARBURY000176.    US$100.00
62.    Art Treasures of the Metropolitan.  Item number: MAR2BY000346I.    US$15.00
63.    Chastel, Andre Arte e umanesimo a Firenze al tempo di Lorenzo il Magnifico.  Item number: MAR2BY000835I.    US$150.00
64.    Artists of the Hamptons.  Item number: 9MARBURY000191.    US$75.00
65.    Gere, Charlotte and Munn, Geoffrey C. Artists' Jewellery, Pre-Raphaelite to Arts and Crafts.  Item number: MAR2BY000980I.    US$100.00
66.    Artpalmbeach/ Art Palm Beach, Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, 1999.  Item number: MAR2BY000500I.    US$15.00
67.    Reid, Tim As I Feel It.  Item number: MAR2BY000598I.    US$15.00
68.    Viviani, René As We See It.  Item number: 7MARBURY000120.    US$10.00
69.    Powell, Dannye Romine At Every Wedding Someone Stays Home.  Item number: 8MARBURY000282.    US$6.00
70.    Lowry, George S. (ed.) Autographs: Letters, Documents, Photographs, Signed & Inscribed Books.  Item number: MAR2BY000907I.    US$10.00
71.    Lowry, George S. (ed.) Autographs: Letters, Documents, Photographs, Signed and Inscribed Books.  Item number: MAR2BY000908I.    US$10.00
72.    Pronko, Leonard Cabell Avant-Garde: The Experimental Theater in France.  Item number: MAR2BY000680I.    US$10.00
73.    Egri, Peter Avantgardism and Modernity: A Comparison of James Joyce's Ulysses with Thomas Mann's Der Zauberberg and Lotte in Weimar.  Item number: MAR2BY000865I.    US$15.00
74.    Anderson, Maxwell Bad Seed, a play in two acts.  Item number: 9MARBURY000278.    US$25.00
75.    Baedeker, Karl Baedeker's Italy from the Alps to Naples.  Item number: MAR2BY000846I.    US$20.00
76.    Baedeker, Karl Baedeker's The Rhine from the Dutch to the Alsatian Frontier.  Item number: MAR2BY000843I.    US$25.00
77.    Allison, Dorothy Bastard Out of Carolina (Dutton Fiction, Selections from Our Winter 1992 List).  Item number: 2MARBURY000048.    US$30.00
78.    Shapiro, Harvey Battle Report, Selected Poems.  Item number: 8MARBURY000276.    US$8.00
79.    Cobb, Captain Frank Battling the Clouds or For a Comrade's Honor.  Item number: 5MARBURY000121.    US$10.00
80.    Goldstein, Joseph/Freud, Anna/Solnit, Albert J. Beyond the Best Interests of the Child.  Item number: MAR2BY000866I.    US$20.00
81.    Brown, Paul Black & White by Brown - Simplified Drawing.  Item number: MAR2BY000893I.    US$275.00
82.    Samuel, Maurice Blood Accusation, the Strange History of the Beiliss Case.  Item number: 9MARBURY000070.    US$10.00
83.    Bell, J.J. Bobby.  Item number: MAR2BY000643I.    US$10.00
84.    Guedalla, Philip Bonnet and Shawl, An Album.  Item number: 4MARBURY000293.    US$10.00
85.    Monroe, M.D., Russell R.. Brain Dysfunction in Aggressive Criminals.  Item number: MAR2BY000630I.    US$25.00
86.    Yorinks, Arthur and Egielski, Richard Bravo Minski.  Item number: MAR2BY000736I.    US$100.00
87.    Olinto, Antonio Brazil Exports.  Item number: MAR2BY000484I.    US$20.00
88.    Lancaster, Marie-Jaqueline (ed.) Brian Howard: Portrait of a Failure.  Item number: MAR2BY000884I.    US$85.00
89.    British Interior: English Furniture, Paintings, Ceramics and Chinese Export Art.  Item number: MAR2BY000382I.    US$20.00
90.    British Pictures.  Item number: MAR2BY000292I.    US$15.00
91.    Raven, Simon Brother Cain.  Item number: MAR2BY000059I.    US$10.00
92.    Phillips, Caryl Cambridge.  Item number: MARBURY000109I.    US$10.00
93.    Smiley, Jane Can Mothers Think?.  Item number: MAR2BY000902I.    US$25.00
94.    Davis, Jerome Capitalism and Its Culture.  Item number: MAR2BY000023I.    US$12.00
95.    Crews, Harry Car.  Item number: 6MARBURY000305.    US$65.00
96.    Krug, Othilda (ed.) Career Training in Child Psychiatry, 1963 Conference.  Item number: MAR2BY000883I.    US$15.00
97.    Berecz, Agnes Carol Ross and Ann Wilson: Recent Work.  Item number: 9MARBURY000236.    US$10.00
98.    Tual, Christian Cecile Defforey.  Item number: MAR2BY000923I.    US$25.00
99.    Muller, Joseph-Emile and Bellido, Ramon Tio Cent Ans de Peinture Moderne.  Item number: MAR2BY000590I.    US$20.00
100.    Cezanne's Pommes et Serviette.  Item number: 7MARBURY000299.    US$12.00

616 items found
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