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401.    Hasley, Lucile SAINTS AND SNAPDRAGONS.  Item number: 3642.    US$19.98
402.    Hassler, Jon Grand Opening.  Item number: 3122.    US$14.98
403.    Hatch, Eric FLY-BY-NIGHT.  Item number: 3625.    US$24.98
404.    Hawkes, Jacquetta and Christopher PREHISTORIC BRITAIN.  Item number: 2845.    US$40.00
405.    Hawthorne, Julian, Editor THE LOCK AND KEY LIBRARY; CLASSIC MYSTERY AND DETECTIVE STORIES; MODERN ENGLISH.  Item number: 1866.    US$15.00
406.    Haycraft, Howard; John Beecroft, Editors 3X3; A Mystery Omnibus.  Item number: 2032.    US$9.00
407.    Hayes, Joseph LIKE ANY OTHER FUGITIVE.  Item number: 2153.    US$9.98
408.    Hayes, Joseph THE WAYS OF DARKNESS.  Item number: 1028.    US$9.00
409.    Hayes, Joseph THE DEEP END.  Item number: 265.    US$7.98
410.    Hayes, Joseph, THE THIRD DAY.  Item number: 728.    US$8.00
411.    Hazelton, George C., Jr. MISTRESS NELL; A Merry Tale of a Merry Time.  Item number: 2721.    US$30.00
412.    Heald, Tim RED HERRINGS.  Item number: 1432.    US$14.98
413.    Healy, Raymond J., Editor NEW TALES OF SPACE AND TIME.  Item number: 1230.    US$10.00
414.    Heathkit HEATHKIT; (March 1975).  Item number: 4995.    US$49.98
415.    Hedges, Lawrence E. Working the Organizing Experience: Transforming Psychotic, Schizoid, and Autistic States With an Introduction by James S. Grotstein and a Case.  Item number: 4740.    US$39.98
416.    Heggen, Thomas, Illustrated by: Bryant, Samuel Hanks MISTER ROBERTS.  Item number: 4725.    US$19.98
417.    Heimer, Mel INSIDE RACING.  Item number: 3978.    US$49.98
418.    Heinlein, Robert A. THE PAST THROUGH TOMORROW; Robert A. Heinlein's Future History Stories.  Item number: 1885.    US$350.00
419.    Heinlein, Robert A. WALDO AND MAGIC, INC..  Item number: 5140.    US$199.98
420.    Henry, Rene A., Jr. (Editor) VACATION HOMES PLANS & PRODUCTS GUIDE.  Item number: 5043.    US$14.98
421.    Hepworth, George H. STARBOARD AND PORT: THE NETTIE ALONG SHORE.  Item number: 4648.    US$59.98
422.    Hersey, John THE WALL.  Item number: 2936.    US$29.98
423.    Hervey, Evelyn THE GOVERNESS.  Item number: 1433.    US$14.98
424.    Hewett, Edgar L. ANCIENT LIFE IN THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST.  Item number: 4640.    US$29.98
425.    Hield, Mary GLIMPSES OF SOUTH AMERICA; or, The Land of the Pampas.  Item number: 3330.    US$40.00
426.    Hillis, Rick Limbo River; (Drue Heinz Literature Prize Ser.).  Item number: 3562.    US$29.98
427.    Hillstrom, Ellen HOW TO KNOW COLOR.  Item number: 1816.    US$25.00
428.    Hilton, Peter KEEPING OLD PRODUCTS NEW.  Item number: 4460.    US$39.98
429.    Historical Weapons Reproduction Instruction Manual for Muzzelloading Percussion Revolvers.  Item number: 4211.    US$14.98
430.    Hitchcock, Kathleen HATHA YOGA.  Item number: 3602.    US$14.98
431.    Hobart, Alice Tisdale OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA.  Item number: 3049.    US$14.98
432.    Hogan, Paula Z., Illustrated by: Maxwell, Barbara (illustrator) The Wolf (Life Cycles Bks.).  Item number: 2240.    US$14.98
433.    Holbrook, Bertha A. MY FIRST HUNDRED BOOKS.  Item number: 4817.    US$39.98
434.    Holmes, Oliver Wendell THE PROFESSOR AT THE BREAKFAST TABLE.  Item number: 5067.    US$34.98
435.    Holt, Victoria The Judas Kiss.  Item number: 3312.    US$24.00
436.    Home Building Plan Service NEW HOLIDAY HOMES.  Item number: 4878.    US$24.98
437.    HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OUR FAVORITE RECIPES.  Item number: 5081.    US$19.98
438.    Hon. John Callahan; (Prepared by) POEMS AND STORIES SUGGESTED FOR STUDY IN ELEMENTARY GRADES.  Item number: 5062.    US$25.00
439.    Hopkins, Donald R. Princes and Peasants: Smallpox in History.  Item number: 4556.    US$49.98
440.    Hopkins, Gerard Manley; House Humphry THE NOTE-BOOKS AND PAPERS OF GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS; EDITED WITH NOTES AND A PREFACE BY HUMPHRY HOUSE.  Item number: 4962.    US$124.98
441.    Houghton, W., Rev., Illustrated by: Lydon, A. F. BRITISH FRESH-WATER FISHES.  Item number: 4449.    US$2,500.00
442.    Housman, Laurence, Illustrated by: Housman, Clemence THE FIELD OF CLOVER.  Item number: 2821.    US$100.00
443.    Howard, John N. (editor) APPLIED OPTICS: Supplement 3; Electrophotography.  Item number: 4054.    US$29.98
444.    Hubbard, L. Ron Battlefield Earth : A Saga of the Year 3000.  Item number: 2900.    US$19.98
445.    Hubbard, L. Ron DIANETICS.  Item number: 629.    US$12.00
446.    Hudson, Thomson Jay The Law of Psychic Phenomena: A Working Hypothesis for the Systematic Study of Hypnotism, Spiritism, Mental Therapeutics, Etc..  Item number: 5073.    US$24.98
447.    Hunt, Mabel Leigh, Illustrated by: Weise, Kurt (Illustrator) CORN-BELT BILLY.  Item number: 3658.    US$39.98
448.    Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman HURLBUT'S STORIES OF BIBLE HISTORY.  Item number: 2643.    US$50.00
449.    Hurst, Fannie BACK STREET.  Item number: 3653.    US$40.00
450.    Hutchinson, Roger High Sixties: The Summers of Riot & Love.  Item number: 3879.    US$49.98

1003 items found
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