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351.    Lewis, Hilda Wife to Great Buckingham.  Item number: MAR2BY000591I.    US$15.00
352.    Lewisohn, Lewis Expression in America.  Item number: 2MARBURY000245.    US$5.00
353.    Lieberman, William S. The New Japanese Painting and Sculpture.  Item number: 7MARBURY000317.    US$10.00
354.    Liedtke, Walter A. Anthony van Dyck (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Winter 1984/85, Vol. XLII, No. 3).  Item number: 9MARBURY000218.    US$10.00
355.    Locke, Alain The Negro and His Music.  Item number: MAR2BY000430I.    US$200.00
356.    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth The Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems.  Item number: MAR2BY000408I.    US$40.00
357.    Lorquin, Bertrand Ra'anan Levy: Sinks and Spaces.  Item number: 9MARBURY000242.    US$25.00
358.    Lorwin, Val R. The French Labor Movement.  Item number: 6MARBURY000285.    US$10.00
359.    Lowry, George S. (ed.) Autographs: Letters, Documents, Photographs, Signed & Inscribed Books.  Item number: MAR2BY000907I.    US$10.00
360.    Lowry, George S. (ed.) Autographs: Letters, Documents, Photographs, Signed and Inscribed Books.  Item number: MAR2BY000908I.    US$10.00
361.    Lowy M.D., Samuel Man and His Fellowmen, Modern Chapters on Social Psychology.  Item number: MAR2BY000950I.    US$25.00
362.    Lowy, Samuel, M.D. Co-operation, Tolerance and Prejudice.  Item number: 7MARBURY000155.    US$15.00
363.    Lowy, Samuel, M.D. Man and His Fellowmen.  Item number: 3MARBURY000194.    US$10.00
364.    Lowy, Samuel, M.D. Psychological and Biological Foundations of Dream Interpretation.  Item number: 3MARBURY000195.    US$15.00
365.    Lukas, Jan Fountains of Rome.  Item number: MAR2BY000803I.    US$25.00
366.    Lurie, Alison Foreign Affairs.  Item number: MAR2BY000204I.    US$15.00
367.    Lurie, Hugh James Practical Management of Emotional Problems in Medicine.  Item number: MAR2BY000878I.    US$30.00
368.    Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer The Last of the Barons.  Item number: 4MARBURY000022.    US$10.00
369.    Mackrell, Alice Coco Chanel (Fashion Designers).  Item number: MAR2BY000981I.    US$25.00
370.    Madeson, Kitty Out of Love and other Poems.  Item number: 3MARBURY000093.    US$10.00
371.    Mailer, Norman The Short Fiction of Norman Mailer.  Item number: 3MARBURY000104.    US$10.00
372.    Malamud, Bernard The Fixer.  Item number: 9MARBURY000271.    US$20.00
373.    Mallet-Joris, Francoise House of Lies.  Item number: 3MARBURY000245.    US$10.00
374.    Malouf, David Remembering Babylon.  Item number: MAR2BY000183I.    US$20.00
375.    Mann, Thomas The Coming Victory of Democracy.  Item number: 7MARBURY000193.    US$15.00
376.    Manvell, Roger The Trial of Annie Besant and Charles Bradlaugh.  Item number: 5MARBURY000120.    US$10.00
377.    Marangoni, Matteo La Basilica di S. Lorenzo in Firenze.  Item number: MAR2BY000836I.    US$50.00
378.    Marlowe, Christopher (Fredson Bowers, editor) The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe, Volumes I and II.  Item number: MAR2BY000800I.    US$200.00
379.    Marsh, Dave Elvis.  Item number: MAR2BY000311I.    US$25.00
380.    Marshall, Jack Chaos Comics.  Item number: 3MARBURY000089.    US$6.00
381.    Marshall, Rosamond Kitty.  Item number: MAR2BY000778I.    US$5.00
382.    Masefield, John Easter, A Play for Singers.  Item number: 7MARBURY000198.    US$40.00
383.    Mason, Christopher Christopher Mason's Songs for the Rich and Famous.  Item number: 2MARBURY000088.    US$10.00
384.    Matisse, Henri Farbe und Gleichnis, Gesammelte Schriften.  Item number: MAR2BY000296I.    US$10.00
385.    Maybury-Lewis, David The Savage and the Innocent.  Item number: 8MARBURY000068.    US$10.00
386.    McCarthy, Cormac All the Pretty Horses.  Item number: MAR2BY000206I.    US$500.00
387.    McCormack, Thomas (ed.) Afterwords, Novelists on Their Novels.  Item number: 3MARBURY000247.    US$10.00
388.    McEwan, Ian The Innocent.  Item number: MAR2BY000233I.    US$20.00
389.    McIrvin, Michael Love and Myth.  Item number: 3MARBURY000118.    US$10.00
390.    McMurtry, Larry Streets of Laredo.  Item number: MAR2BY000160I.    US$40.00
391.    Mead, Margaret Some Theoretical Considerations on the Problem of Mother-Child Separation (Amer. Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. XXIV, No. 3).  Item number: MAR2BY000889I.    US$25.00
392.    Mellon, Paul (introduction) Selected Paintings, Drawings and Books.  Item number: MAR2BY000105I.    US$15.00
393.    Mendelsohn, Jane I Was Amelia Earhart.  Item number: MAR2BY000262I.    US$12.00
394.    Meredith, George The Amazing Marriage, 2 volume set.  Item number: MAR2BY000402I.    US$30.00
395.    Merrick, Leonard The Little Dog Laughed.  Item number: 8MARBURY000134.    US$40.00
396.    Merwin, W.S. The Drunk in the Furnace.  Item number: MAR2BY000080I.    US$15.00
397.    Michel, Paul-Henri Fresques Romanes des Eglises de France.  Item number: 4MARBURY000269.    US$30.00
398.    Millay, Edna St. Vincent Huntsman, What Quarry?.  Item number: 7MARBURY000200.    US$10.00
399.    Millay, Edna St. Vincent There Are No Islands, Any More.  Item number: 7MARBURY000208.    US$8.00
400.    Miller, Henry Evergreen Review, Vol. 5, No. 17.  Item number: 3MARBURY000022.    US$10.00

616 items found
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