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151.    Fago, D' Ann THE MERRY TRAIN: An Adventurous Journey Workbook.  Item number: 2270.    US$15.00
152.    Summers, Ian (editor) Tomorrow & Beyond; Masterpieces of Science Fiction Art.  Item number: 2285.    US$12.98
153.    Musicant, Ivan Divided Waters: The Naval History of the Civil War.  Item number: 2291.    US$14.98
154.    Seymour, F. Eugene; Smith, Paul James PLANE AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY.  Item number: 2293.    US$50.00
155.    Mathews, F. Schuyler THE WRITING TABLE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY; Being an Account of Heraldry, Art, Engraving & Established Form for the Correspondent.  Item number: 2295.    US$25.00
156.    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Illustrated by: Darley, F. O. C. EVANGELINE; A TALE OF ACADIE.  Item number: 2299.    US$40.00
157.    Keene, Carolyn BY THE LIGHT OF THE STUDY LAMP; Dana Girls.  Item number: 2300.    US$15.00
158.    Parker, Robert B. A Gunman's Rhapsody.  Item number: 2305.    US$18.36
159.    Westwood, Peter J., Illustrated by: Drysdale, James JEAN ARMOUR; MRS, ROBERT BURNS; AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY.  Item number: 2325.    US$150.00
160.    Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Symphony No. 40 in G Minor.  Item number: 2327.    US$9.98
161.    Eisner, Will; Ivan Klapper, Editor HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PLANTS TO HELP THEM GROW.  Item number: 2328.    US$19.98
162.    Schiffer, Don; Duroska, Lud; Editors, Illustrated by: Kraynak, George FOOTBALL RULES IN PICTURES.  Item number: 2329.    US$18.00
163.    Parkman, Francis; Levin, David (editor) France & England in North America; Vol. I and II.  Item number: 2330.    US$100.00
164.    Gschwandtner, Gerhard, Illustrated by: Barrie, Jack A. THE EAGLE; America's Inspiration.  Item number: 2331.    US$49.98
165.    Berry, William D., Illustrated by: Berry, William D. DENEKI; AN ALASKAN MOOSE.  Item number: 2335.    US$30.00
166.    Bechdolt, Frederick R. THE TREE OF DEATH.  Item number: 2337.    US$11.98
167.    Thaler, Mike, Illustrated by: Miglio, Paige (illustrator) Little Dinosaur.  Item number: 2354.    US$16.95
168.    Lawrence, D. H. THE RAINBOW; WOMEN IN LOVE; LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER.  Item number: 2364.    US$29.98
169.    Tufford, Julia Peterson JULIA PERERSON TUFFORD'S ORIGINAL SCANDINAVIAN RECIPES; Including The Smorgasbord.  Item number: 2369.    US$25.00
170.    Officers' Wives Garden Club, Illustrated by: Piper, Earl S. A COOK'S TOUR OF QUANTICO.  Item number: 2370.    US$29.98
171.    Shute, Nevil, THE CHEQUER BOARD,.  Item number: 239.    US$10.00
172.    Gustafson, Jon, Illustrated by: Schomburg, Alex CHROMA; The Art of Alex Schomburg (Introductions By Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, Kelly Freas).  Item number: 2393.    US$50.00
173.    Evans, Chris; Martyn Dean (Editor) Dream Makers : Six Fantasy Artists at Work.  Item number: 2395.    US$14.98
174.    Bester, Alfred Tender Loving Rage.  Item number: 2406.    US$29.98
175.    Card, Orson Scott, Illustrated by: Newcomer, Leslie CARDOGRAPHY.  Item number: 2408.    US$75.00
176.    Arnothy, Christine THE SERPENT'S BITE.  Item number: 2412.    US$11.98
177.    Kellogg, Amos M. Elements of Civil Government; Constitution of the United States; Pennsylvania.  Item number: 2452.    US$18.00
178.    Gann, Ernest K. BLAZE OF NOON.  Item number: 2472.    US$19.98
179.    Radford, Ruby L., SANDRA OF THE GIRL ORCHESTRA.  Item number: 248.    US$12.00
180.    Baker, Frank Collins THE FRESH WATER MOLLUSCA OF WISCONSIN; Part I. Gastropoda; Part II. Pelecypoda.  Item number: 2491.    US$250.00
181.    Roberts, Arthur D.; Lapidge, Samual C. Manufacturing Processes.  Item number: 2498.    US$19.98
182.    Trapp, Maria Augusta, Illustrated by: Trapp, Rosemary; and Nikolaus E. Wolff AROUND THE YEAR WITH THE TRAPP FAMILY.  Item number: 2500.    US$150.00
183.    Mason, Van Wyck THE SINGAPORE EXILE MURDERS.  Item number: 2524.    US$14.98
184.    Mason, Van Wyck THE HONGKONG AIRBASE MURDERS.  Item number: 2525.    US$14.98
185.    Webb, Richard THESE CAME BACK.  Item number: 2527.    US$50.00
186.    Colton, J. Ferrell LAST OF THE SQUARE-RIGGED SHIPS.  Item number: 2532.    US$200.00
187.    Gowlland, Gladys M. O. (J. Ferrell Colton and Antoinette G. Smith, editors), Illustrated by: Wright, Barton A. MASTER OF THE MOVING SEA; The Life of Captain Peter John Riber Mathieson.  Item number: 2577.    US$50.00
188.    Clarke, F. W. THE ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY.  Item number: 2578.    US$49.98
189.    Standard Electric ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND HOUSEWARES CATALOG No. 50-A.  Item number: 2580.    US$25.00
190.    Brand, Max FIGHTIN' FOOL.  Item number: 2602.    US$14.98
191.    Brand, Max DANGER TRAIL.  Item number: 2604.    US$14.98
192.    Brand, Max DESTRY RIDES AGAIN.  Item number: 2605.    US$9.98
193.    Westheimer, David VON RYAN'S EXPRESS.  Item number: 2615.    US$11.98
194.    White, Stewart Edward WILD GEESE CALLING.  Item number: 2617.    US$9.98
195.    Fletcher, Inglis THE SCOTSWOMAN.  Item number: 2627.    US$11.98
196.    Flaubert, Gustave MADAME BOVARY.  Item number: 2632.    US$17.98
197.    Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman HURLBUT'S STORIES OF BIBLE HISTORY.  Item number: 2643.    US$50.00
198.    De Galiana, Thomas CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ASTRONAUTICS.  Item number: 2649.    US$24.98
199.    Hayes, Joseph THE DEEP END.  Item number: 265.    US$7.98
200.    Pohl, Frederick The Merchant's War : Sequel to: The Space Merchants.  Item number: 2652.    US$9.98

1003 items found
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